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  1. you dont need to spend 200 on a motherboard ive applied the appropriate filters, any of these should be good between $100-$200,18,27&c=119&sort=a8&R=5,4&f=2,7&X=0,19900
  2. sodium = salt SODIMM = its the form factor for laptop ram you need to shop for this: DDR3L 1600 (PC3-12800) 1.35v CAS Latency 11 any of these: 600213067 601190332 600559388 600136980
  3. PC3-12800 (800mhz) = your ram is rated for 1600mhz you have two sticks for 4gb for a total of 8gb and the voltage in the chart shows it runs at 1.35v meaning its infact DDR3L you can go to Crucial's memory scanner to check if your laptop supports 16gb of ram or not what model laptop do you have?
  4. post a screenshot of your "MEMORY / RAM" section from Speccy so we know what we're dealing with. then we can tell you how to upgrade
  5. Sometimes manufacturers round up to 24inch or round down to 23inch My LG IPS234 can be found online listed as either 23.4inch or 24inch depending on the retailer
  6. ddr3L is rated at 1.35v you should not use regular ddr3 (its rated at 1.5v) To check details of your system spec , install Speccy, it will tell you all the details about your laptops ram
  7. For me google drive has been working flawlessly for sharing my photography work with clients however my usage in GB is a fraction of yours 1. best practice for protecting backups is always to have one off the grid in the form of a NAS Have you looked into FreeNAS? it might be cheaper in the long run to build a FreeNAS system for yourselves, theres tons of material on the internet for it
  8. things ive tried before it was eventually fixed with a driver update 1. Disable Nvidia Share 2. Uninstall Geforce Experience 3. using DDU do a clean install of an older driver like 378.78 im using a Phenom 1090t with a GTX 1060 but i havent had any bottlenecking issues playing GTA5 at High settings 1090p
  9. incorrect link
  10. plug another pc or laptop into the monitor and see if the problem is still there likewise plug your pc into another monitor or display or tv to see if theres the same issue
  11. could it be the monitor itself?
  12. it would have to be the cheapest-most stable motherboard. the cheapest i see is $99 CAD even with a cheap motherboard it would leave me no room in my budget for ram my second point was more crucial though, about having to spend money on ddr4 ram
  13. hmm. good to know now i would rather spend $30 and go for the 4790k then
  14. i thought about that but 1. There arent enough reviews on the cheap b350 motherboards 2. i would have to spend a LOT more to get 16gb of DDR4 ram, by sticking with a ddr3 platform i can re-use my current ram and spend less for an upgrade
  15. prices are in CAD cheapest 4790k in my area is around $360 Really the 4770k ran hotter than 4790k? can you get me some videos/link showing that