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  1. meanwhile on pcpartpicker....
  2. wouldnt it be easier to just use the stock power brick? if you were to place them right beside each other or stack them - all you would need to make sure is to have at least one fan cooling them down
  3. your cpu has a designed apx TDP of 91Watts your gpu has a designed apx TDP of 250watts your power draw seems perfectly fine and normal
  4. these are first gen VR products im gonna wait for this industry to mature before investing in the hardware
  5. consider picking up an old dell optiplex from just make sure its a mini tower
  6. 1. remove and reapply thermal compound? 2. the pump might have failed? its still under the 1 yr manufacture warranty, i would recommend getting it RMA'd
  7. does monitor display anything if you boot using the motherboard video outputs?
  8. 1 cotton swabs + vacuum 2 cotton swabs + blow with your mouth + vacuum
  9. what are you export settings and what file type shows up after the render that you cant play?
  10. yeah i personally am a function > form kinda guy Define R5 with no window kinda guy im assuming since OP got a x52 hes a form > function kinda guy so he wont be happy about the ugly fans either
  11. well the noctua fans are generally better same performance if not a little better but definitely quieter
  12. okay just to be clear i dont think youre serious about movie editing at the moment i have friends who work in the advertising industry who pump out amazing content with just a macbook pro i highly doubt youre looking to spend money on an octane render machine when you have posts like this
  13. sigh.... wrong again simply editing footage relies much more on just CPU performance these guys use just one 1080ti for this example CPU/GPU Core > VRAM
  14. wrong hes planning on using it as a render machine for OCTANE not gaming these 4 cards wont be running in SLI
  15. Octane doesnt rely on VRAM as much as it does on just Cores? they used 4 1080's which only has 8gb each these guys seem more excited about using copious amounts of cuda cores