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    ASUS Z97-P S-1150 ATX
  • RAM
    Vengeance 4x4GB 9CL
  • GPU
    XFX Raedon R9 280 3GB GDDR5x
  • Case
    Fractal Design Define R5
  • Storage
    HyperX Fury SSD 120GB, Western Digital Caviar® Green 1TB
  • PSU
    Corsair CX 750W PSU
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    Samsung 24" LED LS24D340H, BenQ 24" LCD G2420HD
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    Cooler Master Seidon 120V CPU Cooler
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    Razer Anansi
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    Razer Taipan Expert Ambidextrous
  • Sound
    ASUS Xonar DX 7.1
  • Operating System
    Windows 10

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  1. Idk why, but after re doing all the cables for the fifth time today everything works. didnt change anything just plugged out and in.. But it works!
  2. Well the system is around 20-30 years old, so it really has very few features xP I will try to look up on the net if there is a manual somewhere.
  3. Depends on what your wanting more performance from. The only games i notice a difference from my SSD/HDD and M.2 is Total War games, as there is alot of loading in those games. Other than that, I would only switch if you got a great deal.
  4. Hi, I recently moved and I have encountered a new problem. There seems to be 0 sound in my speakers, I don't really have any knowledge about home theater equipment or speakers so I am hoping someone here can give me a clue as to what is wrong. The JVC receiver seems to be working, it turns on and reacts to any setting i try to put it on/in. But there is not even a tiny spark of sound in my speakers.
  5. Yesterday I was working on my term parper when my PC bluescreended out of the well blue. This ended up with not being repairable, and after about 3 hours of searching for tips and tricks on the web I had to format. After formating there where several new chrashes, both mid and after install of windows 10 x64 home edition. After switching from my ssd to my m.2 i still had the same issues, now i kinda got the pc running with my old raptor hdd. But now I can only use Edge for browsing, the whole pc is lagging if I try to do anything more than move the mouse. Freezing and stuttering happen alot, and I have no idea what is currently the issue. Specs: Windows 10x64 Home (up to date) 16 GB DDR3 Vengance Ram 1070 Msi Armored Edition GPU 4790k Intel CPU Kingston HyperX Fury SSD (The one I used to have my OS on) Crucial CT500mx200ssd4 (The M.2 I could not get to work anymore) Western Digital WD VelociRaptor WD2500HHTZ 500GB (Pretty sure thats the name of my raptor and currently main hard drive) ASUS PCE-AC56 AC1300 (Wireless adater, only way to get internet)
  6. I cant seem to find it, ill keep on looking but yeah ;/
  7. Hi, one of my speakers died, and i just wanted to know if there is a way to make win10 run both left and right sound on 1 speaker untill i can afford to get a new one. - Gunnis
  8. No i dont have the stock cooler sadly. And i would think the Motherboard would make some sound og CPU overheats.
  9. Not able to turn on restarts it self after 2-5 sec. Nop https://pcpartpicker.com/list/R9JCYr my current setup.
  10. No clue what is happening, pc is now just out of the blue turning it self on and off. GPU is getting some power then it turns off. The screen is not turning on at all. I do not have any second psu, to test with. Any tips?
  11. Well heat can be an issue, not sure if its the cooler or the motherboard that is funking things up. Never overheats, just makes a lot of noise, prefer a build to be as silent as possible. @Necrodor21 Well I have thought of getting a new pair of headphones or a new mouse, but both work fine so not sure if I want to spend money there yet. Thx tho
  12. Yo, I am thinking of doing an upgrade on my current system, any suggestions? My current build Thinking it should maybe be a new PSU and CPU cooler, but yeah feel like the build is running good overall. Don't think a new graphics card will be needed, but the rest is starting to get a tad dated. Budget is around 200-300 USD. So probably not a new CPU either, but feel free to post if you feel I would benefit from an upgrade there. This is 90% of the time a gaming pc and 10% workstation, so i have been thinking about a new monitor as well. Anyhow, tips are really appreciated. - Gunnis
  13. If you cant afford windows, go Linux I guess. But win 10 isn't that pricey, or at least its not where i live.
  14. That is one of the reasons i got 4970 instead of 5k series when i upped, dd3 works fine and is way cheaper