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  1. What would be a good GPU measurement application while gaming that isn't Task manager?
  2. So it is just my task manager getting confused? There are times when frames drop, usually when I do a quick turn when so dust particles gets tossed around in the air from monsters. Task manager still displays my GPU at 0.1%. I set my frame limit to only 60 so the frame dip is quite weird for a 1060 on 1920x1080 monitor
  3. Monster hunter world is running on my CPU instead of GPU according to my task manager. I'm not too sure if it was always like this or not, but the lag spikes are a recent "feature". I tried to restart my computer but the problem persisted. Is there a way to tell my machine to use GPU or is it just a problem that I cannot do anything about it? My specs also are included in the photos.
  4. The only program I'm aware of that has any affect to my screen is NVidia control panel. This happens even when I just start up my computer, setting my gamma to preferred setting and nothing else is turned on
  5. So after a windows update not long ago, this happened. My screen gamma got way darker than my usual amount and preference. So I used Nvidia control panel to increase the gamma to 1.20. However now the screen keep slowly flickering between +1.00 gamma and +1.20 and that is really annoying. Any way to solve this?
  6. According to my housing, each apartment has its separated internet and I see my router in the kitchen that I had to cable it to my room using LAN cable
  7. I recently moved out to a new place and ever since I moved this weird problem been happening. When I play DOTA 2, once every two or games or so I get connection problem and disconnection in 20 seconds. It goes away after like 7 seconds but then the game freezes, nothing out of it position. The heroes still have their moving animation and I can still hear sounds of things happening. Sometimes I reset my PC it fixes but most of the time it doesn't. I have selected "I have low end network" in the menu and checked display network information. It says I have 120 fps, <100 ping, loss out 0. 'Loss in' is frozen at which ever the frame that all heroes stop at, which varies from 9 to 900. There is one time though that the connection problem actually ticked all the way down to 0 and disconnected me from the game and this is what it said. (picture 1) So I play DOTA 2 along side with other games like PUGB, ARK, Paladins. But this problem only occur when I play DOTA 2. YouTube videos still loads, skype and discord calls still function perfectly fine. I tried to 'Verify integrity of game files', reinstalling and reinstalling to a newer hard drive. My friends are telling me to change my internet provider but I don't know if that is possible because the place I am renting now has internet pre installed and comes with the bundle of monthly rent fee. Is there anything I can do at this point?
  8. Also I used to rewrite the link from .co.Jp to .us or .co.uk but this time it doesn't work anymore
  9. I need help to change my search engine back to English, in Japanese mode it keeps giving unwanted results. So one day my google search engine just suddenly changed to Japanese ( I live in Japan atm). I remember there supposed to be a button right under the search bar that allowed me to change language but this time it dissapeard. How do I switch this thing to English again? PS I need this quick and a bit tilted with stuff going so sorry if I was too blunt or missed out some info.
  10. I checked on the box and it doesn't specify. Although I just found out that it says Japanese version Windows. My windows I got from Japan but to be sure how can I check it?
  11. So I just brought this Japanese game "RENDEZVOUS" a hard CD copy. I installed it just fine but when I finish installing this error comes up. I tried to restart, re-install the game multiple times, run compatibility troubleshoot but nothing helped. I tried to do a google search both in English and Japanese search terms but nothing showed up. According to the box the game is compatible with windows Vista/7/8.1/10 and I'm running windows 10 64 bit. The retailers I brought this game from don't do troubleshooting because they simply only sell. So is there any way to get this working or like override compatibility error thing?
  12. In that case do I need to remove everything or can I keep my files?
  13. So I got some malware attack on my PC. I have ran Malwarebytes adwcleaner and Malwarebytes and I hope most of the invisible malware are gone. But there are some that self restore when the 2 softwares clean them up, but there are these 2 left. 1. The key is not visible in Regedit but is spotted by AdwCleaner. When I clean that thing comes back. There were also 3 others that has the name b`n{|y but they didn't restore when I manually deleted them. 2. The tea cup looking thing I uninstalled in Programs but it's serveries remain there without a directory. For temporary solution I disabled it, but is there a way to get rid of it?