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    Al-Ain ,Emirates
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    Life !
    I can narrow them down but I mainly enjoy a lot things little and big !
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    Sibel Zevy is my alias...


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    Rampage IV Black Edition
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    Vengeance 16GB(4x4Gb) @ 1600mhz
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    Corsair Obsidian 650D
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    SSD 128GB, HDD 2TB @ 5,400 RPM 1TB @10,000 RPM
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    Cooler Master V1000
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    2x Dell S2340L
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    Cooler Master Seidon 120V One-120MM Fan
  • Keyboard
    Corsair K30 Raptor
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    Razer DeathAdder
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    SteelSeries H Wireless
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    Win 8.1 (64Bit) Pro
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  1. @Funkatronic I used Trnasmac to turn my usb into an osx bootable device, but I can't boot it ! even when I install directly to my motherboard it thinks I'm on OC panel module, what do I do ?
  2. Hello all! I'm trying to boot a Yosemite.dmg of Version ..10.3, But I cant manage to do so! What are the exact settings needed to make sure it boots both win8.1 and yosemite so I can choose as with XP and Win7... Thank you
  3. Thus far I have Yosemite(10.10.3).dmg onto my USB, ready to be boot, But I can't manage to make that happen! Here's are the options I fiddled with and I assure that I've almost disabled and enabled all of them... On the Boot tab, I changed UEFI to legacy then both then auto and then to disabled....> None worked. I've also disabled fast boot.... I've changed CMS settings to Auto , enabled then disabled..> nothing! Of course I have changed boot priority to the USB still nothing... I don't know what do to to get this boot, How can I shoot this and could you guys please help! Thank you!
  4. Just recently I've upgraded to 8.2, and I can't use GPU in renders, although I've used a (cuda.bat) file hack supplied by (Studio1Productions.com). Which edits the supported GPU list for premiere pro, So I can use it. Yet when I render I don't notice any activity on my GPU. What do you suggest I do ? YES I do have it set to CUDA render in Project Settings after I did the "hack" and rebooted to make sure everything was set...
  5. Just recently I've upgraded to 8.2, and I can't use GPU in renders, although I've used a (cuda.bat) file hack supplied by (Studio1Productions.com). The "hack" edits the supported GPU list for premiere pro, So I can be able to use CUDA processing for my renders. It worked fine on 7.2 but not with 8.2.. here>>>{http://www.studio1productions.com/Articles/PremiereCS5.htm} Yet when I render I don't notice any activity on my GPU, Screenshot Provided..{http://imgur.com/qM9Xq73} What do you suggest I do ? YES I do have it set to CUDA render in Project Settings after I did the "hack" and rebooted to make sure everything was set...
  6. @runit3 I understand that my GPU isn't supported but I did find a "hack" if you will (from Studio1Productions) that lets Premiere utilize my GPU, Furthermore my Green WD drive has slow transfer rates, as slow as the 8 Yold 60 GB HDD that I salvaged from my ps3 that I use to save my project files, I Figured that my GPU was the bottleneck, But for scrubbing through the timeline on a trimmed clip, that couldn't be a GPU related issue, So I did some benches and consulted people, Two had an older series of my GPU and still maintained a fluid operation, it was not until I found a guy named Jeff that actually sorted me out with my issue and mentioned that my Green Caviar was to blame, and So I've ordered the Velociraptor, because as a Magnetic drive it could handle the rigorous read/write encoding process of compressed H.264 video. The GPU can handle it I'm sure, Because the CPU rarely spikes beyond 45% when I used to encode before I found the "hack" I also realize that at some point I will have to upgrade GPU but I'm considering a Quadro and a GTX in one system to fully appropriate effects and playback ! But at this point I cannot upgrade for many reasons that span beyond monetary, and so I went ahead and bought the Velociraptor. The one good thing I did with my system