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  1. I've been on several posts about this, trust me, it's not a joke to a lot of people. And more importantly, lots of people will believe it, jokingly or not
  2. So, what does that mean? Does that tell me what their taxes were company wide? Rent? Euipment? Salaries? 13.5k doesn't cover all that for an entire year. Am i saying there isn't obviously some mis management on logans part? No. But this is a long way from stealing 100k and spending it on cocaine.
  3. Never denied something is going on. Now ill admit I'm not as much of an avid watcher of their vids as i used to be, but how many videos do they usually put up? Here is a list of the number of videos they've put up in the last 12 months. This month-15 lastmonth-20 2months ago-18 3months ago-9 4months ago-17 5months ago-11 6months ago-8 7 months ago-20 8months ago-11 9mmonths ago-10 10 months Ago-11 11months ago-17 Total of 167 videos Average of about 14 videos a month Did it used to be more in previous years? Again, not questions that mistakes by logan were made. Just not buying the stealing 100k and blowing it on cocaine bit. and other ridiculous assertions.
  4. The post I have read doesn't state the specifics about what I posted, If you know of the post, please link it, most of their twitter stuff has been deleted. Am I saying there isn't an issue of money? No. But the whole 100k missing from the account and spending it drugs is the reason for my post. Plus, if you are guilty of it, posting a pic of your bank account helps your case how exactly?
  5. How you know the account that was posted is their only account? Do we know how much their expenses are? The move, salaries, taxes, the move etc? The answer is no, That is my main gripe, speculating and assuming things we don't know and people taking it as fact, it's ridiculous. We probably only know less than 10% of what transpired, spouting off stuff doesn't really help in any way. And if logan really did take that much money, why on earth would he post his account balances on twitter if he was guilty of it?
  6. Again, I'm remaining neutral until it's sorted out and more facts come one. How much money is gone? How do we not know the money discussion hasn't happened in private? Who in their right mind would discuss private corp fund on a public forum? We need more info, and untill that happens, I'm not assuming or making assertions based off what i don't know.
  7. If were not going to discuss facts, anything else is quite ridiculous. Not really, or you could have common sense and not post it yourself, but hey, common sense on the internet is asking a lot,
  8. The difference is with court, there is a good basis for being there in the first place. Here, it's just spouting off non sense. Did wendell or anyone from tek syndicate say a 100k was missing? (legitimate question, as i may have very well missed something in regards to this) was this made up by someone? Am i saying there aren't money issues within the company? No. But we have no proof of anything, and just stating that, "well, until it's proven otherwise, logan stole a 100k on drugs and other illegitimate expenses, and until it's proven otherwise, fuck him" That doesn't cut it and does nothing to contribute to meaningful conversation
  9. You're entitled to your opinion sure, you can have opinions based on garbage or real evidence that actually contributes to the conversation and the issue in a productive way. The main problem I have is not that people are mad at logan,(Yes, it appears theres obviously been mistakes made by logan.) It's all the non sense and BS that people spout as fact that's the problem.
  10. Please provide a link that 100k has gone missing as I have not seen this as of yet. Also, neither i nor you have access to the books. You don't know how much salaries are paid, rent, taxes etc. Go look at the forums on tek and comments on youtube videos if you want to see the hookers accusation. think there were at least 2 or 3 comments i say on there saying this.
  11. "Aside from that, you're accusing me so you got any evidence I'm wrong?" No one has any evidence of anything in this regard, you don't accuse people of something without proof and then chalk it up to, "you dont have any evidence stating I'm wrong so i can say wahtever" if you don't understand why thats pure fuckery, clearly you have weird ways of thinking.
  12. Yes, i don't post here often. I never said I thought he was a hero, I've not stated my opinion one way or the other. I'm merely stating that every needs to grow up and stop spouting off crap you have no clue about, any evidence of, and have only a small portion of what transpired. I mean seriously, people actually believe that he spent it on drugs and hookers, making crap up. just insane. The lack of common sense and grasp of reality among a lot of people talking about this truly amazing. Wait for the storm to die down, let the parties work things out, let more info come on, then form your opinion, like a sane, educated person.
  13. Have any proof of this? My guess is no and you're just spouting off nonsense.
  14. This is the type of cancer that is part of the problem. Bunch of idiots making shit up with no evidence. Spending the money on drugs? Please provide proof of this, if not, grow the hell up.
  15. Sometime before the end of the year I will be getting a 4k monitor. I'm mainly looking at the upcoming Asus 32in Pro Art series and another person mentioned on another forum the BenQ BL3201PH. One hot button issue with a lot of the IPS 4k monitors is input lag. I currently have a Dell U3011 30in 2560X1600 monitor(which many have said was "terrible" for gaming) and I don't notice any input lag personally, even when playing CSGO. We don't really know what the upcoming Pro Art series monitor will be in that regard but I would think it would be a tad bit better than Asus's current 32in, What's your personal take on input lag of Asus's current 32in 4k and the BenQ and how much of a real world difference is input lag in general?