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Lil Chillbil

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Status Updates posted by Lil Chillbil

  1. I'm not dead, may get back on the forums a bit more

  2. Waiting for M-ursu to play arma 3 with me

  3. I shot a bag of weed because hoes keep stealing my tacos

  4. Does anyone know where I could find some parakeet on parakeet action.

  5. Woke up basically deaf in my right ear, I seem to of compressed my Eustachian tube and i'm slowly clearing it back up.

  6. T-Vengence will prolly respond to this status, I really wanna play some arma 2 man

  7. How to get my cat to stop having sex with the litter box?

    1. T.Vengeance


      Sounds kinky, you should film that shit.

    2. wng_kingsley7


      ^ oh yes very, maybe you should become...the litter box...joking throw the litter box out!

    3. jscho


      Cats need to fap too.

  8. I'm DONE, this free weekend has been nothing but hell and its only Thursday. Every single kid coming onto arma crashing all the shit at the base and thinking they know their stuff sickens me. Not listening to orders like its call of motherflipping duty. Its hell for my ocd and its not how a COMBAT SIM should ever be operated. Call-sign Kilo Leader Signing off Until 1300 Sunday.

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    2. T.Vengeance
    3. upliftsleet1974


      I have made a monster!!

    4. Lil Chillbil

      Lil Chillbil

      Its the style of server I play on, its a tactical ops server and the admin is off camping

  9. Sums up my first time attempting to drive evac in a strider http://youtu.be/vWvBxIEgL44?t=36s

  10. Anyone want to play cold war assault respond to this update before 1300 hours

  11. ME WANT WIN, sir your in last place you can stop now. NO I MUST WINhttp://static.ilyke.net/uploads/2013/11/15/sub/41074-ilyke.net-large-41074-mikael-ekvall.jpg

  12. I forgot to pull my parachute cord in Arma and fell 300 meters, it hurt.

    1. Ruostunut kokis

      Ruostunut kokis

      Did you break your knees?

  13. I been playing shittons of rust, dayz, arma and Hello kitty Online

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    2. TheNinjaNextDor


      you have no idea what you have gotten yourself into

    3. Lil Chillbil
    4. TheNinjaNextDor


      ya, you wouldnt believe what happened to me

  14. So i'm working my way thru all the Arma 1 expansion packs then moving onto fan made mods and campaigns

  15. Its official, I am the VERY last person playing Arma 1 Multiplayer. There is no one left alive on the 8 servers left, I think we can all agree I fucking won

    1. looney


      lol, I should start playing it now :p

    2. CCap


      *buys game*

      *logs onto server*

      *laughs evily*

    3. Lil Chillbil
    1. Ruostunut kokis

      Ruostunut kokis

      Well... This'll help. Especially in this land of millions of mosquitoes. In summer I have to kill couple dozen mosquitoes every evening...

  16. Ugh, I gotta phone apple support tommorow, itunes is locked with my cash in there...

  17. ipod nano review coming soon

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    2. Ruostunut kokis

      Ruostunut kokis

      Would watch it / read it, even though I couldn't give a single s*** about any Apple products, ever.

    3. CCap


      yay reviews :D

    4. Lil Chillbil

      Lil Chillbil

      this is a review of an apple product from a pc perspecive.

  18. I'm in such a mac mood, I almost feel like diging my ole mac out for the summer. Though I doubt anyone is still on cod 2 or 1942. What color do I want to get my ipod nano? i'm going tomorrow morning

  19. Youtube comment sections for a new cod trailer sicken me, I put that its gonna have a shitty storyline and suddenly my channel is under investigation for child pornography prolly submitted by a guy so low on the iq scale it took him 10 minutes to find the report button.

    1. ObeseWalrus


      Well that's amazing

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. TheNinjaNextDor
    3. CCap


      but he was wearing his seatbelt...

    4. Lil Chillbil

      Lil Chillbil

      Seatbelts don't save you kids, Also there is no santa, drugs are good, and you should totally listen to the voices in your head