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  1. Deblow

    Black Panther MOD for TT Season 1

    Voting is now open for this and other builds in the competition, please head over and vote for your favourite case MOD, you then have a chance to also win some PC bits https://community.thermaltake.com/index.php?/topic/76352-2018-casemod-invitational-season-1-voting/
  2. Deblow

    Black Panther MOD for TT Season 1

    Too kind, thank you Densetsu
  3. Deblow

    Black Panther MOD for TT Season 1

    Thanks mate! 4,506 posts! looks like you put a lot of work in to the forum
  4. Deblow

    Black Panther MOD for TT Season 1

    Here is the Main video and also a extra one showing some more lighting options and the RGB plus setup/app.
  5. Deblow

    Black Panther MOD for TT Season 1

    And without the fancy RGB lighting
  6. Deblow

    Black Panther MOD for TT Season 1

    After what feels like forever! the Panther build is complete! Had some great fun learning new techniques, 3D design, clay and printing along with new cool ways to use the RGB lighting. The mod is following in my main style, black is always a great personal chose for myself and I like to try keep the case mods resembling the original case as much I can so this was a tricky one to plan with all the glass and the fact that its one of the main features I needed, wanted to keep it all and work with it. So on the front I used the glass to make a light up panther face using paints and RGB plus strips. I tried 3 different designs for the text and pattern on the front and went with the one that was the least in your face to try keep it clean. For the right side/back, i wanted to be able to use the advantage of glass to be able to see though the case from both sides, so I didn't paint it like I would normally, I made some 3D printed props to help give some depth and I cut the motherboard tray in half and positioned the motherboard hanging with the main rear ports facing down and central. all the wires were then hidden with custom made covers, plastic, carbon and leather. For the top, and very easy to spot and was the one thing i spent the most time on, the build log would give you a idea of the time spent on the clay sculpted panther but it was far longer in reality lol. I went a step further with the clay to help make it more part of the case, adding lights to the eyes that's controlled via Thermaltakes RGB controller gives me lots of options for the lighting. the panther can be positioned facing any direction and has a leather base. On the inside is where I did most of the other modding parts, first changing the RAD layout by making new mounts and removing the old ones, the PSU remains in the same place but a custom cover was made to hold the pumps and I also made some 3D patterns in clear PLA that I then spent hours gluing in place and also wrapping the other parts to block the light. I didn't have RGB reservoirs so I made my own, this is something i have been doing for 5 years now so its become very normal for me. Lighting was fun to play with and so were the fan covers, like the side covers all the fan covers are magnetic so I can swap them about from side to side and also do the same with the side covers. I always try do something new, something I've not attempted before so I'm happy this all went to plan even with the delays along the way. Good luck to all the other modders, from what I've seen so far its going to be a hard one to judge! Rob "deblow" Deluce
  7. Deblow

    Black Panther MOD for TT Season 1

    The main sponsors panel in progress, this along with every other panel including the fan covers are all magnetic so can be removed easy and swapped around from side to side. MB Back cover I was sent the normal W4 waterblock for the CPU that I fitted and modded, then discovered they should have sent the Plus version as its a great improvement in control and also the brightness.The only problem was that I had no time to mod this ones like I did the original, but it still looks great. This is the front panel with some airbrushing to assist with the lighting.
  8. Deblow

    Black Panther MOD for TT Season 1

    The normal RGB Lumi lights are from the front panel, the Plus versions will be used everywhere else.
  9. Deblow

    Black Panther MOD for TT Season 1

    Ok so the deadline is tomorrow, I need to spam you with some last photo log photos before I finish of the final shots for this build  Took the RGB 360 RAD panels apart in order to make a thicker version that would house the text, made a new cover for it with plexi and leather.
  10. Deblow

    Black Panther MOD for TT Season 1

    I've also used "Wakandan" Proper name Xhosa/Swahili text in a couple of places.On the reservoirs and the customised 360 RGB panels mean for the side of the Rads.Firstly the reservoirs, again I used the design and patterns I did at the start and slightly changed them to fit the tank along with the added text.Can you guess what the text says? first test run with some clear water, Light set to RGB full rainbow mode at stock until you program them.