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  1. The case is quite nice. I will look that up. I also really like the XFX Bravo.... And dude.. Thanks ! I really appreciate you helping me with the software as I really don't have a clue what I'm doing !
  2. I'm going as cheap as I can tbh. The main reason is I want to mod it quite heavily, and expensive cases usually have it all done already. Here are the cases I am considering. First up (and the favourite so far !) The Justop New Wave Q7. The only downside that's putting me off is that it looks very cheap and tacky in a crap photo like this. However, that's using flash and I know my Zalman case I had looked the same under flash. It has the most potential tbh. Note the mesh will come out and be painted white. Cost - £28 OK next up. Gigabyte. I forget the model number now. This one is second because it's reversed ATX. £48 Which I kinda like the idea of Thirdly we have some Chinese case. Which is quite attractive. However, I would not be able to use the drive bay without it looking crap. £44. Just to digress a moment. I like cases that look like number 1. I used to have an IBM Intellistation M pro back in 2000 and I loved the slatted front. It will also go well with the very server like look of the hot swap bay, and look quite mean and professional. It also has a window, which will cost me around £6 if the case doesn't have one...
  3. OK so today I've been planning the build in my head as much as I can. Firstly I found a load of brand new fans that have empty LED holes. So first thing to do was to order some white LEDs. However, I CBA wiring them because you can buy them pre wired, so I just went for 40 of these. Then it was time to take stock of what I have for the build. A few fans.. Corsair 140 AF with empty LED holes. This thing was a really nice bonus. Basically when I bought the Cosmos 2 it had a hotswap drive unit in the front. It didn't fit with what I wanted but I'll sure as heck make use of it now Two 120mm F12s and a F9, all in white Black and white SATA cables. A fan splitter. Always hella useful. 160gb 7200 RPM drive. This thing actually hauls ass, so is perfect. Front switch panel from a Silverstone Temjin. I will likely fit more than one power/reset button as I will likely need them when setting up OSX. You'll also note I am trying to make more of an effort with the photos. It's hard in this flat.. I do have a semi decent camera but it likes light.. More to come later, as well as the posting of a few of the cases I have lined up. I'm still very much undecided..
  4. http://tonymacx86.blogspot.co.uk/2012/03/optimizing-nvidia-geforce-4xx-and-5xx.html Apparently Nvidia released a driver for them
  5. I hadn't considered actually using a mac case. I want something smaller tbh. I'm going to try and make it very compact so that I can hide it away. Many years ago now (2005ish) I took a G3 and fitted a PC into it then ran PearPC. I used to use it as my web server. Was sooo easy doing that on a mac ! I've been browsing cases today. Got my eye on a few. Most will need pretty heavy modding but all are pretty nice to look at
  6. I don't need that I've got an Iphone 4 Actually I'm sitting here typing this to you on my mint condition Powerbook 17" with an SSD in it Should be really nice though to have a mega powerful mac. I was looking at the Mac Pros before I built my big purple machine but they just didn't offer enough for the money. Also.. I forgot to say.. I have a Gigabyte X79 UD3. Is this a good board to hack? I hear that X79s are very well supported.
  7. Sounds good to me man. Does Steam and all of that work OK?
  8. Just bought 50ft of this. Will probably do the PSU. Only the power connectors though. Drive wiring will be hidden any way. Nicholas - thanks ! I will definitely be asking a lot of questions. One for you now though, what is the latest OS I can install? is it Mavericks or ML?
  9. OK. So basically after recently building a new PC and shuffling parts around to create more PCs I found myself with some left over parts. As I was building The Big Purple Monster I managed to get hold of an 8 core Ivybridge CPU. I also found a board for it, so whilst I had the cash floating I decided to invest (£160 all in for both). I switched out my AMD FX 8320 with it and have had some fun with it. I was going to sell the 8320 but then I had an idea..... I love Macs. Especially the big powerful ones.. Could I liberate enough hardware to actually build one? the short answer is yes. So I went around all of my computers today, here's what happened. Now I had no memory to replace what I wanted to use. My media rig was running 4gb of very expensive Geil Extreme memory (known to do 2333mhz easy). However, all I had was ECC... I put 4gb ECC into the media PC and it fired up immediately.. Phew ! memory GOT !. Then I liberated the GTX 480 Lightning, as I hear Nvidia cards are good for Hackintosh. I then let the media PC fall back on its integrated Radeon which is more than up to the job of smashing out movies. OK, so here is what I have piled up to the right of me... 1 x Philips DVDROM drive. 4x Black and white SATA cables. 1x GTX 480 Lightning. Intel E5 V2 8 core Ivybridge Xeon. 2 x 2gb Geil Extreme DDR3. 160gb 7200 RPM SATA laptop drive. XFX Pro edition 750w non modular (Seasonic) All I need now is a case, and a PSU to replace the XFX which I am going to steal from the media PC. I only need 400w or so for that. More to come soon, now it's off to make an inventory list of the things I need. These are - Case (I want a white one for modding) CPU cooler (if any one has one LMK ! needs to fit 2011)
  10. Sound, thanks guys. Here is the hardware so far... Intel E5 V2 8 core Ivybridge. Gigabyte X79 UD3. MSI GTX 480 Lightning XFX 750w pro black PSU (Seasonic) 4gb Geil Xtreme 2333mhz ram That's what I gots so far. I did do some reading the other day (half assed) and it seems yes, you need Nvidia and Intel. I did check that the UD3 is OK and it seems it is, just wanted it simplified a bit as I get awful confused over it....
  11. Any one done a Hackintosh with X79? I've got a bundle of parts lying around.. How hard is it to get Mavericks or Lion on there?
  12. I did yes. A lof of pins in sockets do nothing. Sadly some of them are vital, so it's all luck if you damage some.
  13. 1. It always worked for me. 2. If you have a decent PC the last thing that will ever die is the CPU. Stop splitting hairs. How many CPUs have you killed? that would probably be the same as me - none. I killed the cache overclocking a Pentium 60 about 15 years ago but the CPU still ran. 3. Intel have given us nothing to speak of since Sandybridge. 4. Give DDR4 about three years, same as any other DDR launch, then it will be worth making the switch. 5. 3970x Titan black SLI etc. Alienware Area 51 ALX Westmere hex 2ghz. 670 SLI etc. Bitfenix Colossus 8 core IVBE @ 2.3ghz R7990 etc My 4.9ghz 8320 and board (now in the cupboard) Happy? Oh. And here's why Hasfail Enormous doesn't excite me. And it's completely stable, too. http://www.3dmark.com/3dm/3932309?
  14. A third party RAID controller will work fine on X58. I've done it before, twice, with two boards. I had no issues at all. Warranty schmarranty x 2. Eventually you're not going to have one whatever you decide to buy. You could go through three of these CPUs before even reaching the price of one 4790k. I know what Hasfail is mate you don't need to explain it. I expected fuck all, we got, well, fuck all. I also know what Hasfail E is (or Hasfail enormous). It's a CPU and board running horribly expensive ram that can't even keep the fucking pace with my three year old 3970x.
  15. Most old X58 boards have RAID controllers on them, which you can easily boot from. I ran a Highpoint Rocketraid card in my X58 and that was a bloody Foxconn. USB3 isn't even native to X79, mate. Intel couldn't be arsed so left it to the AIBs. Warranty schmarranty. LOL who cares if it works? Hasfail. Really hot version of Ivybridge that doesn't clock anywhere near as far so in reality is no better. See also - Sandy to Ivy. And X79 to X99 - etc etc. Hasfail, because it was so bad Intel had to re-launch it as Devil's Canyon with another new socket just to fix the errors they made with Hasfail. People all lapped it up as usual.
  16. Could you join up and post here please? http://forums.overclockers.co.uk/showthread.php?t=18618052 I'm sure the guys would be delighted to see you there
  17. None of that means anything. These CPUs are selling for around £70, less than 1/3 the cost of a 4790k now. As for X58 lacking features? there are plenty of lanes on a decent board, all you need is a SATA III Rocket card and a USB3 card and you're sorted. People are not rushing out to buy these and find boards for them mate. They're buying them to replace their I7 920 as an example and the Westmeres clock higher and run cooler. A fantastic upgrade if you have a reasonable X58 platform to drop it into. As for the pluses? lots of PCIE lanes. SLI and Xfire support, Triple channel DDR3 as opposed to Hasfails dual channel..... It goes on. Stop being a wet blanket.
  18. ALXAndy

