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    i7 4770k
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    Asus P87-Pro
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    16GB Corsair Vengeance Pro
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    EVGA GeForce GTX 770 SC
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    Fractal Define R4
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    Samsung 850 pro 256 + 2tb WD Black
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  1. im checking hwinfo64 but idk what im looking at there is so much stuff and i cant seem to find PCH would it be under a different name?
  2. I just found out my PCH diode is constantly runing at 82-85c and thought it was high then checked online and it said that is really high but i dont know what to do to fix this? Im on a Asus Crosshair VIII hero with a 3950x everything stock ram is XMP 3200
  3. I just upgraded my pc to a AMD 3950x with new motherboard and ram since i was Intel before. The whole build went fine everything posted and installed normally but i noticed my fans on my AIO were going pretty high when i was just setting my pc up and web browsing. I checked task manager to see if my pc was doing something but no cpu at 2-4% usage. So i opened up my Cam software to see that my temps were at 55-60 at idle sometimes even reaches 70 and my fans were going loud because of it. I decided to the install the cpu cooler and everything and temps are the same. The liquid in the cooler never goes above 35 and goes into mid 20 often but the cpu never does under 50. i decided to run a game to see how wot it would get and it went to high 70 and was going into 80. I'm using a nzxt x52 and it was working fine before and i don't think its the issue. My second issue is that when ruining games to test the cpu i noticed my gpu always under reported the utilization some games just said it was at 1% while most were at 20%. i dint have the issue before either. Anyone have a clue whats going on? is the 3950x really that hot normally? Any help would be appreciated. I have reinstalled gpu drivers after a ddu to see if that would fix the gpu problem but it didn't do anything P.S i did use ryzen master to see the cpu temps but it still says 50 so its on average lower than the opther temps ive seen but still doesnt go lower and my room is air conditioned to 23C 74F
  4. Ill just bookmark it and put a obvious name since i have terrible memory thanks so much hopefully i can now actually be a party leader in games
  5. also im going to guess that now to access my router i need to use since the normal address isn't working anymore
  6. ok so i changed the settings do i need to do anything in the ip allocation setting? or any settings on my asus router?
  7. idk what you mean by similar since i dont know networking stuff really so imma guess i could use the same settings?
  8. some guides didnt really mention those settings others did so idk what to do there
  9. Also the giudes i saw told me to turn off all packet filters and firewall settings on the at&t router since my asus one will be handling that now. but i dont know if i need to change the settings on the subnet and DHCP settings
  10. the wan is the one by itself that is meant for the internet im assuming? if so then yes I'm connected to wan not the other 4 the at&t router doesn't have and output like a modem so that one is just connected to port 1 so idk if that is a issue
  11. Also i dont know if im blacking out the right stuff so pls dont hack me
  12. is it fine that it only lets me chose the wireless mac adress? do i need to do both somehow?
  13. i did go there but as i stated in my asus router information it shows 2 mac adresses one for wifi and one for lan only the wifi one shows up is that fine? would it cover computers connected to the router directly?