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  1. Thanks for the advice and great PC Build list! Gnomo, I like how some people are suggesting that the PSU should be better, yet you've downgraded to bronze. I chose the gold certification to be extra safe and the Noctis 450 because I can't handle bad looking cases. The Phanteks case is great too by the way. Does anyone know why M.2 would be a bad idea over SATA SSD?
  2. Would there be any reason why a SATA SSD is better? I like the idea of using a new type of technology and I've heard that M.2 is good enough or in fact even more so. Also, I'd prefer to keep a copy of windows anyways unless there as a reliable USB installer. I've heard the Windows 10 USB versions are not great.
  3. Hello everyone! I'm in need of help, I'm not sure whether this computer build as a whole is good; however, I know the parts individually are excellent. I'm determined to keep the i7 6700K and the GTX 1070. I know most would suggest an i5 6600K instead, but there is small bottle-necking in a few different games like GTA V, which is a CPU intensive game as I've heard. I do want it to also be a "small" workstation. I've been using a laptop for quite a while now and I would definitely love to upgrade to desktop gaming. Since I'm doing such, I'm not starting with a low jump. I'm taking a great leap. Thanks for any help and advice! The Forum so far is great. I would be grateful if someone would also suggest a $1000 build with, at minimum, a GTX 1060 or greater. $1500 Build: http://pcpartpicker.com/list/By8QPs EDIT: Does anyone know why M.2 SSD would be a bad idea compared to SATA SSD?
  4. I think you guys are awesome. Congrats on 3 million and all my luck for a new Blade with that cool looking 1060!
  5. Hello everyone, I'd like some help with good recommendations on what 2-way sli bridge I should get. (Off amazon most preferably) Currently, on amazon, there doesn't seem to be many "trustworthy" 2-way sli bridges to get. Thanks -M
  6. How the heck did you... woah. Thanks a lot I think you saved me like. 200 dollars. Still need a good keyboard and monitor and everyone already got that covered. Thanks everyone. I like the bundle. I'll think about it.
  7. What do you think the difference between the 4690k and the 4790k is? Like. Pros and cons between the i5 and i7? For my case that is. Should I keep the i7 if I started a YouTube channel? I might not but I'm just entirely wondering. Thanks
  8. I like that build, it's rearing close to 2000$ though, but I guess it's just a couple extra months of labor. My budget is kinda around like. 1500$-1600$ and 17 ish. I opted for the 970 cuz of that reason. Lol Good build. Really like, kinda what I'm going for. But the keyboard. Nu uh. Nobody, and I mean nobody, will force me to take away the logitech keyboard. Don't do it. Plis. Sorry if I'm being too picky guys.
  9. Thanks for the suggestion. But I picked the parts I picked not to save money, but not to be overkill in price either. Around 1500$ is quite fine with me and I'm willing to go over. It's a PC that's kinda mean't to last a long, long, long time for me lol Thanks though. Plus. I'm a Nvidia person. Plis don't judge It's probably gonna be multipurpose. Not just games lol Do you think the Asus VX228H is a good monitor though? Having a tough time picking one from the internet seeing how I can't actually see it in person. Thanks very much everybody.
  10. I know lol I'm kinda used those kinds. I can't really handle using a mechanical one very well. I tried. I miss type a lot and gaming for me is quite fine with those kinds. I have a laptop and the keyboard is very comfortable and I went to a struggle looking for something like the one on my laptop lol
  11. I want a new PC but I need help to make sure it's right for the money it cost. Can it be better? Cheaper? Faster? Any suggestion. I would like to keep the GTX 970 and i7 where they are. Perhaps a better monitor. It pretty difficult to find a good monitor it feels like. I already have a good mouse btw. Here are the parts https://pcpartpicker.com/user/KeoRio/saved/#view=YtYwrH Thanks guys -M Okay guys. Small changes. I'm keeping everything how it is, for the sake that I'm not entirely trying to save a lot of money. And that the parts I picked are to my comfort lol All I need now really is a good monitor that I can get off amazon. I'm still keeping the keyboard. Don't judge. It's a very, very, comfy keyboard. I suited out for the EVGA 850W Bronze certified power supply. I just need a good monitor. Again, not a money savor, but a reasonably priced, super long lasting, dream PC. Thank you all so much. Linus forums are really helpful c: -M
  12. Hello, I don't normally do these things, but since it's Linus Media Group. Why not? Also, will TechQuickies and ChannelSuperFun be on vessel as well? And LinusCatTips? Plis. Cats. Username: KeoRio https://www.vessel.com/videos/JYZEYDYx0- You must be so devoted lol That's awesome, nine hours https://www.vessel.com/videos/DFJKi7CvB- Looking forward to a fish tank build lol I'm a cat. Deal with it. I really wanna bet Rocket and Rumble Awesome kitty cats c; Google Plus - https://plus.google.com/114768192021827971598/posts/PQiGwpCcWGW Twitter - https://twitter.com/KeoRio/status/580528274532601858
  13. Hello everyone, I am relatively new to posting on this forum. I honestly don't really know how to navigate forums very well. Quite embarrassing. I'd like to see what people could possibly say about laptops that could make them seem better than desktops. I'm a desktop person myself. But sometimes, I hate to hear people put other people down for having a laptop. Can anyone think of good arguments to throw back at them? Besides the usual, it's portable, it's small, etc. Thank you you all if I even get replies looking forward to see some good arguments. -M P.S. I also have this laptop that Linus reviewed quite awhile ago while he was still working for NCIX I think.