    Bocks PRON

    Yeah I've been meaning to hit that with the heat gun and take it off. Not that I'm complaining, £150 board for £53 delivered to my door
  19. ALXAndy

    Bocks PRON

    Man alive.. So right now I'm running four rigs. I'm a stickler for keeping the boxes/packing for RMA or warranty issues. Just went into my wardrobe.. Check it out :D My list.. OCZ Revodrive 120gb PCIE SSD *In use. Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR3 1866mhz *In use. Killer E2100 *In use. XFX Radeon 7990 *In use. XFX Pro black edition 750w PSU *In use. Palit GTX Titan Black X2 *In use. Soundblaster XFI Fatal1ty FPS *boxed. Palit GTX 670 Jetstream X2 *In use. Gigabyte X79 UD3 *In use. MSI Big Bang Xpower II *In use. Asus Crosshair V Formula Z *boxed. Corsair H110 *In use. Corsair RM 750 *In use. AMD FX 8320 *boxed. Intel Xeon IVBE 8 core 2ghz *In use. Razer Boomslang 2007 SE *boxed. 4X corsair Nova 2 series SSDs *In use. Steelseries Siberia Neckband Headset *In use. Steelseries KANA mouse *In use. Not pictured.. EVGA G1000 PSU *In use. MSI AM1i motherboard *In use. AMD Athlon 5350 *In use. These three have all of the bits left from the system builds in them (bridges, driver disks etc) SHOW ANDY YORE BOCKSEZ !!
  20. Thanks dude. Yeah I was going to suggest getting a bobblehead. Ebay.. Quite a few on there usually. Gotta say, it's the best game ever made. I thought about doing a mod tribute, but I'd go for the old valve radio that plays the opening tune... That would be quite hard to pull off though.
  21. I wore mine a little too much tbh. Got it stored away now It's irreplaceable really.
  22. I'm so stressed I think I should be wearing a crash helmet for when my head explodes and my brains fly everywhere.

    1. ALXAndy


      I'm planning a wedding with a very stressed lady. We're both Autistic, wedding = people.... Today we went to a boutique to order a dress and it was pure stress.

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      well i guess you can just be glad that you're getting married ^_^ grats btw didnt know you were!!!

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      Well, despite the stress, felicitations! :)

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  23. Thought you might be interested in seeing my Fallout collection I've got all of the games inc GOTY, plus Fallout 1, 2 BOS and tactics.. Here are my limited box sets. FONV pre order USA coaster set. USA Gamestop release display. And my must prized possession, my Fallout 3 Bethesda dev Tshirt. If you watch the making of Fallout 3 (on the disc with the lunchbox set) you'll see all of the devs inc Todd Howard wearing those shirts I've also got a load of window displays for FO3 and FONV but they're in storage