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  1. Two mics is not necessary, but as you say it’s a good backup. I don’t know about the specific wireless system you’re mentioning, but generally speaking you need a camera that can use internal or external timecode if you want the audio to sync with video frames directly. Either a wireless receiver must be connected to the MixPre via a port such as XLR, or a microphone directly. The MixPre should also be connected to the camera. That model supports 32-bit float, and LTC generation, so you wouldn’t need a separate device for timecode. 32 bit float allows for insanely high dynamic range, whic
  2. I know Linus uses the Mixpre from Sound Devices. Seems like they have a lot of products for sale that are like what you want... but they also appear to be a bit less budget friendly.
  3. Computer Type: Custom GPU: MSi GTX 1060 6GB CPU: Ryzen 2600 Motherboard: Gigabyte Aorus x470 Gaming 5 WiFi RAM: Giel 2x8GB ddr4 2600 (I think) Operating System & Version: Windows 10 Home Drivers: Latest for everything (including bios FW) ——————————— I got a Samsung 970 EVO (250GB) today and added it to my existing Windows 10 system. Everything worked for a while, so I decided to start StoreMI. I told it to create a bootable tiered configuration, so it selected my boot HDD (by default), and I selected the 970 as the “fast” dri
  4. Hey guys! I have a 2TB HDD that I brought over from my previous PC. It has very little on it now, except for some pictures and videos, and some code. My 1TB Seagate HDD has Windows 10, and all of my programs/games on it. I am considering buying the Samsung 970 EVO (250GB) (MZ-V7E250BW), which will work perfectly with the M.2 slot on my x470 Gaming 5 Wifi. I play GTA and Fortnite, and I do lots of programming. Would I benefit from using StoreMI with my 1TB HDD and the 970 EVO? Thanks.
  5. I didn't know you were insecure about that, sorry. Your grammar is fine. It would seem that you skipped a point, that's all. You also skipped the " and thanks for your time anyway" part, that was not a joke.
  6. No, just your ability to read and comprehend lol. The wink means it was a joke. In all seriousness, the "one order" rule is important for me.
  7. Thanks. I'll look into those suggestions. I'd already removed the cooler my cart before I saw this, and I will remove the thermal paste. I know they come with it. Others have also suggested a better PSU. I may go down to 450 through 550 if I can find one there at a lower price & better rating. Modular or nah? I'll look into better memory with the savings from your other ideas, as Kiara mentioned. Thanks. I will take a look.
  8. @Herman Mcpootis I would like to stick with Newegg, even if it costs a little bit more. Work on your literacy and thanks for your time anyway.
  9. Hmm. Interesting. Why do they have so much better prices than Newegg? Seems odd. Which amazon seller is the 1070 from? Some of the amazon 3rd party sellers are trash Interesting proposition. Do you have any sources for this? Any leads I can research to help verify this claim?
  10. @Crunchy Dragon I may well do that, but DDR4 prices will have to drop first I can always sell the ones that I buy for $50, and upgrade. In the mean time, I'll go with dual channel just to get the most out of the speed. @GoldenLag I'm trying to stay under $1100USD whilst buying from Newegg and avoiding 3rd party sellers they let on their site
  11. Hi! I have never built a PC before, but I do know a lot about building them. I have taken mine apart many times, I have watched countless TechQuickie and LTT videos before, and I know how they work and what I need. This will be my first build (though I have disassembled a few), so I want opinions (obv) regarding my parts list. This build should be pretty future-proof (as much as my budget and the market will allow). I know it will be good, I just want to make sure that it will be compatible. I'm only getting one warning from PC Parts Picker on that front, but what are your thoughts
  12. The boost converter worked fine on the original power bank, and it works fine with other test voltages down to 3.2v. It seems that no matter what it defaults to 140mA.
  13. Sure, soon. Output should be 5v, my phone didn't like 4.2 directly from the batteries.
  14. Yes, except I have a battery protection board in between. However, I have tried bypassing the first protection board since the booster is one itself. That was unsuccessful.