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  1. I have a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and I've been using these earbuds for about 8 months now and they've now stopped working. (They had GREAT quality + bass, btw) So, I'm just looking for some recommendations for some good earbuds. I'm looking to spend at most $30. My biggest request is for them to be threaded on the wire (idk what its called). You know, that firm fabric around the actual wire, I would really want that, but it doesn't have to have that. So yea, would appreciate if you just linked me any earbud recommendations or what you're currently using or whatever, thnx
  2. I just got this update today, it's bigger than usual (took like 10 minutes to install when booting up) and now my GPU (GTX 970) isn't being recognized...I loaded up CS:GO and it's locked at 30fps for some reason.... I have no clue what to do and how to fix this... EDIT: FIXED IT
  3. Rektum


    I'm looking to major in Computer Science once I head off to college in about 2 years. As a high school junior currently, I'm in Pre-Calculus and I absolutely hate it. It confuses me and I'm doing pretty bad in it right now. Well, to graduate high school, I only need to go up to Algebra 2, which I completed and passed last year. So I'm all set with my math credits to be able to graduate high school, but will I need to be taking Pre-Calculus when I go to college to take computer science? I know it depends on the college, but from any of you that have majored in Computer Science, is Pre-Calculus a college graduation requirement? The reason I'm asking this is because if I need to take pre-calculus to graduate college, I can just do it now in my high school year. But if I don't even need pre-calculus to have to major in and graduate in Computer Science, I will just drop out of pre-calculus.
  4. SOLVED Apparently my VPN app was using up over 30% of my entire battery! (Second biggest being YouTube at 3%) Never expected that...lol well thanks to anyone that tried to help me out
  5. It's been like this for a while now, I've just recently (last week) started using these "app disable" apps recently, thinking it would help, but it hasn't improved. The problem doesn't seem to be these "app disable" apps, since this problem has been happening the same way before and after I started using these "app disable" apps.
  6. Unfortunately I'm not rooted. But you said "The best thing you can do is remove or disable any application that runs in the background." and that's what both RAM Manager and AVG Battery Saver do, they disable all the useless background applications...
  7. Hey! I have a Galaxy S6 Edge (Sprint) and my problem is that whenever I leave it on standby overnight, it drains the battery really fast all while doing nothing... I've tried using the RAM Manager as well as the AVG Battery Saver every night before I leave my phone on the desk overnight (these apps just clear all background applications so nothing is happening in the background to drain the battery). I use my phone while I'm in bed right before I go to sleep, I use it for about an hour. Last night it was at 70% battery when I was done with it and going to sleep, and then I wake up after it being on standby over night and it's all the way at 11% ! There must be something wrong, there's no way that it drops so much in just around 8-10 hours of overnight standby.... I don't even have many apps. I have the 32GB version and only 16GB is used. The phone is just over 1 year old and I'm very OCD so I make sure this thing is very organized, clean, and not full of junk. I also use CCleaner about once a month to clear junk and background cache. For my antivirus, I use AVG, and I have an automatic scan every 3 days. It only takes about 20 seconds for an entire scan on my phone, so you can obviously tell that I don't have much stuff on my phone. The biggest thing that I use for storage is my photos/videos, which makes up about 8GB of the 16GB used. So yeah, I have zero clue what could possibly be draining my battery so fast while it's on standby overnight.... Any help would be great, thank you! SOLVED, it was my VPN app using so much standby battery....
  8. Yes, I've tried unlocking it multiple times. Normally, it would say on the lock screen something like "Unlock device to share files through PC" but it no longer gives me that notification when I plug it in...
  9. PROBLEM: My phone doesn't get recognized by my PC. Months ago, I wanted to move some files from my PC to my phone, so I just plugged it in with the same USB charger that I've been using for the past year. Months later, my PC suddenly doesn't recognize my phone when I plug it in. I've tried every USB port on my computer. I was worried that this was a computer problem, but I tried the same thing on 2 other laptops and still the phone doesn't get recognized. I've also tried different charging cables and still nothing. Note, my phone does charge while it's plugged in, though. So, I have no clue what the problem could be... I googled this problem and the only answer I found was to disable USB Debugging, which was disabled already..so yeah, any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  10. In the video, he shows that it is possible with OBS. The screenshot above makes 2 separate channels when putting it in an editing software. This is a screenshot from the video. Here he shows after configuring his mixamp settings and recording the short video (mp4), he has separate channels for Skype/Teamspeak, Game, and Microphone. That's what I want to do but without using a mixamp. I heard of "Virtual Audio Cable" but I'm not sure if that's the same thing.
  11. Are you sure? I was watching this YouTube tutorial and the guy was showing how to add multiple tracks/channels to have separate audio for things like the game, skype, teamspeak, and microphone. At 9:19 he shows how to do this with a mixamp, but I was wondering if it was virtually possible without needing to buy separate gear. Sorry if I'm using the wrong term, do I mean audio devices rather channels? I'm not sure..
  12. I am using OBS to record gameplay and whatnot, but sometimes I am skyping with my friend(s) and want to have a separate audio channel for Skype when recording, so that I can choose to edit the audio or remove it when editing the recording. I'm wondering how I can go about adding a separate audio channel for Skype itself (while still being able to hear Skype through my headset, but being able to edit that separate channel when editing the recording). Thanks
  13. I recently looked into streaming on Twitch TV and am quite interested in starting soon. So here are some questions I have, feel free to give your opinions, suggestions, whatever can help me out, thanks PC Specs MSI Z170A Gaming M5 Motherboard 16GB DDR4 TridentZ RAM @ 2800MHz EVGA 800 Watt PSU Intel i7 6700K @ 4.2 GHz ASUS Strix GTX 970 Would I survive streaming games like CSGO or Rocket League on a single PC and streaming on that same PC? (My specs above) How fast of an internet connection is recommended for streaming HD gameplay? Mine is about 8-10 Mb/s I only have 1 monitor, does getting a second monitor really improve my flexibility while streaming (is it worth getting a second one)? I figured I could just use my phone to read the chat...