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    Asus Rampage IV Formula
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  1. I tried to google this but couldn't find any answer. Basically, i know that any ES CPUs are a hit and miss overall, but on any ebay ad you can easily see that it usually states that Asus and Gigabyte boards don't support E5 V4 ES Xeons at all. I know that this was a similar story with X79 where just V2 xeons overall wouldn't work on some early X79 boards due to them not having the correct VRM controller that supported V12.5 (Gigabyte for example made a lot of 1.1 revisions for their boards). Is this a similar story? That the VRM controller just doesn't support a certain voltage regulation (if i'm calling that correctly)? Or is there just a lock on the microcode in the BIOSes?
  2. It's somewhat a fake, tho from what this tells me is that it was an ES version remarked to look like a real one or something, which is interesting.
  3. I did ask him if he thought it was a fake, but he said that he can't confirm that. Maybe he didn't have info since it's lower tier support and i could get more from the higher tech support he forwarded me to. We'll see in the coming days, but he did say one thing that's odd to me (asked about the "SR" in the s-spec):
  4. A small update, talked to a support agent, he couldn't find anything on it, the s-spec nr didn't match anything, the codes lower down didn't either, nor did the "barcode" on the bottom of the CPU, but he did escalate the matter to a higher support agents and i'll be contacted via email about it.
  5. You think Intel would respond with any info if i ask them?
  6. Could be, but most ES i saw only had 4 S-spec letters/numbers (on CPU world you can see one called QK93) and the released versions have 5 S-spec letters/numbers and what's even more surprising is that it starts with "SR" aswell, for instance, the one on CPU world is SR2N8. That's why i'm confused, as if this was a released version that was maybe pulled away from market and replaced with an updated version or something?
  7. So i have a Xeon E5-2650L V4 CPU, that should have been the end of the search...but the S-spec number and the CPU speed make no sense. I know some ESs had 1.5GHz, but i couldn't find it with the S-spec at all, it finds some lamps, but not the CPU, not on cpu-world, no ebay, nothing. It looks like a normal 2650L V4, both front and back, but the S-spec and the CPU speed bother me. I also don't know if it works or not cause i don't have a board to test it on, came on a dead board (tested with another CPU). Any thoughts? Maybe a fake? Tho idk why someone would make a fake one that has wrong S-spec and wrong speed.
  8. Awesome, already watched a few other videos and will check this before i buy the headset, since it's 8 months used and could have some of those issues. Thanks!
  9. I checked a bit around and saw a site selling both the foam for $39 and some protective sleeve that's washable for $19, so might get both aswell.
  10. True about the foam, but can i even get it from Valve? I mean i do want to get into it, yeah 700€ is expensive, but which other options do i have? Most other cheaper ones go for around 500€, so at that point i wouldn't mind giving another 200€ for something that's 2x better than the cheaper ones.
  11. Has anyone had any experience with it? If so was it good? Anything i should look out for? Someone is selling an 8 month old one for 700€ (~$800) and i was thinking of getting one, so i'm asking for opinions here how is it? I have a laptop with a 6 core CPU and an RTX 2070, so i can run it just fine.
  12. Here, i asked it again and got the answer https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/1179032-help-with-an-older-mechanical-keyboard
  13. I need help with exporting a lot of certificates. My friend's laptop (which i told him to get a new one since this one is old, falling apart and overall failing) suddenly stopped signing him into his user account, it signs him into a temporary one, i tried to fix this issue but no luck, thankfully i can still get all his data and certificates off of it. Issue is, he has A LOT of certificates and as far as i saw, i need to export them one by one, i can't go into the MMC and click on all the certificates and export all of them, i can only export the list that way as far as i see. Does anyone know if it's possible to export all of them at once via windows or with another program or something? Thanks!
  14. I'll just add this so if someone is looking for the same thing they'll see this. Directly connecting the PS/2 cable to it worked fine, the PC saw it. USB tho, didn't work. My guess is that there's a resistor in the adapters you use for PS/2 to USB that tells it what it is, so a direct connection won't work. That's my guess.
  15. Awesome, now i just need to find a PS/2 cable with an internal connector or open up a few old ones and solder it off. One more question, probably stupid. But since there are PS/2 to USB converters, i'm guessing i can wire a USB cable to it aswell right? Since i have 2 i would have one with PS/2 and one with USB.