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  1. What monitor to choose? I'm looking for a 1440p144hz, IPS, gsync compatible, 27" so I have the following options: 1. Lg 27gl850 (€450 2. Lenovo legion Y27Q-20 (€450) 3. Asus vg27aq (€600)
  2. Next week, still have to decide if 1440p144hz with gtx 1070 or 1080p144hz with rtx 3070. Watched youtube gameplays and 2080ti gets 100fps at 1080p with AAA games at max settings.
  3. Everyone tells me that I should go 144Hz even for AAA games if the monitor has gsync/freesync. In your opinion I should stay with my 21:9 1080p 75Hz monitor and upgrade to 3070? I tested a 24" 1080p versus a 27" 1440p and the difference in sharpness whas very little, only thing that was noticeable was the space on the screen desktop. Maybe with the 3070 (which maybe will be at 2080ti levels, who knows) I will have in rdr2 at 1080p 90-100 fps while at 1440p 60-70 fps. Would the sacrifice in fps be greater for the sake of 1440p or a 1080p will do the job? Also I sit pretty close to the monitor.
  4. Pc specs: 9600k, aorus z390 pro, 16gb ddr4 3000mhz, 650w leadex gold II, 860 evo and a gtx 1070 which I will upgrade to 3070 if I go with a 1080p screen. How is the 1080p144hz not an upgrade from my 29" 1080p 75hz screen?
  5. Hey guys, looking to upgrade from my old 29" 1080p ultrawide 75Hz monitor to something 144Hz. Mainly playing AAA games at ultra. I have two option based on my budget: 1. Spend all on a 27gl850 1440p144Hz and stay 1 more year with my gtx 1070 2. Buy a 1080p144Hz IPS at 24", looking at asus vg249q and upgrade to a rtx 3070 when they launch this year. Looking to play AAA games at ultra and high fps, games like rdr2, odyssey and future valhalla, metro exodus, next years games. From what I saw, the difference in sharpness betweem 24" 1080p and 27" 1440p is slightly, only 16 ppi while the gpu is taking a huhe hit in fps. What are your opinions? In my country the 27gl850 is 500 euro while the asus vg249q is 180 euro.
  6. Is upgrading the leadex II 650w for a leadex III 650w a smart move for a future build with rtx 3070 or 3080?
  7. Quieter? I can't hear the fan of my leadex gold II even with all my pc fans off.
  8. @LukeSavenijehow different is the superflower leadex III and the argb leadex from the superflower leadex II? I have a leadex II and want to ask if leadex III or argb has some improvements over leadex II.
  9. Right now I have the following specs: 9600k, z390 aorus pro, 16gb 3000mhz, 500gb 860 evo, superflower leadex gold II 650w with a gtx 1070 which is getting changed to a 3070 when they launch. What should I upgrade in terms of cpu? 1. Find a used 8700k 2. Upgrade to 10600k or 10700k (with new mobo) 3. Find a used 9900k Don't get me wrong, the 9600k is doing a amazing job in any game, but I'm just thinking about future next gen consoles having 8c16t. Should I upgrade to any of these options or a 9600k + rtx 3070 will be enough? What would you do?
  10. Is 16gb enough or it would be better with 32gb for future only for playing games (9600k + z390 aorus pro + 2080super)? Also what would you choose: corsair vengeance rgb pro vs tridentz rgb?
  11. Always wondering, do people who post here and recommend monitors play only esports titles? I've been looking over and people recommend and want 144Hz even if it is a TN panel. Are there anyone who plays story/single player games like rdr2, assassins creed, witcher, tomb raider etc? What monitor would you recomment for someone who plays aaa games with max settings on considering that you would not get over 70-80 fps on ultra? On all forums people are looking to buy 144Hz monitors just for csgo, pubg, fortnite, apex etc, what about the 1% of people who are playing story games?
  12. I s it bad to turn on and off your pc daily? I mean, I game 2-4 hours daily and when I finish I turn it off. Is it bad for the pc? I've read that some people leave theyr pc 24/7 powered.
  13. I have a superflower leadex II gold 650w and when I turn the pc on or off it makes one click noise after I press the button to start and when it shuts off. Whats that for?
  14. I have a z390 aorus pro, if I want to install a Samsung 970 EVO Plus 500GB PCI Express x4 M.2 2280, on which one of these slots do I have to put it: