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    Intel i7 6700k @4.7Ghz
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    Asus Z170 Deluxe
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    Corsair LPX 16Gb DDR4
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    Gigabyte G1 Gaming 980ti
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    Phanteks Enthoo Evolv TG (Black)
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    Samsung NVME m.2 SSD (256Gb) / Kingston 2.5" Sata SSD (500Gb) / Seagate Barracuda HDD (2Tb)
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    Corsair HX750i
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    Asus PG279Q (1440p / 165Hz / G-Sync) + Samsung IPS (1080p / 60Hz)
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    Corsair H110i GTX 280mm AIO
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    Corsair K70 RGB
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    Logitech G403
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    Kurzweil powered speakers
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    Win 10

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  1. Hey all! I thought it would be interesting to get a sort of "census" for what computers companies are currently issuing their employees with. I work for a fintech startup in Berlin & I was issued with a macbook pro (i5 7360U - 16gb RAM) My last job before this was at Amazon and I was issued with HP Elitebook G5 (I think the 850 with an i5 7200U & 8gb RAM) I only begrudgingly use the macbook, the Windows & Linux options my company offer are outdated/underpowered in comparison. I get so many bugs, mostly to do with my monitors suddenly not being recognised by MacOS after a wake from sleep or an undock/redock. This has persisted over several updates and 2 macbooks (the first one had a usb port die) and the only way to fix it is to restart, which is inconvenient. I also had to install Smooze to fix the horrendous scroll acceleration in MacOS when using a non-apple mouse. I'm interested to hear what other companies have to offer, anything interesting or exotic? (The one guy at asus that gets issued a GX800 )
  2. It will essentially just work as anti-aliasing, unless your GPU is super overkill for the game I'd recommend just leaving it on native 1440p and increasing other options first. If you still have plenty of overhead then go for the DSR. Also, don't try to use it in OS, it will bring all sorts of pain and in most cases make your screen look worse. (e.g text will be fuzzy unless you use DSR at a whole multiple of the monitor's native res)
  3. Shepanator

    XZ1 or XZ2 Compact?

    I have the XZ1 (non-compact) and its a great phone, a bit under-rated imo. I've had it since launch last summer and it only started to become noticeably sluggish about a month ago, I reformatted it and it's back to being fast. For surfing the internet & watching stuff it's great, particularly sony's implementation of multitasking. You just have to hold down the "recent apps" button for a second and the screen splits into two, you can choose any app to go in the second portion of the screen and adjust the divide to give as much screen as you want to each respective app. Really cool for watching a video & browsing the net at the same time, or even having two instances of a web browser open so you can see two web pages at once. Yeah maybe it's not as feature packed as other phones' implementations but it works 100% of the time and is super easy to use without any fiddling. Other stuff I really like about it is the location of the fingerprint sensor, having it on the side is just the best location for me, I don't understand why more phones don't do this. This is the reason why I prefer the XZ1 over the XZ2, the latter has the sensor on the back and has an objectively worse looking design IMO. Plus I think the XZ2 has no headphone jack, or maybe that's their next model? idk. I would never buy a phone without a headphone jack so I won't buy another sony phone unless they go back on their decision.
  4. Shepanator

    Best insult you've heard in an online game?

    The butthurt it generates is endlessly entertaining, creative or not
  5. Shepanator

    Best insult you've heard in an online game?

    I think its hilarious when you can make people mad with just a few letters. A perennial favourite is to just type "ez" after killing someone, they get mad 99% of the time.
  6. Shepanator

    Use for an old PS3

    strange, is that specifically when streaming video or what? My ps3 is mostly a netflix box and bluray player with a little music dlna streaming, and everything zips around just fine.
  7. Shepanator

    Use for an old PS3

    Are you using your PS3 wired or wireless? Bear in mind that ps3 has 2005-era wifi technology which would be easily saturated with a blu-ray quality movie, and 2.4Ghz is prone to interference.
  8. Shepanator

