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  1. So, with like AMD cards, higher numbers are better, at least I think thats how it works. Anywax, people tell me that a gtx 660 and 960 are about the same. How are gtx cards named?
  2. i dont have a preference. I just want whats best at my price point
  3. I am trying to build a gaming pc for $540. My budget is rather strict, as I'm a highschool student. I do not need an OS, a monitor, or an optical drive. I do need a wireless network adapter. I would like to be able to run games like Battlefield 4 at high settings and a high fps. It would be nice if I could get all the parts from NewEgg. I am using USD.
  4. the most intensive game that I plan to play is Battlefield 4
  5. will the fact that this uses a dual core processor be a big deal?
  6. will the fact that this uses a dual core processor be a big deal?
  7. So I'm trying to make my first build. I want to do pretty heavy gaming. My budget is $500-$600. I would rather spend less money if possible. This budget does not include an OS or a monitor, but it does include a wireless card and possibly an optical drive. I want to be able to easily upgrade later. I am using USD. I DO NOT plan on overclocking. Thank you in advance.
  8. So I am trying to make my first build. I have a budget of $600, however, this includes a wireless card. I'm not sure what kind of processor I want, because I could save money by using an AMD processor, but an Intel Processor is easier to upgrade later. I am going to use 2 monitors, which I already have. I can use $630, but preferably less. This will be for gaming. I don't plan on overclocking. I would like the processor to have at least 4 cores. -Edit- I am only going to game on one monitor at a time, and have other things open on the other one. I am going to play pretty PC intensive games, such as BF4, Dying Light, stuff like that. The monitors are 1200x1040.
  9. So I have a budget of around $700, $720, to be exact. I need help finding a good gaming build. I would prefer to use an Intel CPU so that it's easier to upgrade later, and I would like to have a quad-core CPU. This budget does include a monitor, wireless card, and preferably a Disc Drive, but not an OS. Thank you in advance. -Edit- As of right now, I really am not even considering OCing. -Edit 2- Thank you for the help everybody! -Edit 3- I am using USD, sorry. Also, I plan to use 2 monitors.