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    Gothenburg, Sweden
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    cracking open a cold one with the boys


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    Ryzen r5 2600
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    asus b350 prime
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    16gb crucial ballistix sport
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    asus 1060 6g oc (the white one)
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    inwin 303
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    500gb samsung 840 evo, two intel 250gig ssds in raid 0
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    fractal design integra m 550w
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    aoc q3279vwf and a dell ultrasharp 2414h
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    corsair h100x
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    corsair k65
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    razer deathadder
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    beyedynamic custom one pro
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    win.... fuck whats the name again

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  1. Hi, I'm running Windows 10 64bit and whenever i speak the volume in "recording devices" on the controll panel keeps automacially adjusting after me speaking. It only adjusts when I make prolonged sounds so it seems like it's a bit slow at reacting I have alreade unticked the "let other devices controll this device" box in it's properties Is there any way I can hardlock the volume of the device somehow?
  2. Aw man I've got nothing for ya can't see how just putting another gpu in would make it just not post. make sure ya haven't made any stupid otherwise maybe send the stuff back for warranty it it still has it.
  3. Does your Mobo have more than one 16x slot that you can try your gpu in? Edit: also make sure you've got the gpu power cable in snuggly might be that.
  4. also check so that the chipset matches the generation of the cpu cause intel are dumb and they don't make em backwards compatible
  5. I don't exactly get what you mean but a K processor is usually recommended even if the chipset doesn't support overclocking especially if you can get that for cheaper.
  6. You should be able to set the usage preferences in the nvidia control panel its under "3d settings". There you can set your laptop to globally use the discrete gpu or set different settings for different programs.
  7. You should be completely fine although that processor is some kinda low power model from what i can see so single core performance might lag a bit behind but it should still be okay. What res are you running at?
  8. My hyper 212 was strangely enough quieter than the aio i got to replace it. Probably depends on pump quality. Also damn that's a major oof
  9. If you're able to check it out irl before buying it to check for leaks n cracks n other stuff it'll prolly be okay. What sorta cooler do you have? Cause it might not be worth the money to upgrade if you have anything that's half decent. Also pump noise is an issue with older aios so if ya want it to be quieter id suggest getting something like a hyper 212 or a noctus u12s where the only noise maker is the fan. edit: didn't see the link you posted. Cooling wise its worth it if the unit is in good condition but noise wise it'll maybe be a bit louder due to that pump
  10. found the same cpu as i have rn for $30 on ebay so ive ordered that and will try with a new cpu
  11. Also after flashing the newest bios onto the mobo it still doesn't work
  12. update. I can start the flashing process if i take out the cmos jumper from its original position but as soon as i put it back in i get nothing . This seems to be a cpu error?