    Use for an old PS3

    PS3 is still one of the best media centres available imo. It plays blu-ray/dvd, you can stream media to it or save it locally on the HDD, it supports pretty much any universal bluetooth remote, it has some neat software for photos and the music visualiser is nice, and the best thing of all: the XMB interface is f'ing gorgeous! The only major drawback I can think of is that it can't do passthrough for cable TV, but I don't have that anyway.
  9. Shepanator

    Best sites to shop for speaker systems

    Slightly out of my price range, I'm looking to spend $150 - $200 for the whole set. I know the sound quality won't be super excellent but for me personally the extra value of surround sound is worth more than better sound quality but only stereo speakers.
  10. Shepanator

    Best sites to shop for speaker systems

    I've found the perfect set of speakers for my man-cave gaming set up: Genius 5.1 5200. Problem is; they're out of stock at every major retailer I've checked, and google isn't helping a whole bunch either. So what are some good online/brick and mortar retailers I should check out that maybe wouldn't appear in the first page or two of a google search? Also, if anybody has any recommendations for an alternative set of speakers then I'm all ears. (I don't like the Genius 4800 or 6000 series speakers even though they are closely related to the 5200, they have light up screens that can't be turned off and also have no standby function) I'm after a 5.1 set with a 50-100W subwoofer.
  11. I recently upgraded my CPU cooler and after turning the system back on Intel raid storage technology is telling me that my HDD is 'at risk'. There were no problems before, and for the upgrade all I did was turn the system (carefully) onto it's side, remove the motherboard to fit the new cooler, and then put it all back together. Could the act of simply replugging the hard drive cause a false positive error, even though the system was fully off at the time? Or should I start making nightly backups?
  12. Shepanator

    Strange motherboard problems

    Hello chaps. Motherboard model: Asus Z170 Deluxe Firmware: Latest I've been having problems with my motherboard for months. They're all pretty minor problems but every now and again a new one crops up, none of them are game breakers (yet!) which is why I didn't immediately replace it. Another problem is that Asus' returns policy is to take the mobo back to the retailer, and I no longer live in the same country as where I bought it so it would be some undertaking. Not only that but I got in touch with the retailer (overclockers UK) and they would need to do testing before deeming it a valid return. This poses a problem because the motherboard's issues are so utterly random and aren't always reproducable. Here are my problems: PC randomly turns back on Occasionally after shutting the PC down or putting it into hibernation it just decides to turn back on after a few seconds. This definitely isn't a PSU issue as I've replaced the power supply already and have ruled out power switch malfunction. The only way to make the PC actually stay off in this situation is to cut power. Strange bootup behaviour Sometimes when booting up the PC it will turn on for a second, then it will blink off for a second, then turn back on again and boot normally. Other times the PC fails to boot at all and stays on a black screen until power is cut. A third strange behaviour is sometimes the motherboard will say it's updating (when it's not), and then stay on the update screen for hours or sometimes indefinitely until the power is cut. This can't be a firmware issue, as I've always kept the BIOS up to date since I got the mobo in late 2015 and these problems have persisted across versions. I've tried disabling my overclock, that didn't help. Pretty much every debugging step you can think of I've tried. I've also googled all of these problems and found no answers. I know at this point that I'm returning the motherboard, I was just hoping somebody would be able to shed a little bit of light onto this and maybe give me some information I can pass on to overclockers when I return it so they can at least identify a problem and process my return. Thanks in advance for any help. Here's the rest of my system specs: 6700k Samsung NVME SSD Gigabyte 980ti Corsair HX750i 2TB HDD (x2)
  13. I was more talking about macbook pros than the trashcan with my post, which as you said did have some compelling reasons to buy it, but a windows workstation or older mac pros offered upgradability, which is a huge deal. Being able to extend the life of a workstation with incremental upgrades is much better value compared to having to buy a whole new pc when the parts are no longer adequate.
  14. So apple is finally going to create new hardware for actual pros and not starbucks pros? good news, I guess. Especially about the macbook pro. I'll probably still never buy one.
  15. Shepanator

    Best slim 120mm/140mm fans?

    I think you missed this part of my OP: Thanks for the advice chaps