is that I did not hold back with the PSU, I am considering upgrades but only when I need them, and at this point and probably for some time I won't ever go beyond 1080p @60FPS with 50Mb/s, Which is a lot of data but it'll be able to handle it. Now what I hope to achieve with your help is to properly optimize my software and hardware even if it means going beyond the mainstream grid and use commands to prioritize tasks, I'm fed up of being the guy that is always lacking, I really want to make this system on edge and as sharp as a razor but I find myself lacking so I'll hustle and hopefully I'll prevail... This is something I'd like to share: Before I got my PC, I had this laptop{http://www.cnet.com/products/sony-vaio-vpc-cw17fx-w-white/specs/}and with only 2 core@2.20Ghz and 256Mbs of VRAM, I'd render h.264 at 20Mb/s video on Sony Vegas, using a Plugin to export to h.264, But It worked fine and I didn't face any latency while scrubbing not even when adjusting shaky video on the source or applying effects on the SOURCE monitor , the only time consuming task was rendering which took about 1.5~2Hours to render a 24 min 29FPS1080p Video to the same 20Mb/s...Sony Vegas and Premiere Pro are not being compared here, But the case is that a previously owned system was pre-compiled and made a whole entity, whereas here I now stand many times the performance later on custom built machine yet I have issues trimming and scrubbing, therefore I still don't think it's the components ASIDE form that Green drive that I now regret purchasing, So yes I'm sure that getting the Velociraptor will hone things into a neat link for processing compressed video :lol: ! For now... But I'll get those GPU upgrades very soon + some more RAM along the way !
  7. @techguru Maybe someday I'll have enough to get four 1TB-SSD's and have them in a redundant RAID array for 2TB storage(Something I hope to achieve with this sytem) but for now and with my budget the Velociraptor 1TB is my best option. Besides It costs less than half of what most SSD's are for @193$ I found it was a great bargain ! Besides storage TechGuru what else would you advice to tweak on my system ? I'd really appreciate tips for power options or Nvidia's control panel options ?
  8. @techguru I've tried that but I only have 30GBs left on my SSD also I fear that write intensive H.264 encoding could damage it, But hopefully by this week I'll receive a HDD that will run @ 10,000 RPM and with transfer rates really close to my SSD so hopefully I'll see a huge boost in performance once that gets installed !
  9. @gollum99 Sorry I forgot to mention I always keep the preview and source monitors @ 1/4 quality and I've allocated the max allowed amount of ram to Premiere pro which is 13GB from the whole 16GB...
  10. @techguru I already use Corsair's 128 GB strictly for my OS and apps.
  11. Hello All I'm Sibel, So this is my first Post on the Forum and I'm here for your help... I've compiled my system almost a year ago on(5/25/2014) and since then I've had issue with performance; Mind you I'm not very good with the links of the process(Optimizing). My Specs and Componenets: OS: Win 8.1 MOBO: Asus' Ramoage IV Black Edition + OC Panel CPU: Intel's i7-4930k OC'ed to 4.15Ghz GPU: EVGA's GTX 760 2GB Super Clocked Edition RAM: Corsair's Vengeance 4x4GB(16GB) @1600Mhz(Enabled from Bios, Previously they operated at the default of 1333Mhz) PSU: Cooler Master's V1000 SSD: Corsair's Force GS 128GB (For OS and Applications ONLY) HDD: WD's Green 2TB < (Which would be my bottle neck, I'll explain) CPU COOLER: Cooler Master's Seidon 120V. P.s.: I've ordered a 1TB Velociraptor which at this moment is still in transit ans should arrive within the week. YAY! Alright so my prime application usage for my system is Adobe's Premiere Pro Ver(8.2), and I always experience Source Monitor lag and Scrubbing lag on the timeline, I've sought help and found that WD's Green drive isn't the prime component for my required functions and the replacement for such tasks is on the way... Back on topic, what can I do to avoid any latency when dealing with encoded footage such as H.264 with PremPro, Other than the HDD. What can I possibly tweak or customize for better performance ? I'm in serious need of your aid because at this point I'm failing to properly utilize my components, which I'm certain should perform the task seamlessly. Anything would be helpful organization,workflow or a collective or separate file assembly, I'm all ears here and I really need your help. Thank you very much and I hope to hear from you soon.