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  1. Not currently decided, this would be if I were to go with a 9600k and overclocking it a ways. But that's what I'm coming to.
  2. Would you not recommend the Dark Rock Pro 4 at the same price as the Noctua? Is the performance over the non-Pro 4 insignificant?
  3. I'm planning out a new PC build and I just wanted to know if an idea I had was crazy. Currently I'm planning on a Meshify C case, and a Noctua NH-D15 CPU cooler (that's all that truly relates to the question), and I plan on overclocking the CPU. My idea is to take the Noctua 140mm fans off of the D15, and mount them in the front of the case. That would hide the notorious brown/tan fans that wouldn't fit my color scheme all to well, and I feel like with running them in 3-pin would intake a ton of air and not introduce a lot of noise. Then I'd take the GP-12 120mm fan from the front of the case and mount it in single fan orientation on the Noctua. It wouldn't have PWM support on the CPU, but I currently have a Fractal Design case and I can barely tell the case fans are even spinning. The only part I'm worried about however is the performance on the side of CPU cooling. Would the amount of cooling introduced into the case offset the cpu cooler I've downgraded to what is practically a NH-U12S?
  4. I've come back to one of my favorite tech forums to ask for your guy's opinions on this camera. From the looks of it it's built like a tank, and it takes older Pentax glass (which fancies me as I've just possibly gotten a bargain on an SMC Pentax-M 50 f/1.4). This would be upgrading from a Nikon D3200, and changing systems isn't that big of a deal as the glass I have for this camera will be sold with the body. If not this camera, then what is the consensus on the Olympus E-M10 Mark II. Thanks!
  5. Maybe try running it in safe mode and reverting back a driver? Don't want to call it quits on what may be a perfectly fine GPU. I did a little research in google and people are saying update your audio drivers (on what may be a different problem, but it seems to cause the same BSOD). Possibly a driver conflict.
  6. Have you tried downgrading drivers? Like a version older or such. I feel like if the GPU were dead it wouldn't output even without a driver, but I'm not certain.
  7. Either there's a diagram at the bottom (probably right) of the motherboard detailing what pins are for the power switch, or there's a page in the manual. But whichever the two power pins are you want to short those. They'll be with a "power led + and -" and a "hard drive led + and -" et cetera. Basically you're shorting the pins that would normally connect to the button.
  8. The case fans on mine aren't PWM and my motherboard doesn't seem to control non PWM fans so they're stuck at 100%. Kinda annoying, it was nice before I had them plugged in and the side panel off lol
  9. Depends on what ones you get, but I was mistaken, the CSM line is higher in quality than the CX ones. You should be fine as long as you aren't trying to do some crazy SLI stuff. Good Luck!
  10. Part of me regrets spending a thousand, but it's a lot better than my GTX 770 at 1440p and my i7 is better for photo editing
  11. GTX 1070 is much much better, but I got my GTX 980 CLASSIFIED off of EVGA's B-stock and it was around 300 with shipping.
  12. We're kinda offsync on replying lol, but yes I am very happy. If I were to change anything I'd get a GTX 1060 and some PWM fans (instead of the stock case fans I have)
  13. This is VERY similar to my build (GTX 980 is a little better than the 1060), if you're doing 1080p it'll be absolutely beast, 1440p will be good. http://pcpartpicker.com/list/h6TyWX - my build
  14. If you want to do some overclocking like that I'd get a better power supply, it's peace of mind man. Sure you can run 4.5Ghz and those power supplies aren't terrible, but I would personally feel much more comfortable doing that on a Seasonic or such.
  15. I was in the same situation and I went with the i7-6700. I watched this video and saw how much of a benefit Skylake would give me (the Xeon is roughly a i7-4770 iirc)