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  1. Like mentioned above try finding the language that is used in beginner classes and learn that, most likely it will be Java. Try to find projects that you like/interested in. Also, put all the projects you complete on GitHub, it will serve as a motivation to post/finish a project, it will also get you used to the GitHub which you will be using in your career. Depends on your aptitude with math, but I would say get a head start on that since that is what a lot of people fall behind on. Good luck
  2. That chin looks horrible, and it has no features, makes it look pretty much like a iphone.
  3. Not me personally but my dad is 63 and the first computer he ever saw was when he 13 delivering tortas to a bank in Mexico. They let him go to the back-room where the computer was, he says they used it for punch-cards or something along the lines. He sometimes looks at his phone and says "This phone is more powerful than that one computer from the bank and at fraction of price. I'm really in the future."
  4. I hate when your considered a "computer genius" when you google a problem that someone is having and solve it for them. I didnt know the solution until I looked for it how does that make me a genius. Also when your family or a acquaintance thinks its ok to call you at any time of the day to ask you questions like "It says here that I just won a free ipad. How does that work? Can you help?". Do you really think people are just give you a free ipad for no reason.
  5. Gaming laptops. I just don't get it, most that I have seen are super bulky, seem like a pain in the ass to carry and also they seem overpriced for the performance you get. Also I like Blackberry phones. The PRIV looks appealing with that keyboard.
  6. I remember when I found that one blackberry with the trackball in a parking lot, honestly it was one of the best phones I had..
  7. I cringed when Corsair did it. Like most have said here most products advertised as "gaming" are utter crap in build quality with a price bump for the LED's.
  8. Rap mostly, some classical music and cumbias when I feel like dancing.
  9. From what I have seen most CS degrees you need to complete up to calculus 3, but liked you mentioned it depends on the university you attend. Most universities give BS (Bachelor of Science) for CS, meaning its more math and science intensive, but some give BA (Bachelors of Arts) or BSA (Bachelor of Science and Arts) and these degrees require less math and science courses than a BS. I personally say not to worry about Pre cal when you get to university you should have more free time to study also their should be study groups to help people.
  10. Hopefully this will be the only case for the s7. If they end up doing a recall for the s7 its only going to get worse for Samsung.
  11. I don't wanna sound dumb but what do people mean by this? I wanna try out Linux and Arch seems interesting since I always read good things about it.
  12. I want a mechanical keyboard but my mouse is acting up by double clicking randomly and its pissing me off.
  13. It all started in middle school, I wouldn't eat lunch from school instead I skipped and went across the street to buy myself some tacos. People found out after a teacher confiscated my backpack and found a couple tacos, after that people started calling me tacos. The Excited is there because somebody on PSN already took the username taco and I am just to lazy to make up another one.