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  1. copied from the article pinned in audio, maybe you have read. also to note the sennheiser 598 CS (the closed back ones) are on sale right now on amazon, I currently have the open backed ones and they're pretty good. NVX XPT100 Good isolation and comfort. Good, reasonably balanced sound for the price. Includes both angled and flat pads. Removable 3.5mm cable to each side, not compatible with boompro mic. Creative Aurvana Live! Good budget closed headphone with a balanced, slightly warm sound. Non-removable cable. Audio-Technica ATH M40X Compact, folding, makes for good portability. Shares family sound with more expensive M50x, with slightly less bass boost. If you're in the market for the M50X, get this headphone instead. Removable 3.5mm cable, not compatible with boompro mic due to proprietary connector. Takstar Pro 80 Slightly bassy, mini Beats killer. Slightly uneven treble, but very clear and reasonable for the price. Non-removable 3.5mm cable. Sony MDR-V6 Folding, only slightly less portable than the M40X. Lacking the deepest bass, but with a modest boost to mid-bass; treble is on the bright side. Non-removable 3.5mm cable. Sony MDR-7506 The same as the MDR-V6 but more neutral (less V-shaped). Sennheiser HD 280 Pro Many will find that the HD 280 Pro offers superior sound and comfort compared to the oft-recommended ATH M50X. This headphone has extended, reasonably boosted bass and adequate vocal and treble clarity. User-replaceable cable and earpads.
  2. So if u mean "finder" by file explorer. At first i got really frustrated. There was no "Macintosh HD" that i could find and the only places i could seemingly put files were in my "favourites" which are assigned by apple. I was just saving everything in iCloud, which was rather frustrating. Quickly after i found out how to find the whole Hard drive and now ive got folders for everything i need it for. Games - as i dont really plan on using that as a gaming machine, i have a desktop for that. It works with Dota and League reasonably, and i can use steams home streaming feature to play games on my mac from my PC. Other software i dont really use because i dont need to but microsoft office works well and i love a lot of the useful third party apps that monitor usage and battery
  3. My mom was purchased a HP laptop for work, she works for the government. I dont know the model of laptop but she said that the laptop and peripherals (which included a docking station among other things) was almost 3,000$. It is quite possibly the worst laptop i've ever used. The screen tears just using facebook, and the viewing angles are by far the worst i've ever seen.
  4. I do like it although there are some gripes, im sure number one on every windows users mind is that there is no "snap-to" feature. Linus mentioned this in his iSwitched series. Come on Mac. there are obviously things i like, for example all of the gestures, and the seamlessness with which it syncs to my iphone. I think some of the shit it does in conjunction with iphone is wonderful.
  5. My sister purchased a Lenovo laptop, i think its a Yoga of some sort. Its one of the laptops with a hinge that can make it a tablet, or a teepee, i just cant remember the name of it. The laptop in new condition was wonderful but she has had a lot of issues with it. It isnt properly optimized for the promises it makes, it claims to be a 2-in-1 but when you switch it to tablet mode it stutters terribly and is basically unusable. This was of course the first generation of the 2-in-1 by Lenovo so im sure theyve been ironed out since then. Also another gripe is that we have people who fix business use Lenovo laptops inside of an IMP building. I went to those people and asked if they could fix it because it was still under warranty but they said they could not fix it and i had to ship the damn thing to California, I live on the other side of the continent it was a pain especially considering there is a repair facility for Lenovo not even 1km from my house.
  6. I find the trackpad a selling point, i think its incredible, if you don't like it that's surely preference. as for the keyboard, of course the keys have very little travel and definitely take getting used to, especially when my desktop has a G710+ with Cherry MX brown switches. Its obviously worlds ahead. But for a laptop keyboard i find it very good if you can overlook the travel, which of course some people cant and that is understandable. There is a nice tactile feel when the key is actually pressed, though.
  7. I don't need to defend the way I spend my money to random people on the internet, and of course I would like it to be perfect, but it's not. except the way it looks it so sexy
  8. Oh okay, there are adaptors for that, and though I couldn't find any through a quick search I'm sure there will be male usbc to male Ethernet cables eventually also if you don't want to lose the adaptor just leave it plugged into the Ethernet that's connected to the NAS
  9. Less ports is not only a completely unreasonable thing to say, you wouldn't use SD card, hdmi, multiple USB-a, charging and thunderbolt, but also misleading - one usb-c can act as multiple ports because of the daisy chaining capability if for some odd reason you need all ports concurrently, which you don't. As for the wifi issues I haven't had any and I know which YouTube video you speak of but I think that was isolate issue, I could be wrong but I honestly have not plugged anything into my computer other than apples usbc to usba to plug my iPhone in. And your point about being less functional because it does it, but with an adapter is absolute baboonery, it's not a lack of functionality, it's a slight inconvience Yes and no, personally I don't really like touch screens (not like adding one ever hurts) but I would never use it. as for the touch bar it's not absolutely game changing but it's undoubtedly helpful. For example in calculator, add subtract multiply and divide are on the touch bar(customizable), not game changing, but helpful. Absolutely 100% no. I'm not sure what you even mean by this as nobody backs up with Ethernet ... I think but if you could elaborate, I'd be happy to answer.
  10. its not any less functional - the new usbc can do literally anything the old machine can do, so its not less functional. A pain in the ass? yes
  11. yeah some of what he said was a tad extreme and I don't share that, but the gist of what he was saying like USBC is the future tech, and nobody will switch if the systems never have the ports, now given the amount of people with usbc only computers companies will be forced into moving with tech and not sticking to legacy tech.
  12. @Enderman had a very good post about his views of Apple's move to usb-c and essentially sums up what my opinions on the matter are.
  13. advertising to "pro" consumers like video editors and artists are long gone, its become a niche market, apple wants the money more than pleasing that niche market, love it or hate it, apple has changed focus.
  14. I would love to wait and see more issues I have or whether or not I will continue to enjoy the machine but thats not an option yet, its only been shipped a few days ago ?