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    Love everything tech, loving building computers, and love the lake!
  1. Biggy

    Everyone Show off your desk space!

    This my desk and set up. Lot of work getting it to this point Enjoy:
  2. Biggy

    PaultanDesigns: Titanium S

    Its sooo beautiful and clean man. You have a pure talent, looked at your other builds and they all blew me away. May have to get you to build me one in the future.
  3. Biggy

    Corsair 300r Window

    I have the window as well I'm going to be taking that out and getting a new peace to clean it up. I agree it looks bad with the fan holes. but with a clean peace, it would be one awesome side panel in my opinion.
  4. thanks. i couldn't find a nice desk big enough for my set up, so i thought a door would work! :D
  5. i was going for the old look, the door is over 60 years old
  6. Biggy

    Project:Bio (Chimera) Watercooled Haf XB

    Looks great man.
  7. Biggy

    My R4

    Awesome man it looks amazing, im looking for somewhere to buy some cables. I don't trust myself doing it hahaha.
  8. Biggy

    My R4

    soo sick, nice and clean look, love it Where did you get your cables from or did you do it yourself?
  9. My Set Up! :D Check it out!
  10. Biggy

    What smart phone do you use

    Anyone know of a good place or website to sell my IPhone 4 16GB?
  11. Yeah its The Corsair K90!