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  1. Give it a try, but it should still show in bios even if it won't supply enough watts for running on load. Can you take a picture of your motherboard?
  2. Lan Party computer CPU - i5-4440Cooler - Noctua L-Type Premium QuietMobo - ASUS H81I-PLUSRam - G.skill Ripjaws DDR3 1600HD - 3TB WD Red (Thinking about putting a old SSD in it)Video card - 980 GTX EVGA SSCPSU - 80 gold Thermaltake psu that is butcherd to fit in the briefcase.
  3. Needs to be Windows 10 pro. Home only supports 1 cpu. Should show both in bios for post though. Even with a 350 watt. Unless your psu doesn't have dual 4 pins for cpu power. Your mobo should have two 4/8 pin connectors for cpu power.
  4. I'd pay more then 99.99 for that hoddie. I'd buy Linus's hoodie off him... off his back in Vancouver.
  5. Any chance at a upcoming run of these hoodies coming out again this year? I'm dying to get one.
  6. Only thing I can think of is my min and max fps pulling it down a bit. I'll have a larger score up in a few days. Got a little time off.
  7. It's good for it might need to use the 12volt to 8/6 pin connectors in the box.
  8. Reference coolers always sound like jets with high fan speeds. Aftermarket kits are quite nice. My sli is running 2x Accelero xtreme III coolers and with my oc tops out at 65° after a 2 hour burn, and the fans are nice and quiet.
  9. CPU - 4970K @ 4.6ghz GPU - 980 EVGA SC SLI @ 1396-Core 2053-Mem 1497-Boost Avg FPS - 137.8 Score - 5766 Setting - Extreme HD
  10. You must have the fastest 980ti in the world. I don't even hit 60+ with my 980 sli in 4k. You should post some screenshots of that.
  11. PC Specs : Cpu - 4790k @ 4.6ghz oc Mobo - Asus Hero VII Ram - 16gigs ddr3 1800mhz Cas 9 Gpu - 2x980gtx evga SC with aftermarket gpu coolers Psu - EVGA 1000 80gold Os - Windows 8.1 So I got 2 x EVGA 980sc edition reference coolers on them. Managed to run them just fine with a 100mhz oc on the core and 500 on the ram, but the problem with running them so high was 80+ temps and the sound of a plane taking off in my room. I decided too switch out the reference coolers for 2 x Accelero Extreme III gpu coolers the spacing on my board allows for sli with 1.5 cm of spacing between cards with the coolers. Ever since I've swapped the coolers my graphics driver keeps crashing on even the slightest OC. I've got the heat sinks all in place as per looking at the layout for cooling with a water block. I'm just looking for other ideas I've not tried yet; because, with the temps I'm getting on the cards now I have plenty of room heat wise for a decent OC. Temps at idle Top - 34 Bottom - 30 Temps at load 2+ hrs Top - 64 Bottom - 51 Temps with a small oc of 10-50 mhz result in a 2-3 degree temp increase but crash my display driver. I'm mostly looking for any extra ideas anyone might have to get these cards stable. They were more stable with the reference cooler on then now, but from what I've placed my heat sinks on in respect too the hydro block coolers these cards should be just fine.