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  1. so in other words, there's absolutely no solutions except for upgrading?...I honestly don't see why a $300 CPU can't run a game like csgo without going over 70% usage...
  2. i dunno, i just heard throttling is when your pc slows down or fps reduces in order to prevent my pc from going crazy. also, I definitely do not. I have task manager open and it's just cs:go taking up everything...everything besides csgo only takes up ~4% usage.
  3. well when the usage maxes out it begins dropping frames. Happens rarely but averaging 75-80 usage is pretty high for just 1 program.
  4. how could that be true if im getting around 40C?
  5. The Issue: I'm having serious CPU usage issues in Counter Strike. I am averaging around 75-85% cpu usage. I used MSI Afterburner and task manager and noticed that all my temperatures were fine (cpu and gpu) and gpu usage is fine too...but for some reason my cpu usage goes really high when im playing a counter strike game. The reason why this concerns me is because: 1) I know people who have nearly the same specs as me and are averaging way below 75% cpu usage. 2) After a long time of playing, I notice that my cpu begins throttling and the fps start to become very very inconsistent... 3) When I try doing any other additional multitasking (i.e. play music on spotify or talk to people on discord) my CS:GO gaming experience becomes nearly unplayable. 4) I can open like 10 twitch streams and play other games while still averaging less cpu usage than what I'm getting with CS:GO right now. Things to take note of: - I already reinstalled CS:GO - I optimized my in-game config to increase fps - I have always had CS:GO running on high-priority - I have always had "Asus-optimal" option selected in my Bios to increase the PC's performance. If someone can please take the time to read all this and give me suggestions as to how I can minimize my cpu usage in CSGO, that would be amazing. Also, please remember that I already checked temperatures and they all seem to be average for both cpu and gpu. SPECS: Power Supply: Corsair CX750 OS: Windows 10 Motherboard: Asus Z97-A CPU: Intel i5-4690k (3.5 ghz) Memory: Corsair Vengeance (16 gigs) Hard Drive: 1TB HDD & Intel 240 Gig SSD Video Card: GeForce GTX 1070 Monitor: BenQ XL2411Z 144HZ Monitor
  6. what makes it better than adblockplus and all the other adblockers tho?
  7. english please. and i dont care about the community, i care about how well it runs and how effective it is.
  8. isnt blacklisting youtubers the point? lol idc about supporting people with ads. and is it better than adblockplus?
  9. title says it all. ive only used adblockplus for google chrome but i was wondering if there is any other adblocker that is still easy to get but has great performance (doesnt slow down ur pc at all) and that has great effectiveness.
  10. "we need a fast and cheap solution" that's why. we aren't gonna wait like another 5-6 days of delivery just for something that might be just as good as something from best buy.
  11. So i just built a new pc for my brother (not for gaming) and he said that he is not able to hook up an ethernet cord to the pc. As a result, we think we are going to buy a usb wifi adapter or some sort of wifi card so that we can be able to connect to the internet via wifi. I'm not too familiar with the names but i think the wifi cards are also called PCI express adapters?? well, the point is we called best buy and they said that they do not carry any pci express adapters but they do have wireless wifi adapters. They said that they have these four in the picture below: Just wanted to know if they were good and if they are what i am looking for. We just need a fast and cheap solution for having wifi access for this new computer?
  12. i have the msi z170a sli plus motherboard, can someone please look it up for me? i cannot find it anywhere in the manual.