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  1. im just gonna bring it to micro center
  2. dude really i mean it's not like im going on crazy website's or any thing also if it's that serious ill bring to my local micro center
  3. i have my pc to never go to sleep also no oc for any thing
  4. if you say i should try again i will but i mean im almost 100% that it was frozen i did let it sit for at least a good 5 min before resetting
  5. well i would say that but the circle that is does was frozen to i mean i could try again but usually the Circle doesn't freeze and i couldn't use my mouse usually my mouse would glow and it wasn't that's why i said it was frozen
  6. no i don't touch anything in my settings also it told me it would reset multiple time's and the first reset it froze on me so
  7. ? i dont have to backup it automatically brings me back to the previous version of windows
  8. you say that but's it's probably not good for your component's for it to freeze like that and then just to do it over
  9. welp it froze and im pretty sure if i do it again it's just gonna freeze again
  10. nope it's just sad that this update is crap and it's forced
  11. So i tried doing the windows creator update just for it to reset go to 31% freeze then i had to reset my pc and for it to go back to it's previous version of windows.I have windows 10 pro and i was wondering if there is any easy way for my to disable this update it already poped back up wanting me to reset my pc and update again i am currently happy with windows version 1607 and do not wanna update my pc any more
  12. i just don't want my pc to turn to shit cause of all the bug's it's having right now
  13. welp i mean i just wait it's not like it's mandatory right now so