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Everything posted by Latislapaloie

  1. they don't look as nice as they should on my gtx 560 <.<
  2. i just uninstalled steam because this is a much superior deal that what steam could EVER offer
  3. however you can get Plants vs. Zombies™ Game of the Year Edition for free
  4. a new cpu cooler i have stock one and its like 40-50C idle
  5. pls stop, this high quality work is hurting my computers feelings
  6. oo i'm really liking this compared to classic shell! and it doesn't freeze up when i restart my computer, thank you for suggesting it!
  7. hmm i'll look into it, i'll try the free trial
  8. I need a program for a start menu for windows 8.1, I was using classic shell but recently when i restart it freezes up every time i open it for like 6 minutes.
  9. i turn it off unless i need to download something over night
  10. i'm in disk management and i don't see a format option for it, unless i'm blind EDIT: i'm blind found it, thank you!!!
  11. I just bought and installed a western digital blue 1tb hdd as a second drive in my pc for games and stuff, but its not showing up. all that is there is local disk C: which is my os on my ssd, the drive is running i can feel it it, and but its not showing up in the devices and drives? my mobo is asus p8 z77 v pro with windows 8.1 http://i.imgur.com/uVM2Nab.png