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  1. Need new Router. What should I get?

    i have been using the Netgear R7000 for a few years now - works flawlessly and has a very deep and advanced settings menu/options i dont know how much it costs now in the usa but this might do the trick - its a slightly lower end model https://www.amazon.com/NETGEAR-Nighthawk-AC1750-Smart-Router/dp/B00R2AZLD2/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1512684338&sr=8-3&keywords=netgear+r7000
  2. why not just connect your USB 2.0 case cable to the usb 2.0 header on your motherboard?
  3. it has been documented that those surface devices only last 2ish years before components start failing and need to be replaced/repaired i would strongly suggest avoiding surface devices and getting a simple laptop instead
  4. make clear instructions to him that you dont want to swap any cpus if your cpu overclocks to 4.8 he could easily just fool you by giving you another cpu that is inferior "your cpu hit a max 4.6ghz" and then he would keep the better cpu for himself
  5. just use a marker and identify your cpu yourself before sending it out ex. with a fine tip sharpie just write a letter or symbol or just a line....on the TIM as well as the green pcb around the edges
  6. SSD present help

    a friend of mine has be using the UV400 for serveral months now in his pc - with no issues and he boots large games off it and uses it for music production as well with no issues
  7. if your cpu is running mostly at the max turbo speeds that means you either have the power profile set to "High Performance" or you constantly have apps and services running in the background that is hogging your cpu resources
  8. Maxtor OneTouch 2

    it sounds like the drive or the drive-head may have failed my last HDD that failed also made ticking noises when it was powered on but never actually read or wrote any data OR the enclosure itself may have failed you can try to remove the HDD from the enclosure to see if you can connect to another computer or enclosure
  9. 1060 comparison

    only difference is the VRAM size and the core count the 6GB version is more powerful and will really help you with modern games I would say 4gb vram is the new standard and anything lower will not help you in the near future. it really depends on what kind of games you will be playing and at what resolution - but the 6GB will be more beneficial if you can afford it There is a bunch of gameplay videos available with performance stats on youtube just search for "YOUR CPU MODEL + GTX 1060" to see what kind of performance you can expect
  10. New pc (kinda)

    Hey what currency are we working with? What resolution will you be playing games at? What kind of games will you be playing mostly? some games are very reliant on a powerful cpu will you be using this pc for anything else other than gaming? good thing is that the GTX 1060 can be used with a wide variety of lower end processors without being bottlenecked
  11. Maxtor OneTouch 2

    did it ever show up in your current system with the current OS? is it something like this ? seems to be a very old product - can you check to make sure the drive is spinning? probably by touching the enclosure or hearing it I think these old drives used IDE connections (internally) so perhaps they are not recognizable with new hardware
  12. Should I undervolt my laptop?

    yes - it will help with temps and battery life overall just note that certain older cpus are not supported for undervolting with Intel XTU like my i7-3740QM i know theres other software available but Intel XTU seems to be the easiest to use if your laptop's cpu is supported then do it! Dave2d has a good little tutorial on it edit: another thing you can also do is to reduce the turboboost TDP draw - my cpu is rated for 45w but can boost up to use 55w for short periods of time and by reducing the max boost power draw to 45W could potentially help with temps too - i did it with no issues (but im using very old thermal paste so idk if it actually helped)
  13. Wifi service not working

    what was the issue?
  14. Wifi service not working

    windows 10 Settings > Update and Security > Troubleshoot > Internet Connections usually resolves config issues
  15. that rig doesnt seem right at all - looks like a a refurbished unit with upgraded parts and no SSD - you wont need 48gb of ram what kind of video production? what camera's footage will you be mostly using? what resolution will the footage be that youre working with?