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  1. New PSU in, UPS in, All is well. Other than a few minor issues popping up, I've reinstalled WIndows which rectify the issue which seems to have done it. Thanks for your Help W-L
  2. Update, Seems unistalling KB3140743, fixed the issue right away. Give that a try.
  3. I have exactly the same issue right now, I do however the random disconnects are a different issue. My issue is this, Playing Rocket League on the Xbone controller using the Wireless dongle (Haven't tried Wired) and when I quit and turn my Xbone controller off, Anything I do on my mouse cause the beeping through my headset. A standard windows restart doesn't work for me after this happens. It just hangs on Restarting. A hard restart fixes it, But rendering and game using the Xbone controller useless. At first I thought it was a hardware problem. Turns out it wasn't. Kodiack do you have any sources for them updates causing issues, I'd like to do some research, Which this sounds correct, Since this has only recently started happening.
  4. I still have a UPS arriving tomorrow to help stabilize it, then onto booking an electrician. I'm just hoping the MB isn't faulty at this point. But hopefully with making sure there is clean power and a new PSU. The only thing that would become an issue is the MB.
  5. On the AX860 is went from 12.000 to 12.096 a lot. The supernova hasn't shifted from .096
  6. New PSU turned up and installed. Things look a little more stable. But only time will tell I guess, New HWInfo I've noticed the 12V Rail has been fluctuating as much as before. It's solid at 12.096, where as before it would jump between quite a bit
  7. So I woke up this morning to turn my PC on and poof, Turns on for 2 seconds and shuts down, I cleared CMOS and restarted managed to get to the screen where Asus tell me there was a surge, and got into the BIOs I then attempted to get into Windows and got to log in screen and again shut down, and the PC wouldn't turn on till the CMOS is cleared to let me boot for a few seconds, So at this point, I've shut down the whole PC and am waiting the new PSU to turn up today and the UPS tomorrow, If that doesn't solve it, I think I'm looking at a Mobo switch, Unfortunately I think the damage has already been done by my house's wiring.
  8. So I went ahead and purchased that UPS, it fixes my issue or not, I guess it won't hurt at all. I've also purchased the EVGA SuperNova 850w P2, To see if the UPS fixes my issue then I will send the new PSU back, if the UPS doesn't fix it or the PSU, then will be looking towards a MOBO switch.
  9. But what I don't understand is that my PC has been running great on its current circuit, I have replaced the fuse in my Surge protector along with changing Surge protectors and still no ball.
  10. As much as I would love, That is way out of budget, Even this hindrance isn't in my budget. But I need a working PC.
  11. I am upstairs from my Kitchen however, As in the OP, The issue happened quite a while ago where the Toaster would trip my power upstairs until I switched the breaker, that stopped but started again 2 nights ago, ever since I've had this problem, and I'm not sure if that power outage damage either my mobo or my PSU in the process. I will try another plug, Problem is that this is completely random and hard to diagnose, It doesn't necessarily happen under load, Last time I was just watching a YT video.
  12. This is the UPS I'm looking at along with the PSU I'm looking at - http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00BUJBD6K?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=ox_sc_act_image_1&smid=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B011RGX5MU?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=ox_sc_act_image_2&smid=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE I have done a refresh of Windows 10.
  13. Thing is, I have other appliance on my 4-Gang and they stay on. Along with everything else upstairs.
  14. Evening fellas, So a real odd one here, I'm currently running a ASUS VII Ranger Mobo on a 4790k @ Stock a 780ti and 16GB FuryX RAM off of a Corsair AX860w PSU. Now I have in the past had issue with Kitchen appliances downstairs such as my toaster tripping my power upstairs and turning my PC off without error. So simple fix, flick the switch back and Veulla. Now last night same happened again. Toaster goes on, and Power is out upstairs of my house. So again as before I would flick the switch and power comes back on, I then get home from work today and am having the annoying "ASUS has detected a Power surge from an unstable PSU" Crap. My PC is running on a Surge Protected Belkin 8-Gang extension lead UK. I have followed the steps by others to disable the ASUS Anti-Surge Protection as ASUS themselves have said to do as it causes no harm just a Failsafe. I have gone ahead and disconnected all kitchen appliances downstairs and the issue continues with ASP on, I have just now switched it off and am essentially waiting for my PC to shut down. My method of seeing if it is my House's power or my PC is that I have a LED Strip plugged into the same Surge protected extension lead and I'm going to see if that turns off with it, If it does GREAT! Atleast I only need to replace a Extension lead and not a PSU or Mobo, if not then darn I'm here for help. I have run both Furmark, Prime95, 3DMark to get the max power draw out of my PC and no issues, no shut down, no nothing. Sudden shut-downs happen both randomly and under load, so I'm going with randomly on that end of the spectrum. Only things changed since yesterday, I recieved a pair of Astro A40's with Mixamp that're plugged into the rear IO USB 3.0. Which replaced my USB 3.0 HUB Full Specs - Intel i7 4790k @ 4GHz Stock ASUS VII Ranger EVGA 780ti No OC 16GB FuryX DDR3 RAM Corsair AX860 PSU. HWMonitor of Voltages - I have got a PSU Tester and this was my outcome, Not so great with deciphering it. - http://imgur.com/k4d5bvQ Right now I have a EVGA Supernova 850w P2 and a UPS In my Amazon basket. Waiting to pull the plug. Unless someone here know's of better options, I've tried turning of Anti Surge in the BIO and instead of a shut down a couple of hours into Idling, My PC just came to a weird freeze where the mouse would work yet the rest of the machine was rendered useless. Thanks for your time and any responses. I'm just hoping this is a issue with my surge protector and not my PC.