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  1. That helps a lot actually. One last question that you might know. If I map it as a network drive and use a backup software to backup to it, will it try and store that network drive somewhere locally on my computer? Thanks.
  2. Thanks for the reply. So, after I map it as a network drive, how do I get the D drive to talk/"backup" to the box drive? Or do I just use the network drive as my main drive?? Thanks
  3. Hello, I have unlimited Box storage through a university I work at. I would like to have it so all my files on my desktop I use at home (D Drive) are backed up to my Box account. I know I can install the Box client and save things to box and then sync them to my computer. That is not what I want. I want to be able to have Box just save everything from my D Drive which is where I store almost all my stuff. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Hello, I have looked all over for an answer to my question and can't find anything. I need to know what version Display Port does the Thinkpad X220 have? Like I said, I have looked all over and can't find an anser anywhere. If you are able to find an answer I would love it if you could send me the link or reply with the link. Thanks so much.
  5. Hello, I am looking for a service, preferably a website, that will allow me to upload files for sharing. I know there are a lot of services that do this but I have a few requirements. 1). Must be free 2.) Need to upload files for fellow video editors to download files they need to finish projects. 3.)The editor I am sharing files with go to the website (link) and it ask them for a username and password. I then can add a user to access the folder/files. I DO NOT WANT THEM TO HAVE TO CREATE AN ACCOUNT THEMSELVES (like with google drive). I would be the one adding them so they just have to put in the username and password I give them. And then they can download the files. If you have any questions let me know. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  6. If only one of them is bad then I am still going to RMA the whole new 16GB kit. Got it from Newegg. They are good about customer service and RMA's. I agree that it probably is but what I don't understand is whenever I had the old AND the new sticks in, why didn't the system still boot but only recognize the old 16GB?
  7. So I took out the old RAM and put in the new RAM where the old RAM was. I booted it up and the same thing happened. It just wouldn't boot or anything. It was just a black screen. So the new RAM is dead?
  8. I bought a 16GB kit (2x8) to make it 4x8 but all the RAM is identical.
  9. I consulted the motherboard manual and am using the slots it says when doing a quad channel set up.
  10. Hello, When I originally built my computer, I put 16GB of RAM in it. I now I want to upgrade to 32GB. I went to my PC Part Picker list and found the exact RAM I originally put in my system and ordered it again so my system would have 32GB. I got it in the mail and put it in. I then go to boot up and nothing happens. It doesn't boot up, the bios/uefi doesn't come up. Absolutely nothing happens. I then take out the 2 dimms I added and it boots just fine. I made sure the new dimms were pushed in fully. I already tried resetting cmos and then booting with 32GB and no luck with that. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.