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  1. yoshiii

    Which drawing tablet is good?

    Oh ok Thanks
  2. yoshiii

    Which drawing tablet is good?

    Ok, Any reason why?
  3. yoshiii

    Which drawing tablet is good?

    Hello Are the Huion drawing tablets any good? Or show I stick Wacom?
  4. Hello, How important is it to have a monitor that has Adobe RGB for doing print work in graphic design vs only having 100% sRGB? I am deciding between a monitor that does 144hz, is IPS and 1440p, 27" with I believe 100%RGB maybe a little less, a monitor for almost twice the price which is 4K 144hz but 27" but has the Quantaum Dots and I believe gets 100%RGB and Adobe RGB and a monitor that is 32" 4K with 60hz which sits in between the two other monitors in price. I want to do graphic design on it as well as 3D design, video editing and of course play games. I have a RTX 2070.
  5. So maybe a bigger monitor is best for video editing? Ok
  6. Thanks for answering. But I have to decide to buy a monitor today or not.
  7. I want to hear from people who edit on laptops and if they find the laptop screen fine or if they find using a larger monitor is better.
  8. Hello Is it worth buying a monitor for editing video, graphic design and 3D design on a laptop? I have a 15" laptop with the i7 8750H cpu and RTX 2070 gpu.
  9. yoshiii

    How good is the RTX 2070 in notebooks?

    Thanks I have the non Max Q version. The laptop has a i7 8750H.
  10. yoshiii

    How good is the RTX 2070 in notebooks?

    Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, Light Wave/Octane and games of course.
  11. Thanks I will keep that in mind.
  12. Hello How good is the RTX 2070 non Q version in laptops? What monitor size and hz will it handle well? How much graphics rendering can it do in professional apps?
  13. Hello, I am deciding to buy a Acer XF270HU 27" WQHD 144hz monitor and the Acer Predator XB273K 27" 4K 144hz monitor. The first one is 400 dollars and the 2nd one is 1000 dollars. I will use the monitor with my Strix Scar II laptop which as a i7 8750H and a RTX2070 gpu non Q version. I will use the computer for gaming, and productivity work with photoshop, illustrator, Priemere, 3D modeling and rendering software. Plus when I buy a desk top I'll already have a monitor. Will the XF270HU do the job? Or is it worth buying the Acer Predator? What attracts me to the Acer Predator is that it is full color and will be good for working on graphics that will see print.
  14. Need a computer for video editing. Only have about 1000.00 dollars to spend. what would be best for light video editing, older cheap Mac book, Mac book Pro, or iMac? Which models/year?