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    Intel I5-4690
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    MSI B85M-G43
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    16GB Kingston HyperX Fury
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    MSI geForce GTX 960
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    Corsair Spec-01
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    2.75 TB + external 2TB
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    Samsung SyncMaster SA550 + HP w19ev
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    Windows 10

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  1. Ahh I see, I'm trying to make a bootable ISO at this time. I didn't get it to work yet. Maybe I can try to make a bootable USB drive and boot it from there. To create a MBR I used syslinux64.exe f: and I thinkt that generates a MBR and I can just add the boot folder onto the drive and boot to it?
  2. Thanks for your response Your right, that is a boot.iso I created with PowerISO. It was one of many tries. Unfortunately it doesn't work.
  3. I see, I already though so. I also saw some files called extlinux. I believe this was a seperate version of syslonux before the projects merged? Is it possible to boot it with VirtualBox? I couldn't really find any information on that subject using syslinux.
  4. Hi, I'm trying to make something intresting work. I'm currently working with a company that does events and espacially light. We are using a Infiinity Chimp 300. That system uses a AsRock D1800m. That kept me thinking. Is is possible to install the linux software on a other computer or a virtualmachine with virtualbox. I downloaded the software update that is a custom file. If I open the file is reveals a flash.img file that contains a complete linux boot folder. (See picture) Is it possible to boot a system to this? This is the download link to the boot folder files: https://we.tl/t-IjAAqGAvTd
  5. Maybe it is. But we want our server to be local
  6. If you keep it below 2k then everything is fine
  7. Hey! We are a medium size company with a webshop of around 250.000 monthly visitors. We are currently using Wordpress (yes, I know...) so you can imagine the database size (around 4gb and 15 million rows). We want to use the live database in our development because it mostly prevents unforeseen issues. The server we are currently using is a i5 4690 and 12gb of RAM and it's reaching its limits and sometimes webpages load really slow. For comparison: our live server is a 64 thread, 128gb RAM machine. We need a new development server for using a samba share to develop on, and around 2 to 3 developers that are constantly doing request to the server.
  8. Hi, I found a video that has just been released about the iPhone Xs! It's really intresting to see that apple has combined the 2 cells from the iPhone into 1 package. The video is in dutch but there are english subtitels available.
  9. Seriously?! In the information letter that I got the tell me that I need at least a 1060, 32GB ram and a i7 (whatever that means)
  10. Maybe I should explain a bit what my idea is... I have a pc right know with a 4690 and a 1080ti. I also can get a 2013 15" MacBook pro for free. I have a 32TB Nas and I wanted to sync all the files between my laptop and my computer so I can render things out on my pc and make documentation on my laptop
  11. Well, I reserved it for it... You know, it's not just that I'm going to use it for my study. I love to make drone video's and use after effects to add vfx and use resolve to grade the footage. But is so slow know (rendering a 5 minute 4k video takes around 1 hour)
  12. I really don't have a budget. I just want a pc that can last me for at least 4 years
  13. Hi there. So... I'm going to study mechanical engineering over 2 weeks and I need a computer for rendering stuff (3D en material simulation). I already bought a 1080ti. (I use it for after effects and other video rendering). But I still have my trusty old 4690, not even the 4690K. I knew this would become the bottleneck until I had my new cpu and with that a new motherboard. I'm not really a gamer, sometimes I like to play some GTA V but that's it. I really don't know what cpu to pick... I'm more of an Intel guy but amd is fine.. I guess