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  1. Hi! I'm in need of a new school computer. I need a durable laptop that will last for 5 years. My budget is around $600-$700. Do you have any suggestion for what I could buy? Thanks in advance!
  2. I have a Windows 10 laptop running the latest version. I have a device hub that is connected to my laptop via displayport. If I start my computer with the hub connected, I get a blue screen. If I start my computer without the hub, it starts fine. I have tried to reinstall windows. It did not help. Do you think that this is a driver problem maybe? Thanks in advance!
  3. Problem with repeater rp-ac66

    Hi! Recently I bougt a rp-ac66 from Asus. The repeater is on repeater mode right know and on roming support. My router and repeater both have the same SSID. But, I have alot of problem with connection. Everytime I start a device it takes long before I can use the Internet. What should I do? Thanks!
  4. [JAVA] assignment help

    You need to declare the variable sammichType and sammichSize at the start of the program. Right now the program creates a String sammichType and sammichSize, set's it to a value and then forgets it.
  5. Is this a good SSD

    Hi! I'm thinking of buying this SSD. MZ-75E500B I'M wondering if this is a good SSD, is it reliable for the future? Thanks in advance!
  6. Java KeyListener for JPane

    Hi! I'm trying to make so that my JPane in Java can listen and act upon different key presses. I don't know what I'm missing in my code. package main; import java.awt.Graphics; import java.awt.event.KeyEvent; import java.awt.event.KeyListener; import java.util.ArrayList; import java.util.Timer; import java.util.TimerTask; public class Panel extends javax.swing.JPanel implements KeyListener { //Skapandet av spelare och object public Spelare p; public ArrayList<Vägg> väggar; public Panel() { initComponents(); gameLoop.schedule(loop, 17, 17); p = new Spelare(20, 20, 50); väggar = new ArrayList<>(); } //De olika KeyListenerna @Override public void keyTyped(KeyEvent e) { //Inget } @Override public void keyPressed(KeyEvent e) { System.out.println(e.getKeyCode()); } @Override public void keyReleased(KeyEvent e) { } //Main game loop Timer gameLoop = new Timer(); TimerTask loop = new TimerTask(){ public void run() { //Egentliga loop p.verkställFlyttning(); repaint(); } }; protected void paintComponent(Graphics g) { super.paintComponent(g); p.rita(g); } @SuppressWarnings("unchecked") // <editor-fold defaultstate="collapsed" desc="Generated Code"> private void initComponents() { javax.swing.GroupLayout layout = new javax.swing.GroupLayout(this); this.setLayout(layout); layout.setHorizontalGroup( layout.createParallelGroup(javax.swing.GroupLayout.Alignment.LEADING) .addGap(0, 400, Short.MAX_VALUE) ); layout.setVerticalGroup( layout.createParallelGroup(javax.swing.GroupLayout.Alignment.LEADING) .addGap(0, 300, Short.MAX_VALUE) ); }// </editor-fold> // Variables declaration - do not modify // End of variables declaration } Thanks in advance!
  7. Hi! I am planning on doing a new system build. In my current system, I have a Cooler Master G750M power supply (http://www.coolermaster.com/powersupply/modular-gm-series/g750m/). It will soon be 3 years old and I'm wondering if I could keep it for my next system build, I know that 750W will be enough. Will it still work good and be reliable after 3 years of usage? Thanks in advance!
  8. New graphics card

    Hi! I would like to upgrade my computers graphics card. Currently, I have an i5-6500 GPU and 8 GB of ram. I have a GTX 960 but I would like to upgrade. I'm wondering what graphics card my computer can handle. I'm thinking of something in the line of GTX 1070 or GTX 1080. Would my computer handle that? Thanks in advance!
  9. Hello! I have an assignment in school where we shall pick out a CPU, Graphics Card and RAM for a Workstation that will run CAD/CAM. But I need some help understanding why this graphic card is good for CAD/CAM. NVIDIA Quadro P1000 I can't seem to find any information why that card is good for CAD/CAM only that it is good for CAD/CAM Thanks in advance!
  10. Do I need to update BIOS?

    ok, this only happend once in many startups so probably not a big problem.
  11. Do I need to update BIOS?

    How do i know that the file is not corrupted?
  12. Do I need to update BIOS?

    Is it not risky installing an BIOS update? If the update fail, will not the board be usles?
  13. Do I need to update BIOS?

    Yes it freezed once on startup
  14. Do I need to update BIOS?

    They are running a i5-6600k - I don't really know if that is Kabylake... don't think so thoguh.
  15. So I just bult two new computers for my brothers. They both run the same specs. They have a Asus Z170-P motherboard. Both computers have stop at the ASUS logo once on startup. Is this something I need to update the BIOS for? I have heard that you should not update the BIOS if not necessary. Thanks in advance!