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  1. sounds like your i5-7400 is more than enough for your needs tbh if you dont already have an SSD that should be your first upgrade
  2. cpu speed average decreaed

    CPU speeds will always fluctuate based on the background tasks. - its perfectly normal
  3. doesnt sound like you need more threads at all ex. if you had to decide between i5-8400 and i7-8700 - you should get the i5 8400 if anything you may want to just get an nvme ssd that will overall make everything much snappier and quicker or even memory with really tight timings like DDR4 2400mhz @ CL13
  4. puget is awesome, but i dont know of any canadian equivilant with that said the biggest takeaway is the choice of parts and components that puget chooses. its literally off the shelf components that they have validated. the premium they charge is a little ridiculous. just build you own pc with the exact same components they use and i cant imagine you should have any critical issues
  5. New pc or just upgrade?

    just upgrade CPU RAM and Motherboard pubg is highly dependant on a strong CPU, it will always struggle on old AMD parts
  6. i5 84000 strong ehnough?

    yes its more than enough what resolution will you be playing games at ? and what games?
  7. yeah the arcticlean solvent i linked in the original post ended up doing 99% of the hard work for me, turned the hard thermal paste into liquid
  8. i used the arcticlean product from amazon and it worked perfectly. the first bottle is the Thermal Material Remover and it does exactly what it says, it emulsified the hard thermal paste into liquid. all i had to do then was soak up the liquid with a paper tower, didnt even have to wipe or scrub it off.
  9. My laptop is running warmer than i am comfortable with. I was able to remove and clean the CPU with ease + was able to clean the GPU die surface as well. HOWEVER - surrounding the GPU are very small resistors that im worried about breaking So i left the old paste around the core alone, and noticed my temps in general on the cpu dropped on idle, but both cpu and gpu run 2-3 warmer under the same stress now. Now im worried that the old paste i left around the gpu core may be insulating the gpu and as a result is causing more heat to build up within the laptops small cooling system /heatpipes. Any suggestions on how to remove the old and hardened paste around the gpu core delicately? im considering picking this up but not sure what kind of DIY tools to use to avoid breaking the resistors https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B0007TOR08/ref=ox_sc_act_title_2?smid=A28VADU4WUGJ11&psc=1
  10. What to buy to improve Sound

    before i make any suggestions can you clarify a few things, 1. what are you currently outputting your audio to? headphones? speakers? studio monitors? 2. what is the current issue with your audio? 3. are you using the audio ports on the back of the motherboard or the front of the pc case? if the onboard audio is not good enough for general use then you can buy any simple 2.1 sound card from brands like asus and creative.
  11. OP please clarify are you trying to free up space? or just OCD like myself to get rid of unused folders? If you feel like there may be large files taking up space then install WINDIRSTAT, it will show you visually what is taking up the most space Other wise START > SHOW HIDDEN FOLDERS > ENABLE then C > USERS > YOUR USER ID > APPDATA > LOCAL and or ROAMING and start deleting folder from old game files that you dont need anymore. these never cause any issue though and hardly take up any space.
  12. thats facinating can you explain more in your post. what psu is it? anything inherently wrong with it? what happens to your wifi when you turn it on - just interference?
  13. Why is my laptop being so slow

    open task manager...it will tell you exactly why
  14. Mini atx Mobo for it 4690

    any of these chipset motherboards should work with that cpu B85 H81 H87 H97 Z87 Z97 just make sure you check the manufacturers product page to see if there is a bios that supports the 4690, most of them should work just fine out of the box