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    Weird Issue

    I have a friend with a weird issue. He has a xeon 1231v3 on a h97 mobo, 650W Corsair 80+ bronze psu. Currently has a GTX 770. When we try to install a newer GPU, its black screen, no image comes up when powering on the computer. We have used DDU Installer in safe mode, Clear Cmos, Updated Bios, Fresh Windows Install. We have so far tried a GTX 950, 970, 980Ti, 1070 and RX 580. All same results. Im at a loss
  2. thanks for all the feedback, i tried running cables from above, the sag seemed to be the same from above, below and unplugged. I also didnt have the cables "pulling" the gpu up when running from above tbh
  3. the backplate is a custom acrylic one from coldzero, this is a MSI GTX 980 4G card, which had no backplate
  4. @dexxterlab97 heres another pic
  5. Just wondering, wanting opinions from more veterans of the PC community
  6. Im currently still running a EVGA 670 FTW Graphics card, I am severe need of upgrading to the AMD polaris for better power consumption, Hopefully Better Acoustics than this older Blower style fan, and also most importantly, 2GB VRAM is not cutting it anymore in alot of games. *cough* GTA 5 *cough* Thanks for the giveaway, love Linus Media Group!
  7. temps seem to be low, gpu is at 48, ping is about 100
  8. Not sure if this is the right section but... recently I will be playing a game and only other program that will be up is Teamspeak. My sound will randomly cut out and the performance of my computer goes drastically down to the point where i will be only getting 11-30 FPS, and my usual FPS uncapped is 150-200 in a League of Legends as an example. Also no media type actions will execute such as music will not start playing in windows media payer, also youtube will not load a video. Whats could be causing the issue? Computer Specs: AMD FX 6300 16GB DDR3 1600 Ram Nvidia GTX 750Ti 600W PSU