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  1. so this is the third Asus motherboard im having this issue with, and it happens almost every second boot with this pc, i had this issue with Asus z87 and Asus z97 motherboards specs Asus z87-c i5-4670k gskills ripjaw-x 8gb (4gx2) 1866 SSD BIOS - 2103 im running windows 10 but this doesnt matter since this also happens with no SSD installed heres the videos, the last 2 are with boot logo disabled so you can see when it posts, there is a normal boot and the slow boot one for reference Normal Booting - Slow Booting - Normal Booting with Asus Boot Logo - Slow Booting with Asus Boot Logo - so sick of this issue with Asus boards, is there a fix?
  2. perplex

    Cloned HDD to SSD

    have you tried selecting the drive in boot menu and seeing what it will do? https://www.computerhope.com/jargon/b/boot_menu.htm EDIT - ah you said it says no operating system, maybe try another program to clone, maybe you are doing it wrong?, i use macrium reflect, lots of youtube videos on it - https://www.macrium.com/reflectfree
  3. perplex

    Cloned HDD to SSD

    what program did you use to clone?
  4. perplex

    No Dollar Wasted PC Build Guide

    @ 2:22 that image of you plugging it into a wall socket is so bad, like i never post anything about your videos, but i had to, yes i understand you said it "must be connected to ground" and plugging it into wall socket is stupid, some people will have no idea and think all are the same, this needs to be addressed, you should NEVER plug anything into a wall socket unless it has a plug that is meant to be plugged in or you know what you are doing, you are just asking for trouble, someone will fry themselves and your video will be where fingers are pointed, at the very least remove the image of putting it into the wall socket, people arnt as smart as you are giving them credit, they will use any hole thinking oh they did it on linustechtips, it must be fine... @LinusTech here is a great example of how people might think
  5. perplex

    data copying suddenly goes slow

    well this is my last post if know one knows ive talked to WD, all they said is the drive is getting old, but i dont see how that can effect performance like this everytime i try this test the mb/s goes from 160 to 65 around the same spot, my guess is the cache is gone/going (they arnt small files) does anyone know why the speed would drop at the same spot everytime? or is WD right saying its old so you just cant rewrite as fast anymore, the drive hasnt even been use alot, and it also happens to both drives around the same point. some driver issue? i did the same test to a NVME drive instead of a HD and it worked fine
  6. think im just going to do a clean install of 1809 to skip all these issues from upgrading
  7. perplex

    data copying suddenly goes slow

    well im out of ideas just finished the WD Extended scans, and came back fine...
  8. perplex

    data copying suddenly goes slow

    i believe you cant update the firmware well hdtune said both drives are fine.... i just transfered some files to and from and avereged about 75mb/s, so something isnt right but, nothing else i can do, ill tried replug the calbes and see if that does anything, but it didnt this is copying files from the same drive so drive E to drive E, they are 500mb files 10 of them, so nothing small
  9. perplex

    data copying suddenly goes slow

    just did a pass with hdtune on 1 drive and its ok, ill test the other drive now, see what it is in the morning anything i should test it with? 2 drives array, the models arnt exact, i think i got the second drive 1 year after the first one, they have been in the array for about 4 years, i think i started to have the issue about 1 year ago of slower speeds and didnt think much of it
  10. perplex

    data copying suddenly goes slow

    so i tried pausing it, and it took maybe 1 min to pause, then i unpaused it and it fixed it for a bout 20 seconds, is this come cache buffer issue? im going to cancel it and try again, it was a cut and paste so, should just pick up where i left off EDIT - worked fine for about 10 mins then happened again...
  11. perplex

    data copying suddenly goes slow

    so i decided to take everything off, 85% of the files went fine at around 45mb/s far slower than it should be but the last 15% are getting stuck, its like its freezing, then every couple of mins it completes the file, then gets stuck again... this seems abit odd..... ideas? my plan is to take them out of raid, do a full format with WD life guard and also check the SMART scan since it doesnt work while in raid, after that i may use HDtune and do a error scan... this may take a couple of days to complete lol
  12. perplex

    data copying suddenly goes slow

    on my pc i have the raid 1, i tried copying from the raid to an ssd and its the same, so its not the network
  13. ive been using RAID 1 now for a couple of years and my performance is sometimes normal and sometimes super bad. when i use to transfer to my NAS/harddrives i use to get a steady 120mb/s but recently its been between 20-40 mb/s, sometimes i still get full speed. i thought maybe it just needs defragging, but that did nothing am i starting to have an issue with a drive? how can i check to see the issue? Specs - Asus z97 pro i7 4790k (not overclocked) Crucial ballistix tactical tracer 4gb x 4 Asus Strix GTX970 Corsair HX750i m.2 970 pro 512GB  Asus Xonor STX essence sound card Windows 10 64bit
  14. perplex

    Random Semi\hard Lock Up

    well after a format and a number of games, it seems the issue has gone away.... although the format doesnt have everything installed, just the basics. so i have no idea what the issue was/is since the clone worked fine on my SSD but not on my NVME...
  15. perplex

    Random Semi\hard Lock Up

    decided to chat to samsung support, i had no idea there was a NVME driver... installed that but still didnt fix lol they are wanting me to format the drive but i dont see how that could change anything since ive cloned the drive to my SSD's and i dont get and freezing on them only when i boot off the NVME but i guess ill just format it, install the 1 game and try see if it freezes... i with there was some software i could run that monitors everything and finds out what stops working, resulting in the semi freeze