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    Intel i7 4790K
  • Motherboard
    Gigabyte z97x Gaming 5
  • RAM
    16GB Hyper FuryX DDR3
  • GPU
    NVIDIA 1080Ti
  • Case
    Corsair Carbide Air 240
  • Cooling
    Custom loop with EK Blocks

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  1. Wiggyweir

    RTX 2060 vs RTX 2070 Max-Q

    I am from the UK and live there currently battery life is a non-issue weight - I would prefer a slimmer lighter form factor and am willing to accept thermal/noise draw backs of this
  2. Wiggyweir

    RTX 2060 vs RTX 2070 Max-Q

    Thanks Guys, just to add a bit more context, a desktop just won’t be a viable option for me for a while While my visa is being done I will be in my girlfriends parents house (small room no room for Pc) if for some reason the US job falls through I will still be in their house to save for a deposit for a mortgage lastly, the question still stands, take Razer out of the picture, 2060 or 2070 MaxQ? cheers for the input I really do appreciate it!
  3. Hello Everyone! So, bit of background... I currently have a Desktop with a simplified spec below: Intel i7 4790k 16GB DDR3 GTX 1080ti 144Hz G-Sync Monitor All Under a custom EK loop Im pretty happy with it (apart from wanting to upgrade the CPU and all that goes with that) Life has thrown me a curveball (albeit a good one) and I may be moving from the UK to the US with work. Lugging my desktop all the way over there makes me want to cry so I’ve decided to sell my PC and go for a laptop. I don’t really like the ‘IM A GAMER’ designs of most laptops so I decided on the Razer blade (turn RGB off) and think it looks pretty slick. Although, as I’ve not been in the market for a laptop for a number of years now I’m slightly confused by the versions of GPUs out there Ideal Budget is £2000 but (obviously) willing to go less if a better option arises, or willing to go slightly over There Are 2 SKUs that I am interested in: Base Edition- RTX 2060 (NON MaxQ) SSD + HDD, 144Hz panel, i7 - 9750H Advanced Edition - RTX 2070 MaxQ, SSD, 144Hz Panel, i7 8750H I’ve read that the 2070 MaxQ is not really that much better than the full 2060, how true is this? How ‘close’ to my desktop experience am I going to get with the 2060? Is it worth getting the 2070 MaxQ? Can I achieve High frame rate gaming realistically with either? (I play R6 Siege mostly) ANY recommendations are welcome, feel free to tell me I’m wrong, I just wanna make the best purchase I can while still having an understated design Peace Alex
  4. Hello All, Currently in my Home Server I have an Intel E3 1220v3 and am wanting to upgrade. I know that FCLGA1150 is essentially LGA 1150 but does that mean I can put any CPU in here that is LGA 1150? The main board is a proprietary FUJITSU board will that make a difference? Thanks In advance as always!
  5. Hi all, I am wondering if it’s worth upgrading from a 4790K, probably to either a 9700K or Ryzen 2700X. I would rather go the intel route but am open to AMD. I have a 1080ti and game at 1440p at 144Hz. Will I hit closer to 144FPS with a newer CPU or will the gains be marginal? Thanks in advance!
  6. Hi guys, i was wondering, when there’s more creators on floatplane will there be a pricing structure that will include all creators channels for one fee? That at would seem like a good value offering and something I would be interested in. Also don’t know how feasable this would be but it would be awesome to get Digital Foundry on floatplane. Think they’re Eurogamer so probably won’t happen but they’re currently trialing their own service on Patreon so I thought they would be a good fit. Their content is really in depth and technical too. Anyway let me know what you guys think
  7. Wiggyweir

    What G-SYNC Monitor to buy?

    They do look appealing, I’ve always used 60Hz panels before so I suppose an upgrade to 100Hz would be substantial
  8. Wiggyweir

    What G-SYNC Monitor to buy?

    Doesn’t really matter, I’ll save for longer if needed
  9. Wiggyweir

    What G-SYNC Monitor to buy?

    I’m looking to buy a new monitor with G-Sync but am unsure on which to go for. I’ve narrowed it down to 3 panels and am wondering if any of you have experience with any of them. https://www.overclockers.co.uk/dell-s2716dg-27-2560x1440-tn-g-sync-144hz-gaming-widescreen-led-monitor-midnight-grey-mo-084-de.html TN Panel but cheaper than the other two https://www.overclockers.co.uk/acer-predator-xb271hu-27-2560x1440-ips-g-sync-165hz-gaming-widescreen-led-monitor-black-red-mo-098-ac.html https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B017EVR2VM/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_sQDbAb7QW0X3F Both IPS and heard bath things about QC with both so am unsure whether to go with one of those Budget not really an issue, I’ll just save for a bit longer if needed Any input would be greatly appreciated cheers
  10. Wiggyweir

    Mini ITX Build Suggestions

    Looking for a bit smaller, actually i just watche a LTT video on SFF cases and saw a few nice ones Looking for small as possible really
  11. Hello All, I am looking to build a small form factor build for gaming at home in the living room and occasionally taking to work (I work nights so downtime killer). I have a gaming laptop for work at the moment but it doesn't really get the job done. I will be leaving my job soon hopefully so wont have use for a laptop so the ITX build seems like a good decision as it will fill the gap in my living room where i can use it to game on my TV and use it as a HTPC. I am looking for suggestions for what to put in it. I am thinking something along the lines of: CPU: AMD - Ryzen 5 1600 Motherboard: ASRock - AB350 Gaming-ITX/ac Mini ITX AM4 Motherboard Memory: *G.Skill - Ripjaws 4 Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4-3000 Memory Storage: *SanDisk - X400 512GB 2.5" SSD Video Card: EVGA - GeForce GTX 1070 8GB SC GAMING ACX 3.0 Black Edition Case: Fractal Design - Core 500 Mini ITX Power Supply: *SeaSonic - G 550W 80+ Gold Any suggestions for parts or any other ideas would be appreciated
  12. Wiggyweir

    Erratic 4790K Temps

    Under load it hits 80+ on stock frequency
  13. Wiggyweir

    Erratic 4790K Temps

    Hello all, Installed my first custom loop a few days ago and everything seems pretty good actually except the temps on my CPU. I used a EKWB Supremecy MX Slim 240 Rad if you look at a graph of the temps it peaks and drops ranging from the low 30s to low 50s idle very erratically, and peaks at around mid 80s under load. When I installed it I used a moderate amount of paste but as my GPU is achieving amazing temps in the same loop I can only reach the conclusion that the contact between the block and CPU is to blame. Any advice? Is it worth trying to re-seat the block with more paste? Is this going to be hard without draining the whole system? I’ve read that blocks sometimes have to be seated a certain way due to the copper fins inside but you can’t actually see into mine so I don’t have a clue Cheers in advance
  14. Wiggyweir

    Server BIOS Hard drive lock

    Thanks for the reply, Yeah sounds like crap to me too, I just didnt want to spend the money on a server and then find out i can only buy hard drives from them. I am currently finding out how much they are straight from fujistu at the moment. Would the fact that they are hot swappable make a difference? I can buy the hot swap caddy on ebay so i thought that that would be okay
  15. Wiggyweir

    Server BIOS Hard drive lock

    Hey guys, So am looking to purchase a Fujitsu server for home use, just a tower so nothing major. I have called the Support inquiring into the Hard drives, and got told that i would HAVE to buy the hard drives from them as the BIOS would not work with any other hard drives because the BIOS would recognise them.. I work for fujitsu so i know we dont make hard drives so they will be just a partners drive. Is this correct information or is it just Fujitsu trying to get me spend more money? Cheers in advance Alex