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  1. dont cheap out on PSU, at the very LEAST, i would recommend this a Seasonic S12Ii 430w would be even better
  2. @Cracklingice totally fair point good thing OP wanted to put a 1060 mini, it wont interfere with the sata ports
  3. do not use the last PCIe slot, that only runs at 4x theres a black PCIe 16x slot that you should use , this way your GPUs will both run at 8x and 8x
  4. your motherboard is a full ATX , the two cards wont be sandwiched together, you'll have a whole PCIe slot gap between your two GPUs what case do you have?
  5. he means the motherboard chipset, the aluminum heasink @noobtopc you should be fine. if theres a PCIe slot that mean you can add anything in that slot, an OEM would not limit your upgradability with a simple oversight as a large heatsink
  6. you mentioned one of the memory channels dropped out, any idea if thats the motherboard or the ram itself? does your pc boot / stable if you only use 1 or 2 sticks of ram?
  7. Go on gigabyte's website and download all the necessary drivers you need for your motherboard? and/or install the latest nvidia drivers for your GPU and yes, run windows update
  8. Yeah i understand now Qualcomm even has a list phones on their website pointing out which phones support this feature. It just seemed really odd that the Moto X Pure supports it but my Moto X Play doesnt. Weird because these two phones were released at the exact same time. I guess the QuickCharge certification costs money for it to be implemented and therefore is omitted in lower-end phones
  9. It's hard/impossible to determine if this aukey charger is charging my phone at 3A or 2A So im going to play it safe and downgrade to a QC 2.0 Charger thats rated for a max of 2.4A
  10. But those Motorola Turbo specs is from their own TurboPower 15W charge, this only has one cable for a single device (same as this aukey one) are you saying i should be cautious about using even their own Turbo charger? I wouldnt buy a no-name brand, only something with legitimate QC certification from qualcomm etc. (or even the legit apple ipad chargers are solid for 2.1A)
  11. i just checked motorola's own TurboCharger 15 which is rated for" Standard: 5V / 1.67A (8W)TurboPower: 9V / 1.67A (15W)TurboPower: 12V / 1.2A (15W) I think im just going to play it safe and return this charger, even 2.4A seems to be overkill
  12. Should i consider switching down to one that only supports upto QC 2.0 2.4A ?
  13. I've had my Moto X Play for about a year now and it supports "turbo charge" which is their term for quick charge however i have been only using a stock 1.5A wall charger that the phone came with i just picked up an Aukey charger that supports Quick Charge 3.0 rated for up to 3.6-6.5V/3A 6.5V-9V/2A 9V-12V/1.5A i plugged in my phone for about 10 minutes and noticed the battery/phone was warm - something it never did with other 2.4A or lower chargers Is this because my phone battery is not conditioned for this UPDATE: Motorola Turbo Charger is rated for Standard: 5V / 1.67A (8W)TurboPower: 9V / 1.67A (15W)TurboPower: 12V / 1.2A (15W)
  14. what happens when you plug it into another pc or laptop
  15. its technically a microusb cable, but for faster usb 3.0 speeds, they add extra pins for faster data transfer