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    I work at IBM during the day and play with vintage computers at night
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    Mainframe Systems Programmer


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    AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X @ 4.0GHz
  • Motherboard
    ASUS ROG Zenith Extreme X399
  • RAM
    64GB (8x8GB) G.SKILL Flare X DDR4-2400
  • GPU
    AMD Radeon Vega Frontier Edition + NVIDIA Quadro P400
  • Case
    Fractal Design Define R6-S
  • Storage
    3x Intel 760p 128GB NVMe, RAID-0
  • PSU
    Corsair RM1000x, Custom CableMod Cables
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    3x 30" First Semi 2K, 50" Avera 4K
  • Cooling
    Enermax Liqtech TR4 360mm AIO, 7x Noctua NF-F12
  • Keyboard
    Black/Gray Unicomp Classis
  • Mouse
    Logitech MX Master 2S
  • Sound
    StereoLink SL1200 DAC, Nakamichi IA-3 Amplifier, Polk RTiA3 Speakers, Velodyne DLS-3500R Subwoofer
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB 2016 x64

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  1. FaultyWarrior

    New Threadripper Build - POST Error

    OK, got the problem resolved. The Vega card is apparently DOA. The VGA LED would stay white, and the boot LED would go green, but nothing came up on my display. I swapped the Vega for a random GTX 750Ti I had laying around and I got to UEFI with no problems. Unfortunately one of the few parts I bought used was that Vega Frontier card, so hopefully the eBay seller will take it back. If not, I guess I'm out $500
  2. FaultyWarrior

    New Threadripper Build - POST Error

    I hadn't looked at the LEDs. I'll take a look tonight. I am using the DIMM.2. I removed the DIMM.2 and tried just the single SSD on the board itself - same result. I didn't try the DIMM.2 and no SSD on the board though. It occurred to me that because I have 2 GPUs, it might actually be POSTing, but sending video to the card with no monitor connected. I don't think I had a monitor connected when I tried single GPU, since I (perhaps stupidly) presumed that the OLED readout would give me an indication of successful POST. I'll try single GPU and various SSD configs when I get home from work tonight.
  3. FaultyWarrior

    New Threadripper Build - POST Error

    I just finished building my Threadripper workstation (specs in sig) - first boot attempt it cycles through all of the checks, and after it gets to HDD checks, it drops to POST Error Code 00 (or 0D? Hard to tell - see pic) and goes nowhere. A quick Google search suggests anything from power issues to a bad CPU; which isn't a great starting point... FWIW, my board has one of those crappy Foxconn sockets...it gave me the typical screw 1 won't catch issue, but I realized that instead of forcing it like other have, I tightened screws 2 & 3 about half a turn, and that allowed screw 1 to seat fully and screw in fully with no effort. I then tightened 2 and 3 fully without issues. Board is an Asus Zenith Extreme X399...CPU is a 1950X... I've re-seated the CPU/cooler/GPUs with the same result, as well as reset the CMOS. I tried a bare minimum config, same result. Anyone have any input, or should I start pursuing an RMA with AMD for a DOA CPU? EDIT: Updated thread after trying simple config and added a pic of the OLED readout. It's hard to tell if the POST error code is 00 (zero zero) or 0D (zero delta). See pic...opinions welcome.
  4. FaultyWarrior

    Anyone Have Issues With CableMod Recently?

    OK. I heard back from CableMod, and they confirmed that my order did indeed ship. So this lies at DHL's feet. If I don't see the tracking move by Tuesday, I'll call them and chew them out...there's no excuse for them to need more than TWO WEEKS just to acknowledge that they've taken possession of a package; especially when their site claims "normal delivery is usually within 2-3 days". EDIT: Woke up this morning to a text from DHL...seems something kicked their butts into gear...package processed and will be delivered Tuesday.
  5. FaultyWarrior

    Anyone Have Issues With CableMod Recently?

    Ah. That would explain things. I was trying to figure out why it took over a full day for that tooling package to get from the regional distribution center in my town to the local post office, which is literally 2 miles down the street. Being closed this time of year would definitely do that.
  6. FaultyWarrior

    Anyone Have Issues With CableMod Recently?

    Could very well be. I'm in the Dallas area, so not horribly far off. I had some CNC tooling I ordered from a company in Austin that normally shows up the next day take 4 days this time; so it does seem that carriers are running behind.
  7. FaultyWarrior

    Anyone Have Issues With CableMod Recently?

