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  1. No crashes yet And I also capped it at 30 fps
  2. I have 2x8gb so 16gb Thanks for your help
  3. What would be a number to set virtual memory at
  4. I haven't touched my bios in a while I know not much help I may try to reset if all else fails
  5. I currently have an RX 580 8 GB Aorus AMD ryzen 7 1700, with Aorus AX370- gaming K7 Motherboard, and G Skill Ripjaes 4 series DDR 4 - 3000 1 500 GB samsung ssd 1 1TB WD Black 1 1TB WD Green Latest drivers Installed Game files verified I'm current playing the new game TemTem and only recently I have been experiencing crashes of youtube and my game when playing the game and having a YouTube video play on my second monitor This didnt happen before I have 50 hours in the game, and only during the last 3 hours of gameplay have I experienced this crashes I do understand that the game is early access but this is beyond ridiculous The game is installed on the black WD hard drive
  6. I I just need to know if I can still use those hard drives if I reinstall windows, i figured I was gunna lose data at this rate
  7. I have no boot drive anymore so I'm stuck in bios menu
  8. Got. Computer with a 500G SSD, and 2 1 TB HDD, and use windows 10 Been a while since I restarted so I hit restart. After that I entered my password, my screen was blank( except windows toolbar Flickering)I couldn't click on anything. I restarted a couple times to see if that would work . Still didnt I ended up doing a system restore ( it failed). And now at my bios menu I can only see 1 of my Hdd, and Blu Ray drive but not my SSD, or other HDD or windows Boot. Do I just have to install windows again. Bios says those drives aren't installed
  9. Custom built PC here wont boot after a power outage/surge Been stuck this loop. Now its frozen on automatic repair screen I've tried disconnecting 1 of the my 2 rams Disconnected everything that isnt the keyboard
  10. It started working after self repairing And thanks to those who weren't trolling
  11. My computer has been trying to do repairs for over an hour , did my motherboard just over load
  12. Oh ok thanks , does it still light up without the led strip
  13. I can plug it that part but it's the side with the 5 connectors that I ant find a place to plug them in
  14. Got new motherboard aorus GA-AX370-Gaming k7 and I can't find where this cable for led goes ( got q part of it plugged in