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  • CPU
    i7 8700
  • Motherboard
    MSI B360i ITX
  • RAM
    Corsair Vengeance LP 16GB 2400mhz CL13
  • GPU
    GTX 1060 6GB
  • Storage
    120GB SSD + 750GB SSD + 1TB HDD
  • PSU
    Corsair HX850w (80+ Silver)
  • Operating System
    Win 10 Pro

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  1. mok

    IDEAL GPU for 1080p !!!

    get a new/used 1060 6gb, im maxing out all the new games at 1080p 60fps+ Edit: this is paired with an i7-8700 (non k)
  2. mok

    Black ops 4 pc

    i just bought it, currently downloading, ill let you know in the next few days
  3. mok

    Gtx 960 4gb to gtx 1060 3gb

    nah today, as well as in the near future, 3GB of vram will not be enough for most games at 1080p
  4. mok

    Whats it like

    CPU RAM and HDD is fine GTX 1050ti or equivilant would be a good sweet spot ive been playing games @ 1080p with an Phenom X6 1090t for 7 years up until recently. the i7 2600 is better and should be fine for medium-high settings the GPU will most probably be the biggest bottleneck - wit ha 250W PSU i cant imagine it being a very powerful GPU, may need upgrade
  5. PC building? check wood working and DIY stuff? check i think you should do it.
  6. thats odd because on my old dell laptop my intel XTU profile persists without having to boot into XTU after every restart IM curious, for the profile to stay persistent do i also need to enable XTU to boot on startup ? or just the profile on startup ?
  7. unfortunately i cant undervolt on the B360 chipset motherboard I tried using Intel XTU but it doesnt seem to hold the setting after a restart its not an issue for me, temps never go over 65c and i keep the power profile in Balanced mode, so it underclocks on idle
  8. i never made the claim that i was overclocking I made this post because everyone assumed i was trying to overclock when really i was just asking questions about the all-core turbo speeds to which everyone said i was wrong and told me to spend more for a K part.
  9. In my Define R5 case with the stock intel cooler i was getting temps of 85-95 under full load - But i was never thermal throttling. If i were you, i would go into the bios at reduce the turboboost to 4.00 ghz which should really help with the temps - or even disable intel turboboost until you can afford to upgrade you cpu cooler. in my own testing i was able to max out all my games on the stock 3.2ghz with turboboost disabled.
  10. Thanks, i really hope more people see this before they run out and spend money on the K-sku chips. The only downside to using my B360 mobo is that i cant undervolt the I7-8700, i feel like 1.24v is a little unnecessary. Since you have a Z370 mobo, and if you have spare time, let me know if you can run the cpu at a lower voltage under full boost
  11. I'm a bit of a scatter-brain so i apologize if this post has terrible flow and grammar issues
  12. I’m writing this partly out of frustration, but mostly to inform/educate potential buyers – people who are interested in buying a new CPU and are on a tight budget - and may benefit from buying the intel I7-8700 as opposed to an overclockable I7-8700K. EDIT::: and/or if you need something that runs quiet and cool / doesnt consume much power. Right off the bat, there’s vast savings to be had by purchasing a regular i7-8700 – you don’t need to invest in a higher end z370 motherboard and you don’t need to purchase an aftermarket CPU cooler. I had already read this article from Gamers Nexus which mentioned the Intel Coffee Lake turbo behaviour in a easy to read chart – (see below). https://www.gamersnexus.net/guides/3077-explaining-coffee-lake-turbo-8700k-8600k Intel Coffee Lake Turbo Behavior i7-8700K i7-8700 i5-8600K i5-8400 i3-8350K i3-8100 6C/12T 6C/12T 6C/6T 6C/6T 4C/4T 4C/4T Intel Turbo Spec 1C: 4.7GHz 1C: 4.6GHz 1C: 4.3GHz 1C: 4.0GHz 4GHz Locked 3.6GHz Locked 2C: 4.6GHz 2C: 4.5GHz 2-4C: 4.2GHz 2-4C: 3.9GHz 3C: 4.5GHz 3C: 4.4GHz 5-6C: 4.1GHz 5-6C: 3.8GHz 4-5C: 4.4GHz 4-6C: 4.3GHz 6C: 4.3GHz TLDR: under a full six core load on the CPU, the maximum turbo speed on all six cores = 4.30 GHz. Intel’s spec for the 8700 is a 65W TDP but this is only for the base clock of 3.2 GHz. See the Wendell’s video where he goes on to mention that as soon as turbo boost kicks in that TDP can go much higher, in this case on all six cores as per Intel XTU as well, it can go up to 115W. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mDFhVo8-UfM SO…with all the knowledge I knew that needed to purchase a new CPU, new Motherboard, and new RAM (as my old pc was a DDR3 based platform) and everything else I can re-use form my old pc. For the CPU knew I would benefit from the hyperthreading when working in premiere pro, and I knew the single core turbo of 4.6ghz would benefit me in adobe lightroom and other tasks in the OS in general. I was concerned that the 115W TDP under full boost may cause issues with lower end H310 and B360 motherboards and mediocre looking VRMs – so I started asking reviewers on amazon if they were able to hit the 4.3ghz 6core turbo without any issues….And literally every single response I got was something along the lines of: “no you idiot, you can not overclock the I7-8700, if you want higher clock speeds on all 6 cores, then get the i7-8700K and Z370 motherboard” Great….thanks captain obvious (unfortunately I received similar responses on the LTT forums) So anyways I bit the bullet as I didn’t see any mention of people complaining about not being able to hit turbo speeds. So, I went ahead and bought the MSI B360i ITX motherboard with an I7-8700 – and guess what, Gamers Nexus and Wendell from Lvl1tech were right. I was able to hit the 4.30 Ghz on all 6 cores with ease, (on the stock cooler) Now I personally wasn’t happy with the noise under load of the stock intel cooler. So I picked up a hyper 212 Evo. In conclusion my system: I7 8700, B360 mobo, 16GB ram, GTX 1060 6GB = I am happily able to max out all modern games at 1080p and can easily work with the large RAW files from my Sony A7iii with ease in the adobe suite. And I did not have to shell out more money for parts that ran hotter and consumed more power.
  13. you dont have to mess with voltages or anything of that sort, theres a drop down menu in the MSI bios that has preset speeds/latencies availabile I have the same memory kit with a i7 8700 on an MSI B360i itx mobo - i personally would rather have tighter timings so i changed it to 2400mhz @ CL13 the higher speed option was 2666 @ CL15
  14. mok

    RTX 2070 or New Cpu?

    very optimistic for you to assume that the games you will play in the future will support ray-tracing.
  15. does your pc crash in any other applications? if not then...who cares....cinebench is not a priority...for anyone. unless you specifically built this pc JUST to run cinebench