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    Intel I5 2500K
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    AsRock Z77 Pro3
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    Crucial balistixx 8GB
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    Gigabyte G1 Gaming GTX 960
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    BeQuiet Base 800
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    SSD: Samsung 840 evo HDD: Seagate barracuda 1TB
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    EVGA 500w
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    Sharktoon skiller
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    Mazer E-3LUE
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    AudioTechnica ATH-M50X Headphones
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    Windows 8

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  1. Not meaning to be rude but it was plugged in before however when the laptop was initially booted it was not plugged in, the laptop was later plugged in but still did not run at full performance. when the laptop was turned off then on again being booted WHILE PLUGGED IN the performance was at full. Forum Closed
  2. Indeed there is, however it did nothing
  3. Ok guys i've fixed the problem, rather strangely i have to boot up the laptop with the power cord in to unlock the full performance. Very strange but hey it's all working properly now, cheers for the help all. now running locked 75hz
  4. Will do in the mean time i've tried a steamvr performance test again and it's performing way worse than previous times, It seems to really fluctuate between performing well and awfully, any tips on just improving general performance or if i have a setting incorrect?
  5. Sorry i forgot to say its a 7700HQ Full spec list is at Hp's website https://support.hp.com/us-en/product/omen-by-hp-17-w200-laptop-pc/13823501/document/c05368578
  6. I have run steamvr performance test and came out with a fairly high up VR ready, I also ran unigene superposition on high 1080p and came out with average of 140-150 fps. Ah didnt realise it would link to gmail oops haha All of those options you've listed i have checked apart from power option, Is it ok to leave it on balanced or will performance mode really help ? Cheers guys
  7. Hi there guys, Good to be back on the forums! Just purchased a new laptop with specs as listed here Of course i wanted to see what it was capable of so i bought forza horizon 4 but as of now i'm very surprised as to my results. On 1080p Ultra I'm only getting about 32fps which compared to others with a simmilar system is super low All benchmark results are in the spoiler below, Please help ?
  8. Please... Just don't.... As Christophe said that money is probably coming from ebay so they still win, No matter how cheap they are if more people than you buy them then it makes it profitable for them which we dont want... Save your money up and get a proper card
  9. Misread this topic as Chinese STD's Nice results tho !!!
  10. Hi Joe,


    Wanna share your thoughts please?

    1. Joe D

      Joe D

      Sorry ? If youre talking about your post regarding windows 10 popups im afraid i have never gotten these pop ups so i dont really know what to do, sorry :)

      Have a great day 

    2. Anastasios


      Hi Joe,


      I was actually referring to this one. 


      If you got the time and knowledge I would highly appreciate some feedback


      Thanks again!


  11. You sir are a fucking saint !, Clock speed back at 3.3 now whew If i could buy you a beer i would !
  12. Thanks ill try removing the battery as the resetting to default settings in the bios didnt actually work Thanks for the tip and wish me luck !
  13. On Cpu-z The core speed keeps swapping between 1.5 and 4.4 Ghz even when idling, Temperature is roughly 45 degrees across all cores
  14. Thanks airdeano, task manager is telling me my base clock is now 4.14 Ghz Im not worried about the throttling but i just want to go back to stock speeds, I've set the bios options back to factory defaults and it says no overclock is applied. I'm using an asrock z75 pro3. I think im going to try updating the bios and seeing how that goes