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  1. Jintek

    doing sli

    so for sli i just put two cards in the slots and attach sli bridge and finished? ALSO, CAN I SLI DIFFERENT AFTER-MARKET BRANDS
  2. Jintek

    Game Idea

    Yep, slaves definitely get paid a wage from a company that they chose to work for. Good observation
  3. Jintek

    The Rift

    Oh, I thought I only saw one 970. Sorry about that.
  4. Can anyone link me a case where I can mineral oil cool my pc
  5. Jintek

    The Rift

    get a 4790k or 4690k, and get a better gpu. 970's cant handle 4k well.
  6. Jintek

    Game Idea

    We can actually not complain about graphics for once!
  7. Jintek

    Game Idea

    What if we had a game where there was a real life person that you played as him/her and these people would work for the company (for low wage of course), and there would be live footage of a drone behind them so it would be like a 3rd-person game and you can command them on what to do. It would be like this:
  8. Does the MSI Z97-G45 ATX Motherboard have onboard wifi adapter?
  9. Jintek

    This and This

    Well you got owned for your partyhat and d scim.
  10. Jintek

    What is the meaning behind your username?

    i made up this username
  11. Jintek

    This and This

  12. Jintek

    This and This

    Sad? Most of the threads on this forum are results of people being too lazy to research. Also, hearing feedback from multiple real people is helpful.
  13. Jintek

    This and This

    Laziness. Are you new to human habits? Did you come from Kepler?
  14. Jintek

    GTX 970 sli vs GTX 980 Ti

    980 ti by itself. Thing can be overclocked surpassing the titan x
  15. Jintek

    Guitar Talk

    Breaking Benjamin, baritone guitars ftw