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  1. Best Windows OS for my rig?

    dont disable superfetch the best thing you can do is uninstall all the bloatware apps (best to do this through CCleaner) stop apps from running during startup never sign into a microsoft account disable everything under the privacy section in settings Hide cortana use O&O Shutup to disable some background telemetry set your internet connection to metered and if you have windows 10 professional you can delay feature updates by 365 days
  2. Best Windows OS for my rig?

    Windows 10 should be just fine i have windows 10 installed on much older hardware and havent had any driver issues (both amd and intel systems) And yes i also disabled everything non-essential in windows 10, no nonsense background tasks Windows 10 will run fine on a regular HDD if you disable the bloatware A 120gb-250gb SSD upgrade will further enhance your experience
  3. sure... it can save you time in disassembling if any of your components are defective and need to be RMA'd
  4. 500W PSU enough for crossfire?

    No unfortunately you will need to get a better PSU if you add another GPU also im just curious, how the heck do you crossfire a 560 and a 570, theyre not the same - would not recommend Sell your 560 and just get a 580 or a gtx 1070
  5. i also have a slimline ps2 with the same issue....but i personally never bothered trying to fix it. every forum i read - people fixed it by replacing the motor - its possible your new motor could also have been defective
  6. god forbid you actually let someone know your rationale behind a purchase - how dare they even question you. people are trying to help you - no need to be rude.
  7. thats an unfair assumption to make for the reviewers on amazon - it doesnt hurt to ask i would ask this guy by leaving a comment on his review and this guy between the three of them they have 5 of the same monitors...
  8. yes a new cpu can affect your ram overclock / overclock stability yes it will cost you a day with no pc - will you live without it? only you can answer that imo - not worth the update, you can overclock your 1600 and it sounds like you have dialed in a very decent overclock on your ram as well
  9. theres 8 reviews on amazon, if you have questions about the monitor you cal literally ask any of the reviewers on amazon - an email gets sent to all of them and someone will probably respond to you
  10. 10/10 no issues should work just fine
  11. building wife a pc, help me choose.

    i would say the i5 option, the 8400 is also a good option if you want to save a few bucks i5 8400 and 8500 will hold its value better over time in case you need to sell it later
  12. Haf 912 Advanced Case

    Yes that motherboard will fit it is a regular ATX form factor motherboard which is compatible with that case
  13. just sign into a MS account to be safe and register windows to it thats what i did with my free upgrade, did a clean install on my SSD with an ISO and just signed back in to activate my free copy once more after the activation feel free to sign out of the ms account
  14. Cpu upgrade recommendations

    it would be much more cost effective if you bought a used i5 6500, i5 7500, i7 6700 or i7 7700 or even a K sku cpu , you dont need to overclock it, its higher stock clock will do you wonders going forward a platform upgrade seems unnecessary and expensive for your pc usage
  15. bottleneck or does it work

    You will need to make sure if the specific revision of that motherboard supports an FX cpu, gigabyte likes to release different skys of the same model and make sure you have a good psu because these old amd chips consume too much power and kick out a fiar bit of heat, i would personally not go with that motherboard, its VRM does not look sufficient