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  1. Ok without disclosing to much about their online setup I am pretty sure that the forums are hosted by secure servers in arizona running through cloudflare to protect this site from DDOS attacks and to hide their ip address. Linusmediagroup.com is hosted with squarespace.com which I think used AWS (Amazon Webservices) for web site hosting/servers
  2. Well that a bit boring, I just went to the hassle of Resolving their CloudFlare protected domain to find their true domain name, to try and see were it's hosted
  3. By his website I am refering to linusmediagroup.com not linustechtips.com
  4. Does anyone know where the Forum Servers are hosted? Self Hosted? Dedicated Server? AWS?
  5. His webpage is hosted by squarespace pretty shore they use AWS as their servers
  6. Most probably isp, but that don't explain why they both went offline at the same time.
  7. Could be a synchronized attack on both forums and steam. Just it took a bit of time for cloudflares anti ddos to kick in for the forum. Just a guess.
  8. I doubt anyone could get hold of their ip address
  9. Anyone know what happened to the forums
  10. Why did the WAN show go of air?