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    i7 6700k
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    Asus z170 Deluxe
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    16gb Kingston HyperX 2133mhz
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    MSI 980 Ti
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    Cooler Master Master Case Pro 5
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    Samsung 960 Evo 500gb, 2x Samsung 850 Evo 500gb
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  1. RIP got done with work and finally had the business card in hand and its gone up in price
  2. That one is not wall. Mountable i will likely be going with darpy’s suggestion thanks though
  3. I would like to know where the heck this PC was when i spent an hour searching for a pc yesterday. Thanks honestly i was hopping for a 250gb+ssd and ~12gb of ram in a system
  4. Looking for a wall-mountable all in one PC. I have a printer located right below the screen and a whole lot of paper work that's always in use to the right and a wall to the left so an all in one would be preferable. Somewhere between $500-$900 USD. Not really concerned about the CPU or Storage though an SSD would be nice but not essential. I'm more concerned with Ram minimum of 8gb as on average this PC will be running 1 program and an average of 6-10 tabs open on chrome. I uploaded an image with the minimum & recommended specs of the software its nothing crazy just a auto-repair shop manager program. with current PC I average around 6gb of ram usage. The PC I was Looking at was the MSI 24X but no matter what package they all have 4gb of ram and I cant seem to find if its upgrade-able if one were to do it themselves, i assume it is but i cannot find any information on it. Any help would be appreciated thanks in advance.
  5. Okay turned PC off and on a couple times and it appears to be working at this time for now. Hopefully just old drivers is what the issue was but like i said if issue persists i will do the update on the bios thank you.
  6. will do, I will look up a video on how to do that if issue persists thank you
  7. *Update Well since pc is running for now im going to update windows and any drivers if necessary for now that might be an issue even if its not my main problem. *Update Updated the drivers pc took extra time to boot and after monitor was flashing to self adjust resolution form 720 to 1440p it was running as normal but flashed an extra time. However it could be since i was screwing gpu into place when this happened to prevent the heavy sag.
  8. Prematurely hit enter edditing first post right now
  9. Motherboard: Asus Z170 Deluxe CPU: Intel 6700K GPU: Gigabyte 2070 Super Ram: 2x 8GB DDR4 Hyper X Boot Device: M.2 Samsung 960 Evo When I attempt to boot pc from first pci slot i am posting with a windows recovery screen unable to do anything but enter bios. When i move gpu down to lower slot I boot as usual. I have moved gpu positions twice so far to "confirm" issue is with slot but of course I am no diagnostician so I can only guess here through process of elimination. I had just moved pc from location and have not turned pc on in ~3 weeks. Upon installation in new location is when i began to have these issues which at first were simple no display port detected issues with my monitor until i moved gpu to second pci slot and began having these issues. Any help to confirm issues would be helpful. thanks in advance.
  10. Not looking into a used one unfortunately but yeah i understand they stopped being supported at a certain point as well, experienced it with my iPad mini 1st gen stuck in IOS 9. It's just i'm not really interested in the new 2019 model whenever its released. I was actually going to originally purchase an air but when i walked into the store that day the pro models were on sale fore like 70 dollars more so I figured why not? I love the tablet right now on its own just wish i had purchased the cellular model dont remember how much it was on sale that day though if at all.
  11. Whats the lowest price you guys have seen the cellular model go if its gone on sale if it has gone on sale at all? I picked up the iPad Pro 11 in. Wi-Fi model 64gig back in august for $624.99 US (amazing price) but found myself in more and more situations where I felt as if the cellular model would be of more use to me instead of having to constantly hotspot my phone. With everything I need the Cellular model will run me $1310US~ With no sale pricing. That includes the tablet itself, a new apple pencil, and apple care as well. The Wi-Fi model ran me around $990 with everything and I'm getting $835 back for it for selling it to a family member so its not too much of a loss. So I was wondering before I make the purchase have you seen these Cellular Model iPad Pro 11in. models go on sale before and if so how much?
  12. So it’s just the 7th gen processor that’s messed up all around then?
  13. It’s just what I saw that had the specs in my price range and I just figured all laptops overheat at loads because I mean it’s a laptop
  14. Wait so I'm trying to understand what the hell fast sync is and from what i understand its g-sync/free sync when in action not in exactly the same way but a slightly higher delay? and works with newer nvidia gpu's
  15. Hi sorry for an extremely delayed reply, I did some digging around and this is what I was able to find. Asus GL503VM and the Asus GU501GM. The second one being the one with the coffee lake processor. I dont believe I need anything more than the 7700HQ at least on a laptop even if the 8750 is on par with a 6700k from what ive seen with benchmarks. I am leaning towards the GL503 as it seems to fit what i need best unless there is a huge flaw i am missing. the other one lacks g-sync but still within budget but again i dont believe i would even use the full potential of the 7700hq.