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Everything posted by AyBuild

  1. finally finished text art for my art assessment ☺
  2. So much rip for one day in this page
  3. I really want a 3440 x 1440 monitor but they are too expensive and Korea don't make them
  4. Yeah give me an image and I'll do it tomorrow morning GMT so youll probably be asleep.
  5. I could mock something up on Photoshop for you.
  6. The dell s2716dg looks decent, give it a look.
  7. The best bang for the buck is 4690k and z97.
  8. Edit: wait what? i think i read wrong, why did you post about this?
  9. Assuming you're in the us http://www.v1tech.com/shop/backplates/custombackplates
  10. The problem with the persona series is that all the colours are either generic or impossible. Leaning towards the thanatos b/w theme atm because pink requires too much paint
  11. Found some pretty nice p4 silhouettes, colour schemes are pretty good too. http://theinsecureartist.tumblr.com/post/60138842225/one-and-only-arisato-minato-persona-4-yu EDIT: Did two new backplates.
  12. Nah Ima have to get a custom one for £30. Worth it to have a truly unique system tho
  13. Not sure which backplate I want to base my theme around, i like the pink. pink is gr8
  14. http://www.unilad.co.uk/gaming/sony-have-confirmed-ps2-emulation-is-coming-to-ps4/ persona anyone?
  15. Tapatalk works again, apple music is finally on android. Now just waiting for beme.
  16. My school got front page reddit (eye for eye ball for ball) lmaooooo
  17. Because the value is good. I might build just for the sake of customisation though.
  18. Might get this http://www.freshtechsolutions.co.uk/custom-built-computers/intel-geforce-gaming-computers/intel-core-i5-4460-1tb-8gb-1600mhz-gtx-970-4gb-core-computer-gaming-pc.html somehow it doesn't even look like they're making money on this...
  19. Its a 1 and a bit old phone with no removable battery should've waited for the 6p but assumed it wouldn't be available on my phone seller. Following this forum probably doesn't help.
  20. My s6 edge plus has the worst battery ever... 1 hour screen on time. 56%!! Ridiculous