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  1. That's one chunky boy. How do you find the buttons?
  2. I'd say I bought it about 5 months ago? I never really used the button that much since I mainly used it for driving games.
  3. I've been playing Persona 4 Golden on PC, everything was good until I started noticing how bad the membrane buttons are in the Xbox One controller. Does anyone know of any other controller with some quality buttons? The Xbox One controller just feels so odd to me, It feels like there's a mushy snap whenever you press the X,Y,A, B buttons. It just caves in after a certain point and it would stay there until you release most of the pressure. Comparing it to other controllers, like the PS Vita or Wii U buttons is like night and day. The PS Vita buttons feels like mouse clicks, and the Wii U buttons doesn't have that mushy snap while the Xbox controller is like a bad membrane keyboard. I'm pretty sure the Xbox 360 buttons wasn't like this. Please help me find a good controller for PC, preferably nothing too expensive since I won't use it that much. Here's a video of it: VID_20200713_013447.mp4
  4. Skielum

    PC Audio Setup

    Nice, have fun with them. I'm more of a headphone guy but I'm actually gonna buy one for myself since my current speaker is this:
  5. Skielum

    PC Audio Setup

    I also found these: Edifier R1280DB & Edifier R1280T- while searching for the R1700BT. Not too sure what the differences between the two are.
  6. Skielum

    PC Audio Setup

    You can get an RCA to 3.5mm to connect it directly to your PC or other devices, it also has Bluetooth like the razer one. You can see the jacks on 1:19 of the video. here's one from amazon: https://www.amazon.com/AmazonBasics-3-5mm-2-Male-Adapter-Stereo/dp/B01D5H8JW0
  7. Skielum

    PC Audio Setup

    Edifier R1700BT looks good. here's a review I found:
  8. Does anyone if there's a Retractable Cable/Cable Winders(unsure of what it's called) for cable management? It's kinda like the retractable cable on some USB mice but as a cable management tool for thicker cables like headphone jacks and USB cables. Here's a pic of the mouse with the retracting cable:
  9. After cleaning my old Asus Predator multiple times, I've wondered why do most laptops not use fan filters? Considering how laptops are pretty much used anywhere and everywhere wouldn't it be great to add fan filters on it? I mean, even I've used my laptop on my bed, carpet, and sofa-- and every single time accumulating a bunch of dust and gunk.
  10. Vessel Username - Skielum Favorite Videos: - https://www.vessel.com/videos/Yj4PbcgKj - https://www.vessel.com/videos/Su_Wqd7Vl