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  1. Yeah, I didnt rhink of anything till i really saw the box hahaah. He let me open it and it's just wooden boxes with speakers I'm sure they work but they are hallow boxes haahha
  2. Hey guys, first time posting. My friend ended up buying a surround sound from ultraLG theatres and isonos. It has no cables or buttons for that matter. I couldnt find any info on them and I'm sure they are fake. If anyone has any info please let me know My question is: have any of you encountered this problem and if so are the speakers at least useable?
  3. hello im trying to connect two monitors to my computer both monitors are DVI connection but my GPU only has 1 connection (the rest are hdmi) i was wonder if i could connect one monitor into the gpu and the other one into the motherboard and how to do this!?!? i have them connected right now but the one to the motherboard is not reading it
  4. well on summary of administrative events, it shows lots of "sources" (critical, error, warning, information, audit success, audit failure) . recently viewed nodes has nothing and log summary has lots of files too
  5. nope, idk waht that is lol
  6. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B97JheWzqKRKWFlOR2JaR20yZ2M/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B97JheWzqKRKRGRGQ1dsby05WXM/view?usp=sharing os- windows 7 x64 i purchase and install to new SSD build the computer about 3 months ago cpu- I5 5690k gpu- evga geforce gtx 960 mobo- msi z97s sli krait edition psu- corsair rm650
  7. how do i share google drives. i nevered used it before so have no idea how it works.
  8. it turn on but i want to know what is causing this problem, cause i can just unplug the hdd cable turn it on and it will load. then shutdown plug it back it and itll run fine
  9. no i only had the ssd pluged in
  10. lol that just the way i talk, but yes i have my ssd in sata 1 and hdd in sata 2 . cause thats how i saw it in the video they had in the manual
  11. yeah i guesss i do have them in sata1 and2, do i plug them in the highter 5 nd 6?
  12. I'm not completely sure if I have it set up right