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  1. Im just worried it's going to be scuffed and only play on one side.
  2. Yea it's literally the only adaptor that fits, people use to use a nokia adapter but it required opening the headphones and removing a peice of the headphone, but nokia stopped making the adaptor.
  3. because the sennhiser have a little knotch / locking thing i need the adaptor which has that little knotch the v moda boompro dosn't have that so it dosn't fit.
  4. But Can you comfirm that it dosn't properly plug into those specify headphones?
  5. the adapter was so i could use the v moda boompro mic with the headphones.
  6. One of the comments says it dosn't work with their "Sennheiser headphones" but they don't specify which ones.
  7. Are the Sennheiser HD 569 compatible With this adapter some of the coments on the product says it is and others say it's only givin audio through one side of the headphones. https://www.amazon.com.au/KOKKIA-Versatile-2-5mm-Female-Adapter/dp/B07Z2MPW61/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8
  8. My headset recently died on me, i've been looking at getting a pair of headphones that is compatible with the v moda boompro i've had the mic laying around for awhile and wanted to try test the quailty so i ran the mic through my phone, the quailty wasn't very great at all, im not sure if it's because only one side is plugged into something or if my phone can't power the mic full or has a good soundcard or if the mic itself is bad in general. Would running the mic through my phone change the quailty of audio on the mic Edit: it made a big difference.
  9. In short i've downloaded a script extender for my Fallout 3, i've got it all working but i have to enter the folder and launch it via actaully opening the folder. How do i change which folder my steam chooses to launch from as the default one steam has chosen dosn't run the script extender. I've tired having a look around google but could only find other info. Fixed the problem, honestly i have no idea how, it just started working.
  10. Just for reading and watching videos while playing games on my main monitor.
  11. buying a 2nd monitor just getting a cheap DisplayPort monitor I've found two I don't know much at all about monitors are there any massives differences between these two https://www.pccasegear.com/products/37153/aoc-e2470swh-fhd-24in-monitor https://www.pccasegear.com/products/45198/philips-243v7qjab-fhd-ips-24in-monitor
  12. I checked for updates, it said it was up to date until I clicked check, then it did a pretty long update it lets me search, looks a lot different now but it works! Big thanks for your help.
  13. I managed to find the file and it says it's running, but I still can't search.
  14. i type into the search bar on my PC and i get nothing EG (me searching for notepad) this only started happening about 2 days ago, before then it was working fine.
  15. Whenever me and my girlfriend play the same game one of us gets a massive increase to our ping, if we play two different games it's fine but if we're playing WoW or LoL together it just shoots up if we're playing separate games it's stable. Is this just a wifi issue or something else?