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  1. I'm assuming the heatsink should come with a splitter, but if it's not you can just put one fan into the CPU header and the other one into the CPU_OPT header as they are both controlled with the same fan curve usually.
  2. Also, I forgot to add that the titan Z cost $3000 on launch while the r9 295x2 was half that. Probably one of the worst dollar to performance card I've seen in a while
  3. The titan z is probably slower because they had to clock it down in order to meet thermal and power limits. While AMD was like "F*** that" and decided to put 2 full 290x's in their dual card solution. That's why the r9 295x2 is water cooled probably, and crossfire usually scales better then sli.
  4. Something like this GTX 680? I dunno where you can buy this though, maybe second hand?
  5. Asus x99 Sabertooth? Pretty good board for about $400. Also remember to quote the people your talking to or they won't get a notification.
  6. Cheapest x99 mobo you can get is a MSI x99a SLI plus (I think), but you need to update the bios for the cpu to work.
  7. You should get a ribbon style connector from ether your motherboard or from the gpu itself. But try to get a more powerful single card as sli-ing is only worth if you have fairly highend cards.
  8. You haven't touch the base clock have you? Some times that does some funky stuff to the readings. And I'm assuming the HWmonitor and cpuz are the newest version?
  9. Ye most of the people I knew that upgraded to the new broadwell-e said they haven't had much luck in overclocks, well not to the clocks they had with haswell-e. And I've also read this article when trying to google the max voltage for the new chips (don't know how reliable they are) but according to this most people should be able to push to 4.3 with a decent voltage. http://edgeup.asus.com/2016/06/17/broadwell-e-overclocking-guide/
  10. Ye, mine can also hit 4.6ghz, but I need to put about 1.6volts into it #ripRNGgods Of course when I say golden what I mean is hitting those frequencies at a reasonable voltage. So far most broadwell-e chips that I've seen requires a pretty high voltage to get over 4.4ghz.
  11. Use the bios, programs can cause instabilities and bsods.
  12. I personally like the Gelid GC extreme or the Noctua NT H1 as these 2 pastes seem to be some of the best performing ones (at least on benchmarks). The gelid paste is better for higher temp applications though as I found out it produced a more consistent temp on gpus. But for cpus they are both fine. A lot of people recommend the Artic MX4 but I personally never used it before, but most pastes are fine and perform 1 to 2C from each other unless you decided to buy some weird off brand.
  13. 1.344 volts seems kinda high for not having an overclock. The cpu is probably overcompensating for the vdroop or something.
  14. Check your bios to see if anything funky is going on with the voltages and also get CPUZ to monitor your voltage and clock speeds to see if anything is abnormal while you game. Also what are your ambient temps?
  15. You don't really have to touch anything on the other pages if your not planing to overclock past what you have right now or if your not encountering any instability. But if you computer start to crash because of the overclock you can try adjusting your Load-line calibration to a higher setting seeing if that helps without putting more voltage in. But on broadwell it's quite hard to get past 4.4Ghz without putting in a ludicrous amount of voltage. (I can't even hit 4.4 lol)
  16. Well, Rinne no Lagrange was pretty bad tbh. It's pretty much just strike witches all over again but minus the fan service (at least not to the magnitude that was in strike witches). But I have a personally policy of finishing what ever anime I watch regardless how bad it is lol Utawarerumono: Itsuwari no Kamen on the other hand was pretty good, but some people might get confused watching it if they've never played the VN or watch the original prequel version that came out over a decade ago.
  17. Really? I can listen to them on my phone... welp I guess you could always torrent them lol
  18. Just finshed Utawarerumono: Itsuwari no Kamen and Rinne no Lagrange. I feel so burned out now as watching two 24 episode animes in a row hurts. But the 2 anime's tones are so different from each other it made my brain all confused.
  19. Any Need For Speed soundtracks from Need for Speed (2010) onwards. (Also try to find the uncensored versions as the games were rated T so they had to put the clean versions of the songs in the game)
  20. Yup, pain in the butt. Had to tear my wife's custom water loop (with hard tubes to make it worst) just to use her cpu to upgrade a freaking bios. #rip This is why the bios flash back option is so good, you don't even need a cpu to change the bios version.
  21. I personally use a ONKYO HA200 which gives nice sound and it's a dac + amp but it's also the most expensive one listed in this thread so far. I think Teac HA-P50 is actually the same Dac/amp but just a rebrand (or maybe the other way around?) and might be cheaper.
  22. Well, that makes your life easy then, I had to borrow a 5820k to update my bios which was a pain in the butt.
  23. Booze helps (if your of legal drinking age lol)