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  1. the MSI 3GT OC variant of the 1060 is very odd in its pcb design, it doesnt really look like the reference 1060 pcb either - so it makes it difficult to determine whether a gpu waterblock will be designed for it Honestly, the 1060 does not produce that much heat, the MSI cooler should be more than enough to cool it If for whatever reason you still want to improve temps i would recommend looking at Arctic Cooling products - you can buy an aftermarket air cooling solution from them or even an AIO GPU cooling kit
  2. Amd a4 7300 or a4 5050?

    whats your budget? we can help you find better deals online
  3. Amd a4 7300 or a4 5050?

    not true a lot of the computers deployed at my office still run the older A4-5300 with only 4gb ram and are still used for chrome+ms office+ voip+ other apps with no issues
  4. Budget Build Options needed

    whats your budget? do you already have a monitor? what resolution is it? what will the pc be used for?
  5. How Can I COMPLETELY Disable All Windows 10 Updates?

    i can stop/pause/delay updates on Win 10 Pro but these options arent available on Win 10 Home see below
  6. sorry i just realized youre in malaysia what are the prices like over there? how much does a brand new gtx 1060 6gb cost in stores?
  7. $410 USD? is way too much i paid $320 CAD for a used 1060 6gb in Summer 2016 just before the big price hike, i feel like thats the most i would have paid for it i would suggest waiting OR look into getting a used GTX 980 or 980ti for around $300 (or less)
  8. E7500, only because it will allow for a cheap core2quad as well
  9. ive primatily only used canon products for the last 10 years - im no fanboy, ive borrowed and rented other products as well which were much better, but i just stuck with canon because i was familiar with hardware and UI etc. the Rebel Txx series is still amazing for photography my faithful old t2i is still kicking and refuses to die - still takes excellent raw images but yes - its not good in low light and no good for video. most of my photos on ig are with my old t2i or my Moto X Play https://www.instagram.com/omairk/
  10. i just used the G85 for a wedding last week. i can confirm that it can not shoot faster than 60fps on any resolution 1080p 60fps is more than enough for MOST scenarios. what are you planning on shooting ?
  11. I need a subwoofer and speaker combo

    https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16836121034&ignorebbr=1 https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16836121033&ignorebbr=1 https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16836121036&ignorebbr=1 https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=0S6-003U-00067&ignorebbr=1 I have been using my 32W Logitech X-230 for almost 10 years now with no issues, the brand is strong, build quality is excellent
  12. Turbo Boosting on Intel vs Ryzen

    https://www.gamersnexus.net/guides/3077-explaining-coffee-lake-turbo-8700k-8600k Stock Intel Turbo Boost Behavior on Coffee Lake Intel Coffee Lake Turbo Behavior i7-8700K i7-8700 i5-8600K i5-8400 i3-8350K i3-8100 6C/12T 6C/12T 6C/6T 6C/6T 4C/4T 4C/4T Intel Turbo Spec 1C: 4.7GHz 2C: 4.6GHz 3C: 4.5GHz 4-5C: 4.4GHz 6C: 4.3GHz 1C: 4.6GHz 2C: 4.5GHz 3C: 4.4GHz 4-6C: 4.3GHz 1C: 4.3GHz 2-4C: 4.2GHz 5-6C: 4.1GHz 1C: 4.0GHz 2-4C: 3.9GHz 5-6C: 3.8GHz 4GHz Locked 3.6GHz Locked
  13. GTX 950 in a Toshiba desktop

    we need more information get a model number from your friend, or just get him to take photos of the pc if its a tower then theres a good chance it doesnt have a good psu Some GTX 950 dont require a 6pin power connector - but most do althernatively he can easily use a gtx 750ti or gtx 1050ti with no power connector
  14. Brand new z370 build blew up

    well the good thing is, everything is still covered under warranty did you try clear cmos? i would either take it to a reputable computer shop to get it diagnosed or start the RMA process, for every component if you cant narrow it down.