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  1. Temperatures are about 65C when playing a game, is the temperature the problem? Strangely, this time it refused to crash.
  2. The WAN Show - Microsoft Sues US Government, Fails to Recognize Hitler - April 15, 2016
  3. Hello, everyone, recently my computer picked off this disturbing new act where it decides to shut down on certain games. For example, PUBG, I could be normally playing and all of a sudden the monitor goes black and the computer restarts, sometimes I have to perform this strange process where I need to manually shut down the PC, press the F10 key repeatedly for eight seconds, then the down arrow three times, and the enter key twice, because the monitor is not displaying anything. I could play Rainbow Six Siege for hours without crashing, but when it comes to Napoleon: Total War, then it shuts down as well, which I found weird. I looked on the internet and came upon an article that suggested it could be a broken PSU or an overheated CPU. My graphics card is just fine, its a GTX 970 Gigabyte G1, and I can play on great quality, but this is starting to give me dread, what could it be? This never happened to me before. Thank you if you took the time to read all that. TL;;DR: Computer shuts down on certain games, is it broken PSU, overheated CPU, or something else?
  4. Should I get a new HDD or just get an SSD. Cause now my games are lagging and when i check task manager its 90%. It's getting worse
  5. Alright, thank you for the answer.
  6. Also the disk is only 99% when I start recording, after a few seconds it is gone
  7. This never happened before, so this is weird. Do you guys know why its happening now of all time? It used to record perfectly. Thank you all for answering.
  8. I went to task manager and "Disk" is 99% when i record a game but not for long
  9. GTX 970 8gb ram i7 4770 i dont know my HDD but i never had this problem before so i dont think it is my HDD. I recently got my 970 RMA'd.
  10. Hey there guys, I am currently trying to make videos for my channel on youtube. I tried OBS and it lagged, so I uninstalled it and user data and tried again and it still lagged. I tried shadowplay, lagged too. My game doesnt lag but the recording does and its not always its on certain bits and i have to find them but they are there. What do I do? Please help...
  11. Alright I'll do that. Also I used glasswire and its just the usual, google chrome, skype, and whatnot and its not even taking much. So you may be right. Thank you
  12. Thing is this used to happen before and comcast gave us this new router because they had the same suspicion. No real changes but internet goes out quite frequently and not only on my PC.