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  1. is this the app?, so everytime i use it, i will not minimized the app. i just leave it open?
  2. Thats nice, on what percentage should i charged my phone? 20%? 30%? 40%? or it doesnt matter?
  3. Hello guys, New to iOS i saw that there a battery health percentage currently using iPhone X, how to conserved the battery percentage of my Phone, and how to properly charged it?, Should i go charge fully to 100% Everyday? or theres a decent proper way to charged it for long lasting battery percentage
  4. i just got my iphone x from iphone 8 plus, its very nice to hold the size of iphone x not big and fat like iphone 8 plus, i dont have regrets at all.
  5. so is this normal for having a discolored stainless steel band? and i dont have to worry? so my phone is fine? nothings wrong?
  6. Hi. i bought a second hand iphone x everything works, but the problem is the space gray color of stainless steel band on the iphone x is getting discolored both side to side has a Rainbow Color except on the top and bottom. not really noticeable i still see the color black of stainless steel. its just mixed rainbow color it looks like burn. PS: Picture is just a sample like i said only on Side to Side. Top and Bottom is fine
  7. Hello all, i just wanna ask if its okay to charge daily my iPhone X to my Computer because i lost my Adapter. So i only have the Lightning Cable Connector.
  8. Hi i just accidentally showed my iPhone Serial Number into a random guy on facebook because i was going to sell my phone. Should i worried or it is just safe?
  9. i see... how about having a Original apple adapter charger and a fake Apple Lightning cable? is it safe to use?