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  1. Hey I'm having an issue that's isolated to my desktop but doesn't effect my surface pro 4. I bought a USB KVM style switch to quickly swap inputs between my PC and laptop. Issue is, after I swap back a few times, my keyboards stop responding on my desktop until I do a full reboot. I'm wondering if anyone has encountered an issue like this before. Plugging the devices into a different port still doesn't work - the keyboards simply stop responding on my desktop completely until I reboot. So far I've tried: Swapping inputs on the KVM (it's not the KVM, plugging and unplugging a keyboard alone in any USB ports has the same results) Using different USB ports. Both USB 2 and 3 and the front panel USB 3's have this issue. Disabling USB selective suspend. Disabling "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" in the device manager for every device I could think relevant. Enabling legacy USB support and diddling with every other USB related BIOS setting. Uninstalling USB3 drivers and letting windows reinstall fresh ones. Updating intel MOBO drivers. Updating BIOS. Any tips would be helpful.
  2. Would love a new mouse just to see if these are as good as they say they are.