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  1. What program did Linus use to design the new office?
  2. i found the mic and @ahw6224 you were right but I saw this white clip thing and have no idea what it is called he uses it instead of the included clip
  3. CSGO Battlefield 4 rocket league sniper elite 3 subnatica stranded deep turmoil
  4. yes @LinusTech that would be very helpful.
  5. Yea I already have a system but the mic sucks I like the one he has because you never hear the scratching in like the shirt or whatever
  6. well in one of his videos he said "i have this cheap mic that is tiny and I can put it anywhere"
  7. I was what lavalier mic Linus uses on his wireless thing
  8. Oh i see where wrong sorry for the typo here is the whole thing I have a 100 amp breaker just for servers I have a 10Gbps link In very secure House already have 10 servers for startup they are all Dell Poweredge 2950 servers Have a UPS that will hold all Equipment at half load for 30min anything else you need to know
  9. I also have a 10 port 10Gbps and 3 sonicwalls and 2 routers in one line so we can stop all DDoS
  10. Trust me We have each a 100amp breaker for each home just for servers, 2 cameras in each room except bedrooms and bathrooms (DUH) in a gated community 2 german shepards and a gas fire suppression system so no liquid damage
  11. You said $100 per TB per year is expensive and you said you could get "I can rent servers with 4TB for $20 a month with 2 Quad-Core Xeons, 16GB of RAM, and 10TB @ 1Gbps of bandwidth." that would be $240 per year
  12. No sorry like I just said this is a startup so I am finding there bare minimum information. I am planing to have a max of 4, 40U racks in my basement and also my friend/partner in data storage will have a max of 8, 42U racks. All of the servers will be in our houses. Will be offering this space by my mom works for dex and knows a lot of people looking for little space.
  13. This is a start up for now also possably a year to year thing like 1TB = $150 per year and 2TB = $300 /year