    Yes - THIS. I ragequit like hell when I saw that my NAS got shipped via FedEx, yet NewEgg shipped the SSDs (FOR THE DAMN NAS!) via SmartPost or whatever...I've had the NAS for well over a week, and the stupid SSDs are just going out for delivery today! Even worse-so, I ordered an SSD for my parents to replace a dying one for them over the holidays (yay for Chrismas-day IT work?!) - the got their drive within 3 days, and I used the free shipping option....
  8. FaultyWarrior

    Anyone Have Issues With CableMod Recently?

    Same. I've heard nothing but positives about them, and really like their stuff. Yup. My first order was flawless. Order to delivery was just under 2 weeks, cables were great. No issues. This time? No clue what's going on. I suppose it's possible they've been drowned in orders leading up to the holidays (which granted, I did place my order the weekend before Thanksgiving), but even still; I'd expect them to at least reply to an email or a message and let me know that they're behind on production.
  9. Wondering what's up with CableMod lately. Ordered some stuff from them over the summer (Late July/early August) - no problems. Cables were made within a week and arrived a few days later. The time around, I placed an order 3 weeks ago. They had some weird thing with the order that didn't pick up my color choice. They emailed me about it the day after I placed the order, I replied back, and they acknowledged it and updated my order to reflect the correct color choice. Several days later, I got an email saying my order was complete, and gave me a DHL tracking number. It's been more than a week since then, and DHL still indicates that the "shipment info was received" - i.e. it's not been shipped, its just had a tracking number issued. I've tried emailing them and contacting them via their web form several times, all with no reply. I hate to go and whack them via PayPal, but they're holding up a build, and they're not even trying when contact goes unanswered for days on-end. Also mind you, the stuff I ordered wasn't even custom - it was just their standard cable set for a Corsair RM-series! Anyone else had issues with them as of late?
  10. I started ordering parts for my Threadripper build today and before I pulled the trigger on the case, I figured I'd better ask to confirm the AIO will fit. Anyone running the Enermax Liqtech TR4 360 AIO in a Define R6? It seems like it should fit fine (spec sheet says 360 top rad supported), but I was hoping for a confirmation from someone else.
  11. FaultyWarrior

    Asus WS C621E SAGE

    Well then...guess I found the board I'll use in my next workstation once my EVGA Classified SuperRecord 2 dies or I need more power.
  12. FaultyWarrior

    Large Parallel Streaming Writes: PCIe SSD vs HDD RAID

    Alright - more info on the setup: The setup is a mix of hardware & software RAID. I have 8 arrays of 7 drives in hardware RAID-5 - each array has 512MB of cache, plus each drive has 8MB onboard. Each array is connected to the host server via 2 gigabit fibre channel. The 8 logical "drives" are then put in a software RAID-0 within macOS's disk utilities. The host machine is a quad-core G5 (older, but still plenty fast as a file server) with 16GB of RAM, 2 SSDs in software RAID-1 for the OS, and a Myricom 10GbE card. File sharing is handled via NFS, so no issues with that. The drives themselves are IDE (I said this was cheap, didn't I?), but with 7 drives on a 2 gigabit FC link, the individual drive speed is effectively nulled out as the link is saturated (200MB/s after overhead) I don't know how much the hardware RAID, RAM caching, and other things plays in masking any latencies; but I've yet to drop any frames even with 4 streams recording.
  13. An interesting question was proposed to me on Twitter last night, and I was curious what the LTT communities' take on it it. When working with large streaming parallel writes, what is better - a big RAID array of spinning drives, or a single PCIe SSD. Data-wise, we're talking about multiple machines writing multiple streams of uncompressed video to a SAN. In my specific instance, I have a couple of PCs each capturing multiple uncompressed 1080p60 streams to my SAN. After editing, I use a group of 4 machines to render out the final file that I upload to YouTube and then I'll usually delete the source footage (or sometimes I'll send it to the render farm so I have h.264 copies of them if I ever needed it). My current SAN has 56 spinning drives (mainly because they were cheap) in RAID-50. Overall it can sustain 1.6GB/s of throughput, although 10GbE limits me to 1.25GB/s. So - would I have been better served by putting the $1200 I spent on this towards a PCIe SSD (and sacrificing most of my space doing that, since a 6TB SSD is $22K!), or is the path I chose the best I could do within reason?
  14. FaultyWarrior

    Safely Storing Large Numbers of Loose Drives

    OK, I guess I'll keep doing this then. Thanks!
  15. I was wondering if anyone had tips/tricks/ideas for how to safely store large numbers of loose hard drives. I've got over 100 loose drives, which currently are just each in anti-static bags and then stacked in a few huge cardboard boxes. This surely isn't the best way to store them. Before anyone asks, the bulk of the drives are either spares for RAID arrays, with the rest being just random extra drives, old ones, or dead ones that I haven't gotten around to destroying properly.