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  1. HI Guys MY friend is building a custom PC for a small price, I.e. not having everything top of the range. His CPU is an i5 8400 with a gtx 1070 and 8GB of Ram He plays Total war series and Ranbow six siege. Should he get a 1440p monitor for to play rainbow at better settings but maybe turn down some settings for Total war? would his CPU be decent in playing a CPU game like Total war? Anyway, just wanting some better advice from people who know more about this than me
  2. HI Guys After alot of thought i am going to go Console and PC. Alot of my friends own PS4's and so alot of the games I want to play with them I can't, and they are at my house frequently so getting a console and multiple controllers for couch gameplay seems logical for me. However, The games I want to play on PC, my current one is struggling a bit. SO i'm wanting to get another one. Pretty much the only games I play on PC (as of when I get my console) Will the current & Future Total War titles, which I know are quite dependant on CPU but also GPU. and R6 Siege. What I'd like: I7 CPU Decent GPU (not necessarily like a 1080 or something that powerful) 16GB Ram Small form factor case. ( My room isn't exactly the biggest so the smaller the better. So maybe not a mid tower?) Hope you all can give me some ideas! Many thanks
  3. Hi Guys So I will be moving house soon and I am looking at getting a PS4 Pro and TV (a lot of my friends play on console so more inspiration for me to get one myself) and giving my PC to my sister as she is looking at getting one for herself. So I was wondering, because the room is a bit smaller, If I should get a Gaming Laptop or a Desktop. pretty much all the games I want to play can be played on console, but I do really like the total war franchise and so I don't want to completely give up on playing them. I live in New Zealand so prices compared to the rest of the world is a bit expensive, would I be better off going for a laptop? or if space permits a small-form PC like a mini-itx?
  4. masked106

    Arctis 7 Vs G933

    Hi Guys Purely the title above. Buying a new headst. The steelseries is not much more expensive. just wanting to know which is the better out of the 2. looking at battery life, Sound quality and Mic quality thanks!
  5. Hi Guys I have a GTX 970 that I bought brand new in early 2016 and it has been serving me okay the past few years. IN the last couple of months I will be playing Smite ( A MOBA) and sometimes my FPS will suddenly drop down to 10fps instead of the 100-150fps I'm running at normally. It usually hangs like that until I have to reboot Smite. All my drivers are up to date recently it drops to 15fps for about 15-20 seconds then climbs to about 30-60fps but will never reach the 100+FPS it used to. I have tried some Overclocking in the past and my G1 Gaming is not very good overclocking, other than its default overclock. Any help would be appreaciated. P.S my latency also jumps through the roof when this happens. to about 60ms Thanks!
  6. I currently have 1TB in my system now and I used that up quite fast. I wanted 3TB because of the sheer capacity. I guess to squeeze it in I could always downgrade to a 120GB SSD? and for Power supply.... CXM 650? I dont know much about power supplies but I know to try and reach gold wherever possible. Could I instead go for the Ryzen 1600/X? I'm still used to the idea that Intel is always better than AMD. Later on, I wouldn't mind going for a Dual Monitor setup... would I benefit from those 2 extra cores??
  7. I'd rather spend my money on a new Graphics card. already my 970 is starting to fall behind on newer games at 1080p. Games like MOBA's I can handle 1440p but I don't have a screen for that so there's no point doing it. Additionally my 970 is a crap overclocker. It is OC'd from the Box. GIGABYTE G1 Gaming 970 and its. the max clock I can reach is 1429mHz before issues occur.
  8. FOr the AMD Ryzen 7 I don't do things like Video editing and Software design which benefit from the 8 Cores. Mostly gaming is my reason for buying this PC. I will also need it for office work as well as I am a Healthcare professional and I need it for my work at home.
  9. Is there any real difference between the 1600 and 1600X version? other than the extra 200mHz on the core clock ???? a 1060?? From my understanding, the 1060 is a few frames ahead of the 970. and that's not that good at 1440p maybe some facts he got wrong. Doesn't matter. Would you say a 1080 is better? or should I just go straight for the 1080Ti?
  10. Hi Guys (and girls if there are any) Looking to build a new PC. Giving the old one away to my sister. This will be in 6months time, however. Wanting to play games at 1440p at good settings as I come from 1080p. Any advice would be appreciated. Or even slight changes to the build. This is my first time that I would be going AMD. However with DX12 slowly becoming more prominent, AMD seems to have the advantage and I thought that i'd use it. https://nz.pcpartpicker.com/list/4Vjj9W
  11. Thanks for all the input, I live in NZ and right now a S7 is approximately 800$ for a 32GB. however the 6s comes in at around 1100$ I realise the S8 is coming out soon but it will be, in my country at least, around 1300$. Should I wait till I get the S8 or get the S7 in the next couple of weeks.
  12. Hi guys IN the market for a new phone. been looking at some reviews and most are siding with the S7. Just wondering for those of you with the 6S or the S7, what do you guys think of your phones? I am leaning toward the S7 but only because I hear about how people rave about Apple, but provide no argument for the phone other than "but it's apple". All feedback appreciated
  13. HI guys. my current setup is: GTx 970 G1 gaming i5 6600k 8gb ram 650W FSP Aurum S i am earning money over christmas and just wanted to know which should i upgrade would i see any benefit going form 970 to 1060? i was thinking gtx 1070 for 1080p possibly 1440p in future. im not totally satisfied with my G1 gaming 970. MSI is expensive in NZ. would ASUS be a good company to choose? i will be using this site for my upgrades http://playtech.co.nz/ any help is appreciated
  14. thanks for replying to me. my only question is will it charge and how do i know this. i do play wirelessly and have the dongle to do this. so i am charging it? given what im seeing?
  15. Hi guys. using a Xbox 360 wireless controller that is operated by batteries that i buy from the local store. it was running low and so i thought why not see if i can charge it? im currently (hopefully) charging it now but i wanted to know if its running smoothly. 1. the controller has turned on. but i am studying atm so i cant test it with games. should this happen if its charging? 2. Will it charge okay with plug and charge kit despite using batteries from a store? 3. when i plugged it in the charge kit that connects via usb to my PC lit up for a split second then the small light disappeared. does this mean its charging? all help would be appreciated from someone who is new to the Master Race