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  1. Update. So today I was in a bit of a predicament tbh. There's a 8 pin EPS connector at the bottom of the motherboard for the PCIE lanes and let's face it, EPS cables are the longest cables on the PSU. So this meant I would end up with around 40cm at least of spare wire that I could not hide. So I ordered these. Then realised they were the wrong type. They're female one end and male the other, FFS. I need double ended females so in the end I cracked and got out my gear and went to work. Look on the keyboard. In the end it took me about 40 minutes to take some wires out of an old cable (for a PSU I had cables made for) and shorten them. However, the best part about doing it myself is that I now have them the exact length I need (24 cm). So all I need to do now is whip out the long cables in the EPS run and replace with my blue cables. Sweet ! OK, so inside the PC will be three fans. The rads will all have two fans on but you will see the front end of three fans. So, I am going to order MNPCTECH grills for them so they look nice and clean. It's a toss up at the moment between these. Or these. I am leaning toward flames, but please feel free to comment and give me your opinion because I'm quite open Cheers.
  2. OK so I decided to make this shit real. Every fan in the PC will be replaced by these. I will also be using these on every fan. And some teaser shots of the cables. Now because of the way the PC is inside there is hardly any cable management. The cables tend to just free flow which is fine, because those blue cables will look lovely. However, I will need these. I will be placing the order next Friday, so expect the action to begin shortly after
  3. I've got more spots than a fucking teenager. Piss off humid weather !

  4. Hi guys. So Tom Logan @ OC3D has decided to send me one of these. This is good for a few reasons.. Firstly my PSU (the 850w Dell job) whines. Secondly I will be adding a second Fury of sorts (either an X or a regular or Nano, not decided yet) so I will need the extra juice. All quite exciting right? well firstly here is what I am aiming to combat. But secondly, and the most exciting part is that Tom was sent a full set of braided cables for the AX1200 in blue. But they're not just regular old Corsair cables they were a prototype set of Bitfenix Alchemy. Amazing eh? so the main theme will be blue cables to match the blue motherboard. It doesn't end there either. As you guys know we (my wife and I) also own a 2009 Area 51 ALX? well I am currently in talks over a 2010 Aurora ALX complete with roof vents and all. So more to come soon, but the PSU switch out will be the star of the show tbh.
  5. Incredible vault door is incredible.
  6. You might see me in a 'rari, old skool fella Atari

  7. Homie you just went to LOLage college, qualified and got your diploma...

  8. 1.4. Epic chip, only limitation for me was the H110. Had I been on a proper loop then sky would have been the limit tbh.
  9. Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery IMO.
  10. Lovely, but I still don't like the black.
  11. Yeah, now imagine the size of the battery
  12. I ran 4k gaming from a 2ghz 8 core Ivy and it was no slower than my 3970x @ 4.9ghz at the same res. Once you get to 4k the CPU hardly matters at all. I'm loving 4k tbh.
  13. A Xeon X5650 at around 4.2ghz will perform around the same in heavily threaded apps as a 4790k running around 4.5ghz. So they're quick... As for a 5820k? at around 4.2ghz they are about 30% slower when the threading is going. Single thread wise they are nothing but a I7 920 which is still no slouch by any means but destroyed in IPC by anything Sandybridge or later. IIRC sandy was about 20% faster on IPC and then you can add two lots of 5% for Ivy E and Haswell E. SATA 1 is fine if you are running an SSD. It will run up to 300mbPS IIRC? or was that SATA II? any way it's all easily gotten around by using a PCIE RAID card and running two or more drives in RAID. Add in cards are not terribly expensive. IIRC the Highpoint Rocket was around £45.
  14. The front panel carbon pattern doesn't match perfectly and the batman logo on the side is on a rectangle which kinda sticks out. Other than that I am quite surprisingly impressed with this and like the colour scheme.
  15. The last time I ran RAID I bought four Corsair Nova 64gb SSDs for £10 each. They hit a TB on R/W ! Sadly I broke one when removing them so I sold them off.. But SSDs in RAID are amazing.
  16. Hmm. You are going to have to run the 240 as a 120 dude. That's just how it works IIRC. The screen does not really tell me much, but it should offer different options (such as mirror, stripe etc) ideally for speed you want to stripe it. Edit. That is not the RAID bios dude, that's your board's bios. The RAID bios should flash up at POST. I will try and get you a pic in a minute....
  17. You need to do some research, but Adaptec used to be the Rolls Royce of RAID cards. If it doesn't say RAID 0 then it will just say "Set up a RAID array" or something similar, then you get to pick. Tell me what the options are dude 'cause that pic is of a GPU. Ed. Also what drives are you using and how many are there?
  18. RAID. You will get a RAID bios when you boot, enter it with the key combo (usually CTRL F2 something like that). Then you want to build a RAID 0 array. It's quite straightforward, simply pick the drives you want to be in the array. Save and exit. Now, you may need a driver disc or USB so make sure you identify the controller and find the correct driver for it. Depending on the Windows version you are running it should work from a USB stick. Boot the PC, when it asks you to install a 3rd party RAID driver simply browse to your stick. Now the array should show in the installation screen. You can mess around formatting it yourself but don't bother, just click next and Windows will do it automatically. Then enter your bios and make sure the first boot device is your RAID controller. Done
  19. Yeah good old MSI. Doesn't matter, would look bostin with blue braided cables going to it. I may send them away soon to Shakmods. Well since posting this I have done a few mods. First I removed the PCI cage thing at the end. I also got another 8gb of ram and two more of those lovely XSPC memory coolers, as well as this. ​ One of about 40 in the entire of Europe. Big thanks to my pal Greg for letting this go At 4k it's just trashing my old SLI set up and I fully intend to add another once the dust settles and they are more readily available Quick light change to red. ​ 4k gaming